Resident Evil 6 - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 70 achievements with a total of 1500 points.
 The Longest Night (10 points)
Complete the tutorial.

The first time you play the game, you’ll automatically start the tutorial/“Prelude” chapter. This is before you ever see the main menu. The achievement will unlock once you complete this stage.

 Gone to Hell (15 points)
Complete Chapter 1 in Leon's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 Buried Secrets (15 points)
Complete Chapter 2 in Leon's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 Get on the Plane (15 points)
Complete Chapter 3 in Leon's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 Big Trouble in China (15 points)
Complete Chapter 4 in Leon's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 The Trouble with Women (15 points)
Complete Chapter 5 in Leon's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 Rescue the Hostages (15 points)
Complete Chapter 1 in Chris' campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 Tragedy in Europe (15 points)
Complete Chapter 2 in Chris' campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 After Her! (15 points)
Complete Chapter 3 in Chris' campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 There's Always Hope (15 points)
Complete Chapter 4 in Chris' campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 Duty Calls (15 points)
Complete Chapter 5 in Chris' campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 Money Talks (15 points)
Complete Chapter 1 in Jake's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 A Revolting Development (15 points)
Complete Chapter 2 in Jake's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 Let's Blow This Joint (15 points)
Complete Chapter 3 in Jake's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 Still on the Run (15 points)
Complete Chapter 4 in Jake's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 See You Around (15 points)
Complete Chapter 5 in Jake's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

 Green around the Ears (15 points)
Complete the entire game on Amateur.

See "Leave it to the Pro"

 Normal Is Good (30 points)
Complete the entire game on Normal.

See "Leave it to the Pro"

 Back in My Day (30 points)
Complete the entire game on Veteran.

See "Leave it to the Pro"

 Leave It to the Pro (90 points)
Complete the entire game on Professional.

Professional difficulty is unlocked from the start. Difficulty achievements stack so you can complete the game on pro and unlock all the difficulty achievements below it. You can check and see the highest difficulty you’ve completed a chapter on from the Chapter Select or Records menu.

You can also change difficulty between chapters from the Chapter Select menu. Ie. If you’re playing on normal difficulty and partway through the game you’ve bought enough upgrades and feel like you can handle pro, you can go to chapter select, choose the next chapter and choose pro difficulty. Then after you've finished the game, you can go back and finish the previous chapters on pro difficulty.

Choose pro difficulty from the beginning to save time if you’re confident in your abilities. Otherwise, run through the game quickly on amateur difficulty to learn the ins and outs of the campaign, and also unlock infinite ammo which will make your professional playthrough much easier.

On professional difficulty, QTEs have shorter timers, you take more damage, and enemies have more health. Look for breakable objects to collect ammo and healing items. Buying skills with the skill points you save will be very beneficial. You can have up to 3 skills equipped at one time, but after completing 1 campaign, you can have up to 8 different load outs. You can change loadouts from the  menu during the game and switch to whatever the situation calls for.

Some of the more useful skills I found are:

Firearm - Increases damage done with guns (up to 50%). This will help you kill enemies faster, and save precious ammo.

Defense - Decreases damage done to you (up to 50%). This will help you survive longer, and allow you to save your health tablets for when you have bigger fish to fry.

Field Medic - This is an incredibly useful skill if you're playing solo. Whenever you run out of health and your partner rescues you, they'll also heal a few squares of your health. Normally after being rescued, you stay in a near death state until you recover a square of health. With Field Medic, you always recover with a few squares of health, without having to use your own tablets. You'll almost never die since no matter how many times you lose all your health and get downed, your partner will heal you over and over.

Infinite Ammo (Unlocked after completing all campaigns) - This is an obvious choice. Not having to worry about your ammo supply is a huge advantage. Combined with Firearm Lv. 3, Professional difficulty becomes a walk in the park. Cost for each type of infinite ammo ranges from 79k-99k. Since you might not have an abundant supply of skill points after just one playthrough, your first choice should be something that's used by almost every character, such as assault rifle, shotgun, or pistols.

Breakout - Useful for if you're having trouble with QTEs.

 Check Out My Dogs (15 points)
Customize your dog tags.

There are 3 parts you can customize on your dog tags.

Template – Each Chapter you complete in the campaign will unlock a new template.
Emblem – Each achievement you unlock earns you a new emblem.
Title – Each challenge you complete unlocks a new title.

You only need to change one part of your dog tags. Once you’ve done any of the above, choose Play Game -> Dog Tags from the main menu and change your template, emblem, or title to unlock this achievement.

 Titular Achievement (15 points)
Earn 10 different titles.

Titles are in-game challenges unrelated to other achievements. There are 135 titles to be earned. You earn titles for doing just about anything, from walking, running, to headshots, weapon kills and completing chapters in campaign. You’ll earn far more than 10 titles by just playing through the game. 

Once you’ve earned 10 different titles, choose Play Game -> Dog Tags from the main menu and the achievement will unlock there.

You can see a list of titles and their requirements, provided by X360A user BounTyHunteR Zero HERE.

 One Is Better Than None (15 points)
Purchase one skill.

See "Mad Skillz"

 Mad Skillz (90 points)
Max out all the skills that allow you to level up.

The skills menu can be brought up by selecting Play Game -> Campaign -> Skill Settings from the main menu. You’ll also automatically be taken to the Skill Settings menu between chapters. 

Purchasing skills requires skill points. Skill points can be earned by killing enemies in Campaign and Mercenaries mode. Larger sums of skill points can be picked up in suitcases/chests throughout campaign. A useful skill to pick up early on is “Item Drop Increase.” Along with more ammo and healing items, slain enemies will also drop skill points more often.

For this achievement, you’re required to max out all the skills that can be leveled up. Any skill that has Lv. next to it is required. It will cost a total of 954,000 skill points to purchase all the skills required.

These are the skills required with their cost per level:

  • Firearm Lv. 3 | 12,000 | 29,000 | 75,000
  • Melee Lv. 3 | 10,000 | 25,000 | 75,000
  • Defense Lv. 3 | 3,200 | 28,000 | 80,000
  • Lock-On Lv. 2 | 2,800 | 31,000
  • Rock Steady Lv. 2 | 3,500 | 33,000
  • Critical Hit Lv. 3 | 3,500 | 13,000 | 32,000
  • Piercing Lv. 3 | 12,000 | 28,000 | 55,000
  • J’avo Killer Lv. 2 | 3,000 | 25,000
  • Zombie Hunter Lv. 2 | 3,000 | 25,000
  • Combat Gauge Boost Lv. 2 | 70,000 | 90,000
  • Recovery Lv. 2 | 10,000 | 70,000
  • Field Medic Lv. 2 | 12,000 | 95,000

There are several ways you can farm skill points.

Chris Chapter 5 - A popular farming method is to load Chapter 5 in Chris' campaign and play until you reach the circular room where a timer will start. It takes 3-4 minutes to reach the room, and another 3-4 minutes for the timer to run out. 

You'll notice that when each lever in this room are pulled, two cocoons will come out on conveyer belts. You can wait for the J'avo to pull these levers, or pull the levers yourself when they're lit bright green. Up to ten B.O.W.s will spawn from the cocoons, consisting of Napads and Gnezdos. Each one you kill will drop a 1,500 or 2,500 point skill piece. Once you've killed them all and picked up all your skill points, proceed to the next area. Skip the cutscene and wait for the Saving... icon to appear before quitting. Go to Chapter Select and repeat. 

Each run earns you around 18,000 skill points. It will take around 6 hours to farm the 954,000 skill points you need using this method. Difficulty doesn't affect the amount of skill points dropped, so set it to amateur to make it easier. Firearm Lv. 3 paired with infinite ammo will also speed up the process.

Mercenaries - If you plan on playing alot of Mercenaries and getting good at it, this is an excellent way to earn skill points. It's a good way to take a break from the monotony of farming campaign. You can find a guide with alot of info in the X360A forums HERE.

Cases/Chests in Campaign - These are scattered throughout the campaign and have large sums of skill points inside them. Keep an eye out for these as you play through, and if you'd like, X360A user Plasma SKX has a video guide for every skill point location that you can follow HERE.

 Silent Killer (15 points)
Use a stealth attack to take down five enemies.

When an enemy is unaware of your presence, sneak up behind them and when the button prompt appears, hit for a special physical attack. Do this five times to unlock the achievement. You'll likely unlock this sometime during campaign through natural progression. You can use the same method as "Give a Little Push" as well.


 Finish What You Start (15 points)
Perform a coup de grĂ¢ce on ten enemies.

A coup de grace is a special physical attack which can be performed on enemies under certain conditions. Usually it involves dazing, or staggering the enemy. The easiest ways I found of setting up this attack are:

On regular enemies (zombies/J'avo) - Flash grenades will daze enemies in a way that will allow you to follow up with a coup de grace. Throw a flash grenade into a group of enemies, then run up next to them and hit when prompted for a coup de grace. If you're quick, you can get 2-3 in a group before they recover.

On B.O.W.s - On tougher enemies (most commonly creatures that come from cocoons) they'll fall to their knees once they've taken enough damage. Run next to them and press  for a coup de grace.

If your partner is grappled - If your partner gets grabbed, rescue them by pressing the  and you will usually perform a coup de grace.

You'll most likely unlock this just playing through the campaign. If you somehow need a few more, an easy place to score some coup de graces is at the beginning of Chapter 4 in Leon's campaign where you fight a Leposita. Damage it until it kneels, and  up close and repeat until you've unlocked the achievement.

 Bob and Weave (15 points)
Counter an enemy's attack three times in row.

When an enemy is about to hit you, hit  to counter the attack. Do this three times in a row. If you do anything else between each counter, you have to start over. The button prompt goes by far too fast to do on reaction, so base your timing on the animation of the attacking enemy. Zombies are easiest because the animation when they're winding up for an attack is slow and easy to see. 

An easy place to get this is in the Urban Chaos stage in Mercenaries mode. At the very start, there will be two weapon wielding zombies. Counter them with  and then find a third. If you mess up, you can restart the game instantly to try again. Also fun note: Your progress is carried over even if you restart. You can counter the first two, restart, and get your third off one the of zombies at the beginning.


 Down, Not Out (15 points)
Defeat an enemy while dying, then recover without any help.

Buy and equip the Lone Wolf skill for 100 skill points. This will make it so that your AI partner won’t help you get up. Find an area with some basic enemies. Kill all but one enemy and then let it damage you until you run out of health. 

You’ll be knocked on the ground and enter a dying state. You’ll be lying on your back, and you can ready your weapon by holding . Shoot and kill the enemy. Wait for the recovery gauge to fill up and when it’s filled, you’ll recover and unlock the achievement.


 Lifesaver (15 points)
Help or rescue your partner ten times.

When your partner gets grabbed they’ll need help and it will be indicated by a flashing red circle. Run towards them and hit  when the button prompt appears. Rescuing your partner is when your partner runs out of health and you need to help them up before they recover on their own. 

If you’re playing solo, your partner never runs out of health, but they will get grabbed occasionally. You should be able to unlock this partway through the campaign. If not, you can do it by yourself in split-screen or online with a friend.

 Weapons Master (30 points)
Use all the weapons in the game and kill ten enemies with each of them.

There are a total of 22 weapons required for this achievement. Some of the guns are exclusive to certain characters (usually their starting weapons), so you’ll have to play at least a few minutes with every character and get 10 kills with each gun. 

Every character has a starting set of guns, and the rest are found throughout the campaign. Don't worry about missing any guns, as you’ll unlock any you don't pick up at the end of the chapter. You can check your progress by viewing your weapons from the Records menu.

  • Nine-Oh-Nine (Chris, Jake)
  • Picador (Helena)
  • Wing Shooter (Leon)
  • Shotgun (Leon, Helena, Jake, Sherry)
  • Assault Shotgun (Chris, Piers, Ada)
  • Hydra (Helena)
  • Lightning Hawk (Leon, Helena)
  • Elephant Killer (Jake, Sherry)
  • Sniper Rifle (Jake, Sherry, Ada)
  • Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle (Leon, Helena, Chris, Piers)
  • Anti-Materiel Rifle (Piers)
  • Ammo Box 50 (Ada)
  • Triple Shot (Sherry)
  • MP-AF (Piers)
  • Assault Rifle For Special Tactics (Chris)
  • Bear Commander (Jake, Sherry, Ada)
  • Assault Rifle RN (Leon, Helena)
  • Grenade Launcher (Chris, Piers)
  • Crossbow (Ada)
  • Survival Knife (Leon)
  • Combat Knife (Chris)
  • Stun Rod (Sherry)
 Give a Little Push (15 points)
Knock ten enemies off a high place.

When an enemy is near a ledge, run next to them and press  when the button prompt appears to throw them off the ledge. This can be a bit fickle and sometimes doesn’t work unless you’re standing in just the right spot.

An easy place to get this is fairly early in Chris’ Chapter 1 when you’re heading towards the roof of the building. There will be a metal staircase with 2 enemies on the way up. You can run up to them, hit  and they’ll almost always go off the ledge. You can then reload the checkpoint and repeat until the achievement unlocks.


 Rising Up (30 points)
Earn a level-four title.

Check your titles in the Play Game -> Dog Tags menu. Titles are unlocked by performing in-game challenges. The rank of a title is denoted by the number of stars you see underneath them. The more you do a challenge, the more stars you get for it with a maximum of four. 

You should earn quite a few four star titles just by playing through the game normally. An easy one to go for is something like walking distance. Once you’ve earned a four star title you’ll unlock this achievement the next time you visit the dog tags menu.

You can find a list of titles and their requirements provided by X360A user BounTyHunteRZero HERE.

 They're ACTION Figures! (15 points)
Collect 3 figures.

Figures are unlocked by collecting emblems. Collecting all 4 emblems in a chapter will unlock a figure. If you’re collecting all the emblems as you go, you should be able to unlock this by chapter 3. Once you’ve collected enough emblems, choose Special Features -> Collections from the main menu. This is where you will unlock the achievement, and where you can view the figures you’ve earned.

See "Heirlooms" for more information on collecting emblems.

 Stuntman (15 points)
Defeat 20 enemies with the Hydra using a quick shot.

The Hydra is one of the starting guns used by Helena. A quick shot is done by pressing + at the same time. A quick shot uses up part of your combat meter. The earliest you can get this is the first enemies you encounter in the elevator in Chapter 1. When you run out of ammo, you can restart the checkpoint. Can also be done in Mercenaries if you have Helena unlocked there.

 Bring the Heat (15 points)
Take down an enemy from 50 meters away with a headshot using the thermal scope.

The gun you need for this is the Anti-Material Rifle. This is the starting sniper rifle for Piers. An easy place to get this is at the very beginning of Chris’ Chapter 2 Campaign. As soon as you crawl out of the overturned vehicle, turn around and run back as far as possible. Equip the Anti-Material rifle, hold  and press  to switch to the thermal scope. Aim for the head of the enemy inside the window in the distance and the achievement should unlock once you pop it’s head. This will be easier if you happen to have the Lock-On skill. If you miss, you can restart the checkpoint to try again.


 High Voltage (15 points)
Defeat ten enemies with a stun rod charge attack.
You’ll have to play as Sherry to use the stun rod. Hold  to ready the stun rod, and hold  to charge it. Release to kill the enemy. An easy place to get this is at the very beginning of Chapter 3. There's plenty of enemies and it's the only weapon available until you collect your guns anyway.

Get within melee range of an enemy, hold , then hold . The initial swing when you start holding  will hit the enemy and stagger them, giving you enough time to continue holding  and release a charged attack for the kill. Reload checkpoint and repeat until you've unlocked the achievement. Best done on amateur difficulty since one hit usually isn't enough to kill on higher difficulties.


 Zombie Massacre (15 points)
Defeat 500 zombies.

Zombies are walking corpses and will shamble towards you mindlessly. Some will have weapons but are usually not very effective with them. The majority of zombies will appear throughout Leon’s campaign and parts of Ada’s campaign. You should have it unlocked, or be close to unlocking this achievement near the end of Leon’s campaign.

 J'avo Genocide (15 points)
Defeat 500 J'avo.

J’avo have much higher cognitive abilities than zombies. They are effective with firearms, melee weapons, and they can communicate with each other. They look mostly human from a distance and many will wear masks. When certain body parts such as the head, or arms are damaged, they can mutate and regenerate. The majority of J’avo are found throughout Chris’ campaign, and Jake’s campaign. You should be able to unlock this partway through Jake’s. 

 B.O.W.s Are Ugly (30 points)
Defeat 100 enemies that have come out of a chrysalid.

Throughout campaign mode, you’ll find enemies that are in human shaped cocoons. Some will start as cocoons, and some will enter the cocoon state after being killed. After a few moments, a fully mutated creature will erupt from the cocoon. The majority of these will be found in the Chris' campaign. The cocoons can be destroyed before they hatch, but this doesn't count towards the achievement. Check your progress by going to your Records or Dog Tag Titles

There are at least four types of enemies that hatch from chrysalid. 
  • Strelats - This variant is very lizard like. It's fast and likes to keep it's distance. It's main attack is a spray of needles.
  • Napad - Large, heavy, and heavily armored. They can be weakened by destroying their armor and following up with melee attacks.
  • Mesets - A flying enemy that can swoop in for a grab or land for a claw attack. You'll see these almost exclusively in Chapter 2 of Jake's campaign.
  • Gnezdo - A human shaped swarm of insects. The Queen controls the swarm, and hides inside until it takes enough damage. Once drawn out, kill the Queen and the rest dies with it.
  • Other B.O.W.s - There are some enemies you won't see come out of a cocoon, but will still count towards the achievement such as Rasklapanje, Lepotitsa, and even the Ogroman. You can be fairly certain that anything bigger than a mutated J'avo is counted.

This is most likely the only "Defeat this many enemies" achievement that you won't unlock just playing through the game. A good place to farm B.O.W. kills is in Chapter 5 of Chris' campaign. Fairly early in the level you'll reach a circular room where a timer starts and cocoons will come out two at a time for each lever pulled. You can pull the lever yourself or wait for a J'avo to do it. Wait for them to hatch and kill them. Restart the level and repeat until you unlock the achievement. You can get up to ten kills per run this way.


 I Prefer Them Alive (15 points)
Rescue two female survivors at the cathedral.

After entering the cathedral in Chapter 2 of Leon's Campaign, you'll have to solve a series of puzzles. After ringing the bells, you'll return to the main room and encounter your first Lepotitsa enemy. It will spray gas everywhere and start turning the people into zombies. Your job is to save at least two ladies from becoming zombies. 

The only real strategy for this fight is to fill the Lepotitsa with lead and take it down as fast as you can. When it takes enough damage and kneels, run up next to it and follow up with  to do some good extra damage. Try not to get too close when shooting or it's gas attack will deal a big chunk of damage. There's a bit of luck involved as far as having two females survive, but as long as you're fast, you shouldn't need to worry about missing this.


 Flying Ace (15 points)
Pilot the VTOL without getting a scratch on it.

At the end of Chris’ Chapter 4 Campaign, you’ll be in a jet. You’ll need to finish this section of the game without the jet taking damage, which means dodging missiles and avoiding collisions. You can get this is either Chris or Piers.

As Chris: Press  when prompted to barrel roll and dodge incoming missiles. If you hold down  during the barrel roll, you can shoot down the missiles and keep them from circling around. Shoot down the helicopters as fast as you can and when Piers cleans up the guns on the ship, you’ll be done with the hardest part. 

As Piers: You only have to concentrate on shooting the anti-aircraft guns on the ship. Do this is fast as you can and the AI will do the rest. There is a little luck involved as you have to rely on the AI to dodge incoming missiles. There was a spot where I would always get hit by a missile, but many people have reported unlocking this achievement as Piers.

Finish the rest of the chapter without dying and it’ll unlock at the end. Also pay attention to the green outline in the bottom right of your screen. If you ever get hit, this flashes red and that’s your cue to immediately hit  and restart the checkpoint. Note that dying and hitting "Yes" to continue will NOT allow you to earn the achievement. 


 Hard Choice (15 points)
Shoot the helicopter pilot with a Magnum at point-blank range.

The pole swinging ability is required, so this achievement is Jake only. In Chapter 4 of Jake’s Campaign, after the motorcycle section, and after Chris/Piers help you defeat all enemies, you’ll enter an area with the grasshopper J’avo and your objective will change to shoot down the helicopter. Take down the J’avo and climb the ladders to the top of this area. 

Wait patiently for the helicopter to come around to drop off some enemies. Stand near the rope and hit  to grab on. Kill any enemies before doing this or they’ll be able to knock you off the rope. Once you reach the top, aim at the pilot and press  for the kill and achievement. Once you've grabbed the rope, the whole sequence is basically a QTE which means you don't need to worry about having ammo or the right gun equipped.


 Covered in Brass (30 points)
Earn 150 different medals.

Medals are earned through doing just about anything. Killing an enemy with a physical attack for example. Medals can be earned through Campaign, Agent Hunt, and Mercenaries. There are a total of 264 different medals in the game, and you need to earn 150 of them. You should be able to unlock this after spending some time in every mode, and without too much extra effort. 

At the end of a chapter, and at the end of a game of Agent Hunt/Mercenaries, it will list all your medals you earned in that game. In Agent Hunt, make sure you finish the game to receive credit for your medals. In Mercenaries, if you die or quit before the timer reaches zero, you will not receive credit for any medals that might have been earned during that game.

You should have a good head start with around 100-120 medals after completing all the campaigns. After that, play in the Mercenaries and Agent Hunt modes for 1-2 hours each to earn some easy medals and surpass 150.

If you have just a few left and are looking for some easy medals earn, or if you're just curious, you can find a list of medals in this thread HERE

You can keep track of the number of unique medals you've earned by viewing the "Decorated" titles under titles in the Dog Tags menu. Add the 3 numbers for your total number of medals.

 Heirlooms (30 points)
Collect all the serpent emblems.
Emblems are this games collectible. There are 4 in each of the 20 chapters for a total of 80 emblems. When you find one, shoot it to collect it. If you're cleaning up emblems you missed on your previous playthrough, you don't have to worry about reaching a checkpoint after shooting an emblem; you can quit to menu and your emblem progress will be saved.

You can keep track of the emblems you’ve collected or missed by going to Special Features -> Collections. Think of each row as a chapter, and each column as the emblems in order of appearance in the chapter. The last row and column are figures you’ll unlock.

 Surrounded on All Sides (45 points)
Send 2,000 enemies to your opponent's map.

This achievement will come naturally through your playing of Onslaught Mode. There is no way to boost this, besides playing with a friend. It is suggested that you play your best and try to get to the end of every match by letting the timer run down. You can check how many enemies you have sent over by opening the Records in the Main Menu and going to 'Extra Content -> Onslaught.'

 Take the Stage (30 points)
Defeat your opponent and achieve victory in 3 stages.

Just as the descriptions states: achieve victory on three different stages/maps. The three stages that are included with the game are Urban Chaos, Steel Beast, and Mining The Depths.

Note: Previously only available as pre-order exclusives through retailers, the three Resident Evil 6 stages, Catacombs, Rail Yard, and High Seas fortress are available for download at a price of $1 (80MSP).

 Killer Combo (30 points)
Achieve a 30-combo chain.

This is one of the easiest achievements for Onslaught mode. Simply kill 30 Zombies/J'avo in a row before your combo meter breaks. Once you have reached a combo of 30, all the enemies will be sent to your opponent's map and the achievement will unlock.

 You Are S.O.L. (10 points)
Defeat your opponent 10 times with enemies you sent.

There is no preferred map for this achievement, although Urban Chaos seems to be the most common choice among players due to the presence of Bloodshots and Zombie Dogs (which can kill you very fast). Make sure to communicate with your partner at all times.

Player 1 (who isn't going for the achievement) should let themselves lose some Health during the beginning of the match.

Player 2 (who is going for the achievement) should build up a combo of at least 15 enemies before sending them over to their opponents map.

"Sent-Over-Enemies" will have a green outline/color so it is easy to tell which enemies belong to your opponent. Player 2 should let Player 1's Zombies down them, and hopefully those same Zombies finish Player 1 off.

 Kill or Be Killed (10 points)
Win while in the dying state.

It is suggested that you use the 'Catacombs' Stage for this achievement. The method is quite easy actually. There are spike traps located around the stage. Have both you and your partner stand in front of the traps and make sure you have a clear line of communications with them.

The player who is not going for the achievement (Player 1) must purposely walk into the trap, which will down them in the process immediately.

The player who is going for the achievement (Player 2) should about 5 seconds and then walk into the spike trap as well.

Player 1 should, at this point, be getting attacked by zombies and losing health as their "Stand-Up" meter reaches 100%. If done properly, Player 1 should die while Player 2 is still in the downed state.

 Last Man Standing--Again (45 points)
Win five times in a row.

This achievements can be obtained in a Private Match. Simply load up a Survivors game and switch it to 'Deathmatch' rather than 'Team Deathmatch.' Invite a friend or player to your lobby and once the match begins, have your partner allow you to kill them. Since there are only two of you, the match will end immediately after they are killed. Repeat this process four more times in a row.

 Take 'Em All Down (30 points)
Defeat 100 agents.

This is the most time consuming achievement out of the bunch. If you choose to boost this, you will want as any people possible to quicken the process. The Survivors lobby can hold up to 6 players.

Make sure everyone choose the 'Agent' character to be safe. Choose 'Urban Chaos' and gather on top of the bridge in the center of the map. Once everyone is together, use the Agent's Magnum to kill all the other players. When the match ends, have the next player repeat this process.

If you have a lobby of 4 players, it will take about 4+ hours of boosting for everyone to get their 100 kills.

 Kung Fu Fighting (30 points)
Survive to the end only using physical attacks.

This only can be done on Deathmatch. Load up a game and invite a player to have on the enemy team. Choose Jake as your character and when the match starts, simply use Jake's hand-to-hand combat to kill your opponent.

 Staying Alive (10 points)
Return to the game as a human character.

You will need at least 2 other people for this. Load up a Private 'Team Deathmatch' variant of Survivors and have one team consist of 2 players, while the enemy team has only 1 player. Have the single enemy player kill you and you will respawn as a Zombie/J'avo. Simply kill the enemy player and you will return to the game as a Human.

 Team Effort (10 points)
Win without any members of your team being killed.

You will need at least 2 other players for this. Load up a Private 'Team Deathmatch' variant of Survivors and have one team consist of 2 players, while the enemy team has only 1 player. When the match begins, the team with 2 players need to kill their single opponent. Make sure your opponent does not kill anyone on your team. The match will end immediately and the achievement will be unlock for the winning team.

 Not without a Fight (45 points)
Defeat Ustanak 20 times.

This is best done with only one other player. Load the 'Steel Beast' map, as both the human players and Ustanak will spawn right next to each other on the catwalks beneath the bridge.

Choose any character that has a shotgun or magnum (preferably Leon or Agent) and simply kill the Ustanak for the match to end. Allow your partner to do the same during the next match. Repeat this process until you both get the achievement.

Note: While using this method, the player who kills Ustanak will also unlock Invincible and Held Captive in the process.

 Invincible (30 points)
Defeat Ustanak without anyone on your team being captured.

Again, this can be done with only one other player. Load up 'Steel Beast' and simply kill the player who is controlling Ustanak. The match will end immediately and the achievement will unlock.

 Easy Pickings (30 points)
Eliminate all players as Ustanak in less than a minute.

Start a match on 'Steel Beast' with one other player. As Ustanak, all you must do is kill the single enemy player by grabbing them or running into them until their health depletes and they die. The achievement will unlock as soon as the enemy player dies.

 One Is Never Enough (10 points)
As Ustanak, capture a total of 50 humans.

This achievement is best done with 2 other players. 'Steel Beast' is your best choice as it's the smallest map for this mode. When it is your turn to play as the Ustanak, simply grab one of the enemy players. The second enemy player should be standing behind the Ustanak, ready to release their partner from the Ustanak's grasp. Continue to grab the same player, as the other player continues to free their partner.

Note: You should be able to get 15+ grabs in a single round.

 Held Captive (10 points)
Defeat Ustanak with only one Agent remaining.

With only one other player, load up 'Steel Beast' and simply kill Ustanak. Since you are the only player on your team, the game will read that you are the only one left alive. The achievement will unlock as soon as the match ends.

 Everybody Dies (45 points)
Defeat 100 player-controlled agents and 100 player-controlled creatures.

NOTE: The achievement description is misleading. The 100 creature kills do not need to be player-controlled. Killing AI-controlled creatures/zombies counts towards your total. 

Steel Beast is an ideal map to boost this because the J'avo run faster than the standard zombies on the other maps. When the match begins, choose a safe meeting point where the kills will be boosted, like the corner of the catwalks beneath the bridge. Players who spawn as the Creatures should focus on working towards their 100 Human kills, since you can kill AI-controlled creatures at a later time. The Human player will spawn in that same corner of the catwalk every time they die, which will allow you to obtain about 2-4 kills before the Rookie Agent dies. Make sure you do the Dash-Attack to kill the Human faster. If boosted with more than one player, you can net 5+ kills per round. 

This achievement is cumulative and will unlock once you have killed both 100 player-controlled humans, and 100 creatures. You can check your progress by opening the Records in the Main Menu and going to 'Extra Content -> Siege -> Agent Kills/Creatures Kills.'

 Civilian Casualties (30 points)
Defeat the BSAA 100 times.

Defeating the BSAA translates to killing the BSAA Rookie Agent. This is best done on Steel Beast as the J'avo run and kill faster than the zombies on other maps. 

Since a standard match of Siege Mode has two rounds, both teams can work on this during the same match. Have your Human partner(s) choose Helena, since she has grenades in her loadout. While playing as the Human team, throw all three of your grenades at the Rookie to lower his health. The player on the Creature team should now rush towards the Rookie and finish him off. This will count as one defeat over the BSAA. 

When the teams switch sides in Round 2, now the other player can kill the Rookie in the same fashion. This method will net both you and your boosting partner about 20 'Defeats' per hour.

You can check your progress by opening the Records in the Main Menu and going to 'Extra Content -> Siege -> BSAA Agents Defeated.'

 Murder Spree (30 points)
Defeat the BSAA as a creature without dying once.

This may seem difficult, but there are ways around obtaining this quite easily. You must be on the Creature team in order to do this, but take note that only the player who finishes off the Rookie will unlock the achievement.

This is best done in a Private Match and if you spawn as the Creature first. Have your Human partner(s) choose Helena, since she has grenades in her loadout. In the match, the Humans should throw grenades at the Rookie in order to weaken them. Now as a zombie/B.O.W., run to the Rookie and finish him off. When the round ends, the achievement is yours.

 Two Sides of the Same Coin (10 points)
Win 10 times.

These wins are cumulative between both the Human and Creature teams. It does not require you to obtain a total of ten wins with both teams. This will come naturally throughout your games, whether you are boosting "Civilian Casualties" or playing Siege Mode legitimately, so don't worry about this achievement being too difficult or time consuming.

 Protect and Serve (10 points)
Protect the BSAA without any of them getting hurt.

This achievement can only be obtained while playing as the Human team and is easier if you spawn as the Humans in the Round 2. When the match begins, the Creature team should race to the Rookie and kill him as quickly as possible. It should take about 15-30 seconds. In the next round, the Human team will have that same 15-30 seconds to protect the Rookie. Now just hold out and fend off until the round ends and everyone on the Human team will obtain the achievement.

Secret Achievements
I Spy (15 points)
Complete Chapter 1 in Ada's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

Counterintelligence (15 points)
Complete Chapter 2 in Ada's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

This Takes Me Back (15 points)
Complete Chapter 3 in Ada's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

Ada's Demise (15 points)
Complete Chapter 4 in Ada's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

What's Next? (15 points)
Complete Chapter 5 in Ada's campaign.

Story related and can't be missed.

Sneaking Around (15 points)
Get through the aircraft carrier's bridge area without being noticed.
This achievement starts in Chapter 4 of Ada Wong's Campaign. Ada's Campaign is unlocked by completing the Leon, Chris, and Jake Campaigns. 

You need to avoid detection starting at the point where you cross paths with Chris and Piers. There are a few enemies that have to be killed, so have some non-explosive crossbow bolts handy before starting, as noise from gunfire can alert enemies.

If at any point you're spotted by an enemy, quickly hit  and restart checkpoint to continue from that section without penalty. Also note that dying and hitting "yes" to continue will NOT allow you to earn the achievement.
  1. At the first spotlight, just run to the next area as fast as you can.
  2. After crawling through the vent and coming to a room with a button, there will be a Gnezdo patrolling the room. Try to make it to the button without crossing its line of sight.
  3. In this next spotlight area, quickly run left and press  to hide. Get under the next crawlspace right after that and wait for the searchlight to pan back past you. Then make a run for it and grapple to the next area.
  4. There will be J'avo standing guard outside a door filled with more J'avo. Use your crossbow and headshot the guard so the others can't be alerted. You can also shoot the button to sound the alarm and draw the guard away, without being spotted.
  5. In the vent with the patrolling cockroaches, use your crossbow to take them down before they have a chance to spot you.
  6. You're pretty much home free from here. There will be one last enemy before the elevator. Get behind it and use a stealth attack to take it down. Get in the elevator and the achievement is yours after the cutscene.

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