Battle vs. Chess - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 36 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Rising Star (15 points)
Win online game against the player with a higher rating
 Sprinter (15 points)
Win a game in less that 5 minutes
 Sacrifice (15 points)
Win a game, having 2 pieces less than the opponent
 Annihilator (15 points)
Capture all enemy pieces and then checkmate the king
 Strategist (15 points)
Win a game in less that 30 moves
 Catcher (15 points)
Capture a pawn 'En passant'
 Reckless (15 points)
Move a King to the opposite side of the board
 Promoter (15 points)
Promote a pawn into all major pieces
 Revolutionist (15 points)
Make a check by Castling
 Defender (15 points)
Complete 5 order mission
 Champion (15 points)
Complete 10 order mission
 Fighter (15 points)
Win a classic chess game by checkmate
 Bewildered (15 points)
Get stalemated
 Hero (15 points)
Complete 15 order mission
 Fiend Lord (15 points)
Complete 15 chaos mission
 Slayer (15 points)
Capture 100 pieces
 Imp (15 points)
Complete 5 chaos mission
 Demon (15 points)
Complete 10 chaos mission
 Overmind (30 points)
Win 20 games online
 Traveler (30 points)
Make 1000 turns
 Victor (30 points)
Get bronze medal in all missions
 Vanquisher (30 points)
Get silver medal in all missions
 Perfectionist (90 points)
Take gold in all missions
 Fritz Killer (90 points)
Win an AI opponent with the difficulty of 6 in a classic chess match
 Maximalist (10 points)
Get all achievements
 Grandmaster (90 points)
Achieve online rating 1200
 Renaissance Man (90 points)
Complete all challenges, puzzles and missions
 Explorer (30 points)
Win one game in each of the game modes
 Immortal (30 points)
Capture 5 pieces with one piece in one game
 Persecutor (15 points)
Make check 10 times in one game
 Torturer (15 points)
Make check by 5 different pieces in one game
 God's Beloved (30 points)
Promote 3 pawns in one game
 Universal Soldier (30 points)
Make checkmate by all pieces
 Adventurer (30 points)
Play 100 games
 Gambler (30 points)
Complete 20 levels of the 'Treasure Hunt' challenge
 Sage (30 points)
Complete all puzzles

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