DeathSpank: The Baconing - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Tea, Earl Grey, hot. (5 points)
Program a Replicator.

Story-line related. Can not be missed. This quest is given by Doorphan over by the exit door of Spanktopia, early on in the game. You will need 3 punch cards. You must put them in the order 3, 5, 4. One is to the right of the Replicator. Another you obtained through the green alien's request, but you do have to use the hole punching machine on it which is in the Undead Side of Spanktopia. The final punch card is in the Insectorium.

 Bashing Success (15 points)
Shield Bash 1000 Times.

Shield Bashing is a new form of blocking in combat, that is introduced in The Baconing. Hold to block and a circle will appear around deathspank. Wait for the circle to get small and release . You can also hold the until the shield expires and a shield bash is automatically triggered. If done correctly all surrounding enemies should fly away from you giving you time to breathe. If you are running in a direction it will only be distributed to that direction. If you are standing still it will bash a complete circle around you. Note, also that this is bash 1000 enemies not 1000 times. To see your progress go to leaderboards, select "the Bashing Best" and filter it to "My Score."

If you don't plan to use this skill often during normal play, find some chickens and back them into a corner to repeadetly bash them. It should only take a few minutes to knock out all 1000 right away.

 Never tell me the odds (20 points)
Perform a 10 attack chain.

The attack chain system in The Baconing is very simple. When fighting enemies quickly and consecutively attack your opponents with different weapons. In other words after the first slash with a sword, use a different sword, after that slash, use a different, and continue this until a x10 chain is obtained. You can use any combination of weapons including a crossbow, and it can be the same two weapons back and forth, only if each hit on your opponent is with a different weapon. Also, note that attacking with your weapons too quickly or too slowly, the counter will break. Try to stay in rhythm of the the Chain Counter Text.

 Blade Ruiner (15 points)
Kill 100 Cyborques.

Cyborques are the new futuristic/robotic type of orques that are throughout the game. This achievement will unlock with natural progression of the game.

 Who wants to live forever? (15 points)
Become a God.

This achievement is obtained through a chain of side quest given from Zeus in the Valhalla Heights. The final quest is titled: Twelfth Labor. In this quest you must slay Bearabus in Hel's Half Acre and return to Zeus. Upon completion a cutscene will appear and the achievement is yours.

 Reflectology (20 points)
Reflect 100 Ranged Attacks.

In order to reflect a ranged attack, you must charge your block with then release before the ranged attack reaches you and causes damage. You will know that you have successfully done this when the enemy's ranged attack's projectile goes hurdling back toward them. Repeat this 99 more times. To see your progress go to the leaderboards, select "Rapid Reflectors" and filter it to "My Score."

 Stay On Target (15 points)
Reach Level 20.

If you have not reached level 20, which is the maximum level obtainable, by the end of the game, simply complete some side quests or farm kills on a high difficulty.

 Game Over Man! (20 points)
Beat the game on any difficulty.

Story-line related. Can not be missed. This achievement is obtained after completing the final quest at the end of the game. This DOES NOT require you to complete side quest, only main quest.

 Are you not entertained? (15 points)
Become the Tournament Champion.

Once you reach the Forbidden City, proceed north until your cross a bridge and find a quest giver. He will give you quests for every match of the tournament. The tournament consists of 20 matches. To become champion you must complete all of the matches. It is advisable to simply wait until you are near the end of the game and have reached Level 20 before attempting the final battles.

 Take a #3 (15 points)
Find all 41 Outhouses.

Outhouses are located throughout the game. You will use outhouses to respawn and "fast travel" or "teleport" to different locations of the map. Simply find all 41 scattered throughout the game. Really all should be found through natural progression, none are really hidden like in the first two games.

 Death Blossom (25 points)
Beat the game on "Insane" difficulty.

Insane Difficulty is unlocked upon completion of the game (on any difficulty) the first time. There is an entire list of tips for insane being assembled HERE!

 Predator (20 points)
Kill 2000 Enemies.

This is an achievement that will take some time to unlock. Across a single playthrough you must kill 2000 enemies. Not to worry, there are plenty of enemies in the game. If you have not completed this before completion of the game or reaching rank 20, simply find a location to farm kills. To track your progress, go to leaderboards, then select "Justice Dispensed" and filter it to "My Score."

There are quite a few chickens and other enemies if you teleport to the Rainbow's End outhouse (21 on the map) and walk to the Casino. You can also hit all the small islands and maybe the Orque fortress, then repeat.


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