Skydrift - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Combat Ready (10 points)
Unlock Stage 2.
 Air Race Champ (20 points)
Complete the campaign. 
 Decorated (20 points)
Collect 10 Badges.
 The Most Decorated (30 points)
Collect all Badges.
 Home Stretch (10 points)
Unlock all events in the campaign.
 The Collector (10 points)
Unlock all Planes.
 Dressing Room (30 points)
Unlock all Skins.
 First Victory (20 points)
Earn your first victory online!
 Test Pilot (20 points)
Win a race with every plane.
 Addicted (10 points)
Complete at least one match for 7 consecutive days.
 Shock and Awe (10 points)
Kill two players at the same time with Shockwave.
 Power User (10 points)
Use every powerup in the game at least once.

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