Let's Golf 2 - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 New Trainer (5 points)
Finish training mode.
 Good Start (5 points)
Finish the first hole.
 Nice Shot (5 points)
Perform your first perfect swing.
 Nice Chip-in (5 points)
Perform your first chip-in.
 Special Skill (5 points)
Use your first special skill with one of the characters.
 Junior Golfer (10 points)
Finish your first mission in Career mode.
 Great Result (10 points)
Score your first par.
 New Champion (15 points)
Get your first gold medal in Career mode.
 Hole-in-One (10 points)
Score your first hole-in-one.
 Just Beginning (10 points)
Finish the first mission in Challenge mode.
 First Gift (10 points)
Unlock a new item.
 Eagle Eye (10 points)
Score your first eagle.
 Intrepid Explorer (10 points)
Unlock a new course.
 First Medal (10 points)
Get your first medal in Career mode.
 First Birdie (10 points)
Score your first birdie.
 Wise One (10 points)
Gain 100% experience with one character.
 Secret Code (10 points)
Unlock the Ninth Passenger
 Relentless Effort (10 points)
Retry the same challenge 20 times.
 Family Group (20 points)
Unlock all characters.
 World Tour (20 points)
Unlock all courses.

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