All Zombies Must Die! - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Kill a zombie (5 points)
Kill a zombie
 A Legion of Zombies (20 points)
Kill 500 zombies in one level
 Fists of Fury (10 points)
Kill a mutant with your fists
 Can’t touch this (20 points)
Complete a Base quest without taking any damage
 Watch this! (5 points)
Use your first Smart Bomb
 Master Craftsman (20 points)
Fully upgrade a weapon with any status effect
 Getting to know each other (25 points)
Complete all character quests or see someone else do it
 The Collector (30 points)
Complete ‘Dev Card Hunt!’ or see someone else do it
Secret Achievements
Back with the X (10 points)
Witness Rachel joining the group
Big Brain Brian (10 points)
Witness Brain joining the group
Thought this was a Zombie Game? (10 points)
Witness Luxo joining the group
Touch Base (35 points)
Complete ‘Return to the Military Base’

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