Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone - Achievement Guide
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There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.
 The Law is Dead (5 points)
Kill your first Damned Zombie.

Story related, unmissable. Play through the Chapter until the Sheriff boss zombie spawns and then kill him. Although any similar zombies count as Damned Zombies, he is the first you will come across when playing through the campaign from the start.

 Alone at the End (10 points)
Complete Story Mode in Single Player.

Story related, unmissable. Play through all 10 story mode levels and the achievement will pop once you finally get off the island.

 Hard Worker (10 points)
Complete all Objectives listed for any chapter.

See "Exhausted" for the objectives. I feel this is the easiest to get all of the objectives in without doing too much grinding, however you will need to max out all chapters eventually no matter what.

 Got Pwnage? (10 points)
Use each character's Pwnage ability 10 times.

Pwnage abilities are activated by pressing the  when their pwnage bar is filled up (filled by killing zombies). This achievement can be gained in any mode, and will most certainly come naturally while you max out every character.

 Weapons Expert (10 points)
Pick-up all five mash-up weapons with each character.

Chapter 10 - We're on a Boat, Mother$#@#er!

Cumulatively, you must pickup and use each of the mash-up weapons, all of which can be found in Chapter 10. So ultimately, you only need to play through chapter 10 once as each character, although it also counts the mash-up weapons used during the rest of the campaign.

Nail gun
Flare gun
Grenade Launcher

 Money Grubber (10 points)
Collect $20,000 in a single chapter.

This achievement requires you to basically kill every enemy in a level, and hope they drop money when they die. So you really want a level with tons of zombies, such as Chapter 4. It IS entirely possible to get this on several other levels, but this one just seems the easiest for most people. Make sure you focus on picking up the money as you see it drop, otherwise it may disappear and you won't get it added to your counter (watch the starting and ending value of your money in the top right of the screen).

 Beacon in the Dark (10 points)
Survive a fortnight in Blackout Mode.

A fortnight is 15 days (in-game) spent killing waves of zombies in Blackout Mode, which is unlocked after completing Story Mode. As long as you put points into leveling up characters during Story Mode, you shouldn't have much trouble getting this achievement.

 Long Term Survival Plan (15 points)
Survive 30 days in Survival: Classic.

For this achievement, you must survive enough waves in Survival: Classic mode, which is unlocked after beating Story Mode, to reach day 30. Having leveled up a bit from Story Mode, this shouldn't be too difficult.

 Super Savior (20 points)
Bring all possible survivors to Def Money's yacht in Story Mode.

Mission 10 - We're on a Boat, Mother$#@#er!

After defeating the final boss, the credits will start to roll and you will notice some survivors running from the top part of the screen, over to Def Money's Yacht. Keep the zombies off of the (9) survivors until they all make it to the Yacht for the achievement to pop.

 Playing with Power (30 points)
Get all 100 upgrades for your characters.

This requires you to spend money to upgrade each character's abilities to the 5th and final tier. Each ability must be used and leveled up prior to being able to be purchased, allowing it to be further leveled up through use.

Speed - You fill up the bar as you run around with your character
Default Weapon - The default weapon is the character's  attack. Just keep on shooting to fill up the bar.
Zombie Bait - Each character has a unique Zombie Bait which can be used by pressing  as long as they have "ammo" for it. Use these whenever you can to fill up the bar.
Pwnage Ability - Once the tube next to your character's picture fills up, press  to use their Pwnage ability, and fill up the experience bar.
Melee Weapon - Tap  to melee and level up this skill.

 Epic Run (30 points)
Complete a Story Mode: New Game with 3 other players.

For this you must find 3 other players, and play through an entire New Game from start to finish with them. Check the achievement trading thread ( here) for friends.

 Exhausted (40 points)
Complete All Chapter Objectives.

See my guide here for tips on completing all of the chapter objectives.

 Let's Finish This (10 points)
You revealed the end is the beginning when you completed Prequel: Day 56.

Prequel: Day 56 is meant to bridge the gap between the first Zombie Apocalypse, and this title, by putting you back in the boots of the 4 original survivors as they battle waves of enemies in the hopes of putting an end to the Zombie Apocalypse. The enemies you will face in this relatively short game mode range from regular zombies, to all of the bosses, most of which are fought in groups of two at a time. Despite how difficult it may sound, the overall difficulty is rather limited.

 Warm It Up (10 points)
Not bad… you survived Pure Pwnage for 10 minutes. Tell your friends.

Pure Pwnage mode takes place after the events of Never Die Alone, where Jeremy makes it back to find his friend Doug exactly where he left him prior to the events of the game. Doug has the same exact skillset as Jeremy, and the two must fight countless waves of enemies, while Pwning them in every way possible for maximum satisfaction. All you need to do for this achievement is to play the mode for 10 or more consecutive minutes without dying. Bouncing back and forth between Doug and Jeremy to use their Pwnage abilities, while the NPC charges their pwnage power with help make things go a bit smoother. The C4 teddy is very handy for the more dire situations as well. If you have trouble lasting 10 minutes, try standing so you have the gun range on one side of you to help eliminate zombies coming at you from that side while you focus on shooting zombies on the free side.

 The Pwnage (30 points)
Definitely not a noob, you can hang with the boys from Pure Pwnage and pwn 10,000 zombies!

While playing through Pure Pwnage mode you need to kill 10,000 zombies using any means necessary. This is basically just a grinding achievement, and counts all kills you get over however many attempts at Pure Pwnage it takes you to get them (cumulative). Overall this is less intimidating than it may sound, as you should expect considering the volume of enemies you encounter in this mode especially.


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