Port Royale 3 - Achievement Guide
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There are 61 achievements with a total of 1350 points.
 Hypocritical (10 points)
Pray 10 times

This needs to be done at the church. Every port has a church so all you need to do is make sure your ship is docked or you have a building in town. Highlight the church and you will see an option to pray. Do this 10 times and the achievement is yours. 

NOTE: Although this can be done all at once in the same church, you won’t be able to spam  10 times in a row. You need to wait until the hymn/chant sound in the background finishes each time.

 As you wish (10 points)
10 tasks fulfilled

Tasks are offered in any port from the Town Palace, Tavern, or Church. Depending on what building you select, determines the type of task. Tasks include importing a certain number of a certain type of good, building certain types of buildings, rescuing people or items lost at sea or simply buying goods off a merchant or pirate. 

Each task will all carry a time limit and usually the higher the reward the shorter time frame you will have to complete it. Completing 10 is by no means a difficult task and will most likely come naturally as you work towards other achievements and build your gold stockpile.

NOTE: Tasks may not always be available when you enter a port. You may need to back out to the nautical map and wait for the next day to clock over. Also note, you don’t need a ship docked in port, as long as you have at least one building in town you can still accept tasks.

 Master of Benders (10 points)
Visit all 60 taverns

To visit a tavern, enter the town by docking a ship or having a building already established, then highlight the tavern (they are the same structure in every town and are usually placed by the docks) and press to open the tavern menu. (Be sure you have opened the tavern menu and not a nearby building's menu.) You aren’t required to do anything other than open the tavern menu. There are 60 towns on the map so you need to visit them all. Click HERE for a map showing all 60 towns.

TIP: You may visit all taverns as you progress through the game but it is easy to lose track of where you have been and it will take some time to sail around the Caribbean. A good strategy is to make a save at any time throughout your game, then proceed to visit each port in what ever order you want. Then when the achievement unlocks, reload your last save so anything that went wrong during your absence doesn’t count.

NOTE: This does not have to be done in a single game as it carries between saves.

 Treasure Hunter (10 points)
Find a treasure with the help of a treasure map

There are several ways to find pieces to treasure maps, buy them from people in a town’s tavern, accept and carry out a mission for the women in the tavern or find them scattered around the Caribbean yourself. Each treasure map has 9 parts and you will receive 1 part per mission. As more of the map is revealed you will be able to tell where on the nautical map the treasure is hidden. Once you know where the treasure is hidden, set sail and be sure to move your ship directly over the location marked on the map. As soon as your ship moves over the treasure’s location the achievement will unlock. 

TIP: You don’t need all 9 parts of a map in order to locate the treasure but it seems you need at least 5, as the fifth part will reveal the treasure’s exact location.

 Crow's Nest (10 points)
Discover 10 pirate nests

Every so often you will encountered a pirate convoy while on the nautical map, either by sailing past it while it is in range or by having one directly attack one of your ships. When this happens you need to follow it (keep it in range) as it moves along the map. Eventually it will reach a point on the coast and disappear and a pirate nest will be revealed on your map. It is also a good idea to check a town’s palace as any pirate sightings made by other ships will be noted with a rough area of where it appeared. The sightings will include a town or area where the sighting was made. From there all you need to do is sail around the area until you locate the ship, then follow it as mentioned above.

You can also learn the location of pirate nests from the occasional person in a town’s tavern, but this will cost you a sum of gold that is scaled based on your overall rank. Also, if you are married, your spouse will occasionally inform you of a sighting similar to the stranger in the tavern but without the gold fee.

TIP: If you encounter a stranger in a tavern offering you gold in exchange for information on a pirate, save your game, pay the fee and learn the location, then reload to save the gold. The pirate nest will still be there. Also be aware that the tips are very vague and usually consist of “last seen off the coast of X,” so you may need to expand your search if you don’t find them in the immediate area.

NOTE: Although the achievement requires 10, some people have reported the achievement unlocking before or after 10 nests discovered, so if it doesn’t unlock, keep on the look out for more. There is no shortage of pirate nests as you progress through the game.

 Treasure Chest (25 points)
Pile up to 4 million gold pieces within one game

This will most likely come naturally once you have progressed further into the game and have established multiple trade routes and businesses. 

TIP: Constantly check in with a town’s administrator or governor as they often provide tasks that require little work but reward large sums of gold. As you progress and rank up, you can be rewarded with 200,000+ gold per task. Another strategy that will net you large sums of gold is annexing towns through force. Each time you annex a town you can usually loot up to 500,000 gold.

NOTE: You need to have the 4 million on hand, as having an overall worth of 4 million won’t count.

 You're Welcome (10 points)
Reach the highest reputation in a nation

The bar at the top of your screen represents you current standing with the other nations. You can also view the exact percentage by viewing your journal. You need to reach 100% with a single nation for the achievement. The easiest ways to raise your reputation are by completing tasks for a town’s administrator or governor, or destroying pirate convoys. Once you reach 100% the achievement will unlock. This will most likely come naturally as you progress through the Trader campaign.

NOTE: Your reputation will decrease naturally over time so make sure to complete tasks or destroy pirates often to hit 100%.

 True Hero (10 points)
Reach the highest popularity in a town

This requires you to reach 100% popularity in a single town. To increase your popularity you need to keep a steady supply of needed goods and be sure not to buy so much that you leave the town without enough food or resources, as this will decrease your popularity. You can also boost your popularity doing missions for the town’s administrator or governor. Once you reach 100% the achievement will unlock.

This will come naturally as you progress through the Trader campaign when you start building and trading in Cayman.

 Peacemaker (25 points)
A town annexation by peaceful methods

To annex a town through peaceful methods you need the following:
-The rank of ‘Navigator’ or higher.
-A reputation with the town’s nation over 90%
-At least 9 businesses in the town
-Currently employing more than 75% of the workers in the town
-Town status of ‘Prosperity’ (75%)
-Popularity of over 90% among the citizens

Once these conditions have been met you need to speak to the viceroy of that nation to take control of the town. Most of these requirements will come naturally as you establish trade routes, carry out tasks and establish workers and businesses. 

This is also required for one of the missions in the trader campaign.

TIP: Reaching the required status of ‘Prosperity’ will most likely be the difficult part of this achievement. To make it easier, set a trade convoy starting on the town you want to take over and set the overall goal of that convoy to prosperity. Also if you have a large supply of goods, wait until you are near the 75% requirement, then dump the goods on the market to give a small boost.

 Conqueror (10 points)
A town annexation by matial methods

All you need for this is a decent sized convoy (6+ Liners or Wargalleons) fully loaded with sailors and weapons. Sail around pressing  on each town until you find one that isn’t currently defended by a convoy. Once the battle starts move your ships into position (marked on the map) and take out the town’s defence fortresses. Once the fortresses are down, attack the marketplace and the town and achievement are yours.

This will be unlocked if you play through the Adventurer campaign as it’s the last mission.

 Wedding bells (10 points)

This requires you to have control over a town. Once you are the administrator, build a manor in your town. If your reputation with the nation you took the town from is still high enough, you can speak to the viceroy and ask to marry his daughter/son. You will need to collect a quantity of food and deposit it in the viceroy’s town. Once you have enough visit the town’s church and the achievement will unlock. A good time to do this is directly after finishing either one of the campaigns.

 David-versus-Goliath (25 points)
Win a battle with a pinnace against at least 60 guns

You will need a pinnace for this achievement. They are rare but can be obtained early on in the trader campaign or as the starting ship in Free Play. Once you obtain a pinnace, make sure it is fully supplied with sailors and cannon shots. 

You will need to locate a convoy with at least 60 guns and engage it in a manual battle. As soon as the battle starts, pull away and place some distance between your ship and the AI’s. You will be able to fire on the enemy without them firing on you as long as they don’t get too close. You can take some hits but don’t get too close, as you will go down quickly. Once the enemy is defeated the achievement will unlock.

Alternate Method: Ensure you have a pinnace fully loaded with sailors, and a 2nd convoy consisting of much more powerful ships. Keep your main convoy and pinnace close together and find an enemy military convoy that has 60 guns (merchant convoys will surrender.) Once you locate one, initiate the battle with your strong convoy. 

The goal is to wear down the enemy ships to about 10-15 health each. As the enemy ships wear down, swap your strategy to defensive behaviour (blue shield) and let the enemy sink your ships. As soon as you lose the battle, move your pinnace to attack. You need to follow the strategy mentioned above, but will find it much easier to sink them.

 Flawless Victory (10 points)
Win a battle without taking any damage

This is a simple achievement if you have a large convoy consisting on 5+ warships all carrying maximum sailors. Find a merchant ship with a reasonably low combat strength, and engage them in a manual battle. If you have a combat strength difference of 40+, as soon as the battle starts, the enemy will surrender and the achievement will unlock.

 Collector's desire (25 points)
Possess all ship types in one game

Ships are obtained 2 different ways; by buying them from a large shipyard (located in towns where a governor or viceroy reside) or capturing them during naval combat. You need to check shipyards regularly as new ships will only appear for a short time before other nations buy them, but shipyards will have more on offer every couple of days. 

TIP: At any time you can highlight a town and press  to see how many ships that shipyard has on offer. Unfortunately you need to either have a building or ship in town to see what ships are on offer.

You need to possess all the different types of ships at once and in a single game for the achievement to unlock. You will find the majority at shipyards, but there are a few that can be difficult to obtain. The following is the list of ships, the price and where you can usually find them.

Pinnace – 10,000 – Used by pirates early in the game/Given as the starting ship in Free Play 
Sloop – 19,000 – Used by several merchant and pirate convoys
Brig – 27,000 – Starting ship in Trader campaign/ Used by pirates 
Barc – 36,000 – Used by several merchant and pirate convoys 
Pirate Barc – NA – Can only be obtained by capturing it from pirates, luckily it is fairly common
Corvette – 36,000 – Found at several shipyards 
Military Corvette – 100,000 – Found at shipyards in towns with a viceroy/ Used by military convoys
Fluyt – 40,000 – Found at several shipyards/ Used by merchant, military and pirate convoys
Frigate – 70,000 – Found at several shipyards/ Used by merchant, military and pirate convoys
Military Frigate – 120,000 – Found at several shipyards/ Used by military convoys 
Galleon – 120,000 – Found at several shipyards/ Used by military and pirate convoys 
Trade Fluyt – 50,000 – Found at shipyards in towns with a viceroy 
Caravel – 160,000 – Found at shipyards in towns with a viceroy
Carrack – 140,000 – Found at shipyards in towns with a viceroy/ Used by strong pirate convoys 
War Galleon – 180,000 – Found at several shipyards
Liner – 200,000 – Found at shipyards (I only ever encountered these in shipyards belonging to the British)

TIP: It is often difficult to distinguish what type of ship you captured after a naval battle but you can pull into port, enter the Harbor Master menu and click and hold the left thumbstick, then scroll across to the ship list to match the name to the icon.

 Keelhaul (25 points)
Rescue 100 sailors from sharks

During naval battles enemy sailors will fall overboard as you attack their ships. You can rescue those sailors by bringing your ship close to them. They are often difficult to see unless you have the camera zoomed in but can usually be found around the sharks that will gather as the battle continues. 

You will probably rescue most without realizing as you manoeuvre around the naval battle map. A good tactic is to wait until the enemy has lost all but 1 ship, and while your AI partners chase it down, you focus on rescuing sailors. This will most likely come naturally as you play through the Adventurer campaign or as you work toward the other achievements. 

TIP: If you are struggling with this achievement, attack a pirate hideout with a strong convoy and let the AI do the attacking as you hold back and focus on rescuing sailors. As long as you only attack the pirate convoys and not the hideout, the convoys will respawn after 10-20 minutes.

 Land Lubber (25 points)
Build 250 buildings

Buildings can be built by speaking to a town’s architect but before you can build a building you need to purchase a licence from the architect in the town you wish to begin building. To do this you need to be the rank of sailor, and meet the reputation requirements (both in that town, and with the host nation). The required reputation increases each time you purchase a license in a town. Once you meet the requirements you can purchase a license that allows you to build warehouses and houses. 

From there, once you build a combination of 3 warehouses or houses, you can purchase a second licence that allows you to build businesses. Each building will require a supply of wood and bricks taken from the town’s dock, so it’s a good idea to set at least one trade convoy to ‘collect building materials’. In order to reach 250 total buildings you will have to buy licences in several towns. This achievement will come naturally as you progress through the game and will carry over between saves.

TIP: To speed things up, purchase a licence in a town that produces Adobe Bricks, (Florida Keys is particularly useful as it’s centrally located) and create several of your own brickworks to ensure a steady supply of bricks, as this will be the main resource that will halt construction.

 Lean Back (25 points)
Patrol fought out 500 battles

You can set any convoy to patrol by aiming at a section of water on the nautical map and pressing . This means any enemy ship or pirate that enters its sight will be engaged. Unless you have ample military convoys you can leave scattered around the map and have a low reputation (below 25%) with other nations, chances are this achievement will require some grinding.

TIP: Create a convoy consisting of 10+ strong ships and make sure all other nations are at war with you. You can do this by attacking their convoys or towns. Once you are at war set your convoy to patrol and wait as enemy ships attack you. It doesn’t matter if you fight manually or sim the battle but just remember after each battle to press  to optimize your convoy. It is also recommended you have a town under your control so you can repair the convoy if it becomes too damaged. Once you have fought 500 battles the achievement will unlock. 

NOTE: This does not have to be done in a single game as it carries between saves.

 Davy Jones' Locker (50 points)
Sink 1,000 vessels

This is fairly straight forward, any enemy ships your convoy sinks, either in a manual or automatic battle will count towards this. If you are fighting a manual battle be sure to choose the ‘Attack my Target’ command (the red crosshairs) so your AI ships shoot to sink. This may come naturally as you progress through the game and work towards other achievements but will probably require some grinding.

 Hunt for Booty (25 points)
Loot 25,000 barrels

You can loot barrels by attacking merchant ships. To loot a merchant ship you need to ensure you have a decent sized convoy (7+ ships). When you see a merchant convoy (indicated with the ‘scales’ when you highlight it) engage a battle by pressing . If your combat strength is far greater than the convoy’s, it will surrender and all loot on board will be yours for the taking. 

This will take some grinding as most merchant ships won't have many barrels on board and besides from looting, there is very little reason to attack merchant ships. The best way to do this is to make a save when you have a strong convoy, then attack every ship you can find. Once the achievement unlocks, reload your save as all nations will likely be at war with you. 

NOTE: This does not have to be done in one game as it carries between saves.

 Horting (25 points)
Posess 250,000 barrels of goods within one game

This needs to be done in a single game and will likely be achieved late in the game. You will first need to ensure you have the capacity to hold 250,000 barrels and can check this by viewing the first page of your journal. To increase your total capacity you either need to build additional warehouses or purchase/capture additional ships. 

An alternate strategy is to have at least 15+ businesses running. Save your game as this method will cause you to lose a large amount of money over time. Fire your steward to prevent the goods being sold to the local market, then hold down  to sped time up. You can amass the 250,000 required barrels, even if you don't have the storage, as barrels will continue to amass beyond a warehouse's total capacity. The more businesses you have, the quicker this will be. Just be sure to reload your game as you will no doubt amass significant warehouse charges doing this method. 

TIP: When you are going for the achievement, it is a good idea to check the taverns in towns you have established warehouses in, as there will be the occasional merchant or pirate who will offer you a large number of goods for a price and these can quickly boost your total.

 White Lamb (10 points)
Highest fame as 'Trader'

You can check your ‘Trader’ status in the journal. It will be the green portion of the pie chart and can be increased by trading, either via a convoy or manually, and by building businesses in towns. 

This will come naturally as you progress through the Trader campaign.

 Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (10 points)
Highest fame as 'Privateer'

You can check your ‘Privateer’ status in the journal. It will be the blue portion of the pie chart and can be increased by attacking pirate convoys and hideouts, completing certain missions offered by administrators and viceroys and by attacking a country’s ships and towns while carrying a letter of marquee from an allied nation. 

This will come naturally as you progress through the Adventurer campaign.

 Beelzebub (10 points)
Highest fame as 'Pirate'

You can check your ‘Pirate’ status in the journal. It will be the red portion of the pie chart and can be increased by attacking a country’s ships and towns so long as you are not carrying a letter of marquee from another nation. 

TIP: An easy way to do this is to create a strong convoy (10+ warships with maximum sailors & weapons) and then prey on weak merchant ships. You can automate the battles to make it quicker. After roughly 15 minutes, the achievement will unlock.

 Arrr! (10 points)
First time boarded a vessel successfuly

To board a vessel you need to play a naval battle manually. Before engaging the ‘Board Ship’ option it is a good idea to wear down the enemy ship’s defences by using chain-shots to destroy the masts and slow the ship, and scatter shots to decimate the enemy crew. As is recommended several times throughout the game, equip your sailors with a 4:1 ratio of cutlasses and muskets.

Once you wear the defences down select the board option in the ammo menu by pressing  then try and bring your ship inside the blue circle that appears. Once you are inside the circle a board reticule will appear and begin to fill up. During this you need to keep your ship inside the blue circle or the reticule will restart. Once the reticule is green, the boarding fight will begin automatically. Provided you took out the majority of the enemy crew, your crew will win the fight and the achievement will unlock at the end of the battle, provided you win the overall battle.

 Plundering (10 points)
Ambush a trader

This can be done at anytime on the nautical map. All you have to do is find a trade ship (indicated with the scales icon when you highlight it) and press  to initiate the fight. Once you ship is close to the trade ship the pre-battle menu will appear and the achievement will unlock. 

NOTE: You don’t need to fight, simply press  to back out without consequence.

 Walk the Plank (10 points)
Destroy a pirate convoy

This can be done at anytime, but you will need a decent sized convoy in order to win. Every so often you will notice a pirate flag appear on the nautical map. This indicates a pirate convoy is nearby. Search the area until you locate the ships then initiate the fight. As long as your convoy is more powerful, you shouldn’t have any trouble defeating the pirates. Once the battle is won, the achievement will unlock.

NOTE: This will unlock during the Adventurer campaign, as one of the missions requires you to defeat a pirate convoy.

 Arm of the Law (10 points)
Destroy 10 pirate hide-outs

Refer to "Crow’s Nest" on how to find pirate hideouts. To destroy a hideout you will need a strong convoy (8+ warships with maximum sailors and weapons). Highlight the hideout on the map and press  to engage. You will have to fight 2 pirate convoys first which shouldn’t prove difficult with a strong convoy. After that you will have to land and fight the pirates on land. With a full crew and weapons this will be easy. Once you have destroyed 10, the achievement will unlock.

TIP: You will have to destroy a few hideouts in the Adventurer campaign and these will count towards the total.

 Lord of War (50 points)
Be in possession of 5,000 guns

This requires a total of 5000 guns across all ships. You can check your current number on the first page of your journal. To reach 5000 total you will need to buy or capture additional ships. Below is a list of the ships and the number of cannons they have, obviously the larger the ship, the more cannons it will have.

Pinnace – 8 
Sloop – 14 
Brig – 16 
Barc – 20 
Pirate Barc – 24 
Corvette – 24 
Military Corvette – 32 
Fluyt – 16 
Frigate – 26 
Military Frigate – 36 
Galleon – 36 
Trade Fluyt – 8 
Caravel – 40 
Carrack – 40 
War Galleon – 46 
Liner – 50

 Puppet Master (50 points)
Occupy 15,000 employees within one game

You can check how many employees you currently have on the first page of your journal. Both workers in your businesses and sailors on board your convoys count as employees. To increase your number of employees you need to recruit settlers from other towns (preferably viceroy and governor towns, as these will have many more settlers willing to work for you) You do this by selecting the town’s dock and transferring the settlers to your convoy. Once you begin to establish businesses, you will need to unload sailors to convert them to workers, which will free up space on your convoys for additional sailors. Continue this process as you build up your businesses and convoys until you hit a total of 15,000 workers/sailors. 

This will most likely come naturally as you progress through the game but it is a good idea to equip all convoys and businesses with maximum sailors/workers.

 Aye aye, Capt‘n! (25 points)
Reach the highest rank

The highest rank is ‘Ruler of the Sea’ and can be reached with a total worth of 6 million gold, a holding capacity of 25,000 and 6000 total employees. This achievement will most likely come naturally as you progress through the game and work towards other achievements.

- 6 million gold will come with ease as you progress through the game expanding you trade routes and businesses, completing tasks, finding treasure, and attacking towns and pirate hideouts.

- To reach 25,000 capacity you will need to buy/capture additional ships and build multiple warehouses.

- 6000 employees will also come naturally as you progress through the game and work towards "Puppet Master."

 1-Way-Weapons (50 points)
Use up 4,000 handheld weapons in boarding combats

Refer to "Arrr!" for how to board a vessel. 

This needs to be done while manually fighting a naval battle and will require a decent sized convoy with maximum sailors and weapons. When it comes to boarding the enemy ship, try and wait until the enemy has between 25%-50% the number of sailors you do before boarding. This will ensure you don’t waste sailors but still have enough enemy sailors to fight through. Each time you board you will use up your handheld weapons and lose some sailors, so you will need to resupply your convoy with weapons and sailors in town as you get low. This will require some grinding but will carry between saves.

TIP: A good strategy is to ensure you have plenty of pirate hideouts scattered around the map. Simply sail around attacking the pirate convoys but not the hideouts, as the pirate convoys will respawn.

 D-Fence (50 points)
Defend a town from 5 attacks

Each town has a defensive rating between 1-10, with 1 being poorly defended and 10 being heavily defended. To check the defensive rating of a town select the dock, and scroll to the left most screen. The rating will be the cannon icon in the top right corner. 

Before attempting this achievement you will need at least 3 towns under your control. (It seems the enemy won’t attack you with less than 3) Each town will require a defensive rating of 7 or higher. To raise the defensive rating of a town, you need to build up the population by creating more businesses and bringing in more workers. This is easily done if you have established businesses in town while seeking a peaceful annexation. (By the time you peacefully annex a town, the defensive rating should be at 6 or higher)

If you are planning on taking towns by force, then focus on capturing viceroy and governor towns, as these will have a much higher population already.

Once you have at least 3 towns under your control each with a defensive rating of 7 or higher, save your game as the next part can take a few attempts depending on how the enemy reacts. Firstly, bring all your trade convoys into port, as the enemy has a habit of attacking your ships before they will attack your towns. Next, force the other nations into war by attacking their merchant ships. Once all nations are at war with you, sit back and wait (rely heavily on the x10 speed) until they launch a military convoy towards one of your towns. 

When one of your towns is under attack, an icon of a red and yellow ship will appear beside that town on the nautical map. You will not be able to control any aspect of the fight but as long as you still have a defensive rating of 7 or above, they won’t be able to break through your fortresses even after multiple attacks. Each time a town successfully defends itself, you will see a short cutscene that reads “Town Name” was attacked by “Nation.” After the fifth attack on the town, the achievement will unlock during the cutscene.

TIP: You don’t need to defend the town from 5 attacks in a row. You can defend it from 3 attacks, lose the city, recapture it, and defend it from 2 attacks and the achievement will still unlock. 

NOTE: This is a difficult achievement because there is no telling when and what town an enemy will attack. There is also a glitch where only the first enemy convoy will be seen while viewing the battle in port. Subsequent ships will be invisible and the only indicator that your town is being attacked is the fortresses will sustain additional damage.

 Checkmate (50 points)
Reduce a nation's number of towns down to two

This requires you to take towns by force as you can only peacefully take control of a town if the host nation has at least 5 towns still under their control. If you are playing the Trader campaign or have started a Free Play game in 1550, then the easiest way to achieve this is by attacking the Dutch as they only have 5 towns to begin with.

Refer to "…vici" for more information on taking control of towns.

 Whizz-Kid (25 points)
Maximize all abilities of a captain

Each convoy has its own captain, and each captain has 6 abilities. This may unlock naturally as you progress through the game but may require some grinding, as each ability takes a long time to rank up. It is a good idea to wait until late in a game before grinding this, as you will find many of the captain’s abilities will have ranked up naturally over the course of the game. You can view your captains and the level of their abilities by pressing  and selecting each convoy on the list. You can always add and remove different ships within a single convoy, just remember that each time you add or remove ships you ensure that the convoy itself is never disbanded. 

The captain has 6 abilities and each ability has a maximum of 5 points. Below is a list of the abilities and how they can be increased.

Battle experience – Increased by winning naval battles. This will increase as you progress through the game. NOTE: It seems only battles against other ships increases this, not attacks on towns and hideouts.

Navigation – Increased by sailing the seas. This can also be increased while on an automatic trade route and will probably be the first to reach 5.

Trade experience – Increased by trading goods with docks. This can also be increased while on an automatic trade route. It is a good idea to swap a convoy to a trade route if you don’t need it for battle.

Ship Building – increased while the convoy is being repaired in town. As you fight pirates or enemy convoys you will find yourself spending time repairing your convoy afterwards.

Combat Experience – increased during boarding fights. To ensure this doesn’t become a grind, try and use the same captain/convoy each time you need to capture an enemy ship.

Visibility Range – increased while a ship is on patrol. This is likely to be your last skill and will require grinding. TIP: To boost this, leave your convoy on patrol in the top right corner of the map as they shouldn’t be bothered by anyone.

TIP: You will find that over the course of the game many of the passive abilities like ‘trade experience,’ ‘navigation,’ ‘ship building,’ and ‘visibility range’ will upgrade while a convoy has been on an automatic trade route. So if you are planning on engaging in battle, be sure to swap the captain from your trade convoy to your warship convoy.

You will also encounter people in taverns across the Caribbean that will offer to improve your captain’s abilities (as long as his convoy is docked in that town) in exchange for gold. Unfortunately the price will be scaled depending on your rank and total worth, and will always be extremely expensive. However if you have maxed out the majority of the skills, save your game and buy the remaining skill points to unlock the achievement then reload to save the gold.

NOTE: This achievement is known to be glitchy for some and will occasionally drop your skill points for no reason. At the moment there is a known solution but the best advice is to either try a different captain or focus on raising the skill via teachers quickly.

 Veni, … (25 points)
Take control over 5 towns within one game

See "... vici."

 … vidi, … (50 points)
Take control over 15 towns within one game

See "... vici?."

 … vici! (50 points)
Take control over 30 towns within one game

This will take some time and planning, as rushing in can lead to your demise long before you take 30 towns. Towns captured both peacefully and by force count towards this but if you are short on time, resort to taking each town by force. Having said that, it is a good idea to try and take 5-10 towns peacefully while you build up your economy and fleet as this will reduce the time needed for the strategy below. 

The following is a strategy that will allow you to take towns without causing an all out war in the Caribbean.

Firstly, ensure you have a strong convoy (10+ liners and/or war galleons) that you will use on the towns, and a second convoy (8+ warships) preferably close to a pirate hideout. (The second convoy is optional as you can use your main convoy to attack the pirates provided it isn't too damaged.) Ensure you haven’t destroyed too many pirate hideouts as attempting this without them may prove frustrating. You will also need to raise your reputation with each nation to 100%. Also, if by chance you can obtain a letter of marquee against the nation you plan to attack, do so.

Once you have met the above requirements, launch an attack on 2 towns of your choosing. It is recommended that you try and find a town with no convoys defending it but this may take time, so it’s up to you. Once you have taken control of 2 towns, attack the pirate hideouts, ONLY fighting the convoys and not the hideouts themselves. This will raise you reputation back up to 100% and prevent the other nations from trying to retake their towns.

Rinse and repeat until you are in control of 30 towns. Depending on how many pirate hideouts you have on the map, you may have to spend some time waiting until they respawn convoys before continuing to annex towns.

 Everything's new! (25 points)
Build each new type of building in one game (Harbour Master)
 Green Fingers (25 points)
Plant 100 trees and plants in one game (Harbour Master)
 Red Light Tycoon (25 points)
Build 10 brothels in one game (Harbour Master)
 Self Made (25 points)
Get 10 liner built in the shipyard (Harbour Master)
 Respect! (25 points)
Reach maximum respect as pirate (Dawn of Pirates)
 Ruler of the Seas (25 points)
Become the most infamous of all pirates (Dawn of Pirates)
 Gold Addict (25 points)
Plunder 100,000 Gold (Dawn of Pirates)
 Your Ship My Ship (25 points)
Privateer 10 ships (Dawn of Pirates)
 Off the back of a lorry (25 points)
Plunder 30,000 barrels in Piracy mode (Dawn of Pirates)
 Town Neurotic (25 points)
"The Rise of Christi" completed (New Adventures)
 Money Addict (25 points)
"The bet with Pablo" completed (New Adventures)
 Pirate Terror (25 points)
"Pirate Hunt" completed (New Adventures)
 Party Animal (25 points)
"The Big Party" completed (New Adventures)
 Blackout (25 points)
"Consequences" completed (New Adventures)
Secret Achievements
Got ye new Ship (10 points)
The first vessel purchased

Visit the shipyard in any town with a governor or viceroy until you find a ship on offer, select the ‘buy’ tab then select a ship you can afford and buy, simple as that.

An easy method is to start the adventure campaign and as soon as you have control select the shipyard and purchase the ship on offer, (you will have enough gold.)

Wistfulness (10 points)
The first vessel sold

Visit the shipyard in any town with a governor or viceroy with a ship in your possession, select the ‘sell’ tab then select your ship and sell it.

This can be unlocked directly after ‘Got ye new Ship’ using the method mentioned above, as soon as you buy the ship, immediately sell it.

There, I fixed it! (10 points)
Perform an emergency repair

An emergency repair takes place on the nautical map when one of the ships in your convoy reaches less than 3% health. Ships slowly degrade as they sail the seas and can also sustain damage during a naval battle. As soon as a ship requires an emergency repair, the achievement will unlock.

TIP: If you are having trouble unlocking this, try and sustain massive damage with a single ship. Then manually sail the ship around the map until it degrades to 3% health.

Kudos! (10 points)
Tutorial completed successfully

Play the trader campaign and complete the first 3 missions.

- The first mission requires you to buy 100 barrels of sugar and deliver it to Port Royale

- Next you have the reach the rank of Mariner, do this by buying and selling goods to increase your overall worth.

- When you reach Mariner, all you have to do is sail to New Orleans and the achievement will unlock after the cutscene.

1st ARRR!chievement (10 points)
Fist time on sea

This is a simple achievement that requires you to set sail to another port. As soon as you gain control of your ship select another port and press , the achievement will unlock as soon as the ship leaves its current port.

Ship Ahoy! (10 points)
First naval battle

This requires you to engage another ship in combat. To do this select a nearby ship on the nautical map and press . Once your ship is close enough the pre-battle menu will display, select manual and the achievement will pop. Unless you stick to only trading, this achievement will come naturally as you progress through the game.

Ship Naming (10 points)
Name a convoy

When you come into possession of a new ship, either by purchasing one from a shipyard or by capturing one during a naval battle, make sure you are in a port. From there select the ship and a menu will display, prompting you to create a new convoy. Press  to initiate the convoy and a convoy name will be displayed. Press  and rename the convoy to something of your choosing. Accept the name change and the achievement will unlock.

The Message is Trading, dude! (10 points)
A trading route is active since 365 days

This requires a convoy to be listed as ‘active’ on a single trade route for 365 game days. Provided the convoy is not attacked or deactivated you can check how long it’s been active by pressing RB and scrolling across to the convoy tab. This will probably come naturally as you progress through the game, but to increase the chances of the convoy not being attacked, be sure to have a number of warships (with maximum sailors and weapons) included in the convoy.

Hey Mr. Tallyman (25 points)
Turn over a total ammount of 100,000 barrels

This requires you to sell a total of 100,000 barrels of goods and will come naturally as you progress through the game. The more convoys you have operating on trade routes the quicker you will earn this. Once you begin creating businesses, you should have barrels quickly piling up in your warehouses, either set convoys to ‘empty warehouse’ or manually sell the goods yourself.

Pollywog (25 points)
Spend 50 hours in the Caribbean

Simply play the game for a total of 50 hours. Depending on how you play through the game, this may be your last achievement but shouldn’t be to far off as many of the other achievements can be time consuming. This does not have to be 50 hours for a single game and will carry between game files.

TIP: Your save game file will show the total time amassed for that game.


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