Chickens Can't Fly - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Chicken is ready for science! (5 points)
Complete all the Hatchery experiments
 Chicken deserves gold! (5 points)
Obtain a gold medal in one of the experiments
 Chicken avoided the butcher! (10 points)
Get at least a bronze medal in all Butchery experiments
 Chicken can escape ghosts! (10 points)
Get at least a bronze medal in all Cemetery experiments
 Chicken can outrun bombs! (10 points)
Get at least a bronze medal in all Military experiments
 Chicken likes quantum physics! (10 points)
Get at least a bronze medal in all Physics experiments
 Chicken is resilient! (15 points)
Survive 20 checkpoints in Survival mode!
 Chicken knows magnetism (10 points)
Get 10000 points with a Corn Magnet
 Chicken is golden! (15 points)
Get Gold for all experiments in a non-tutorial laboratory
 Hungry, hungry Chicken! (15 points)
Gather 1.000.000 total corn
 Chicken is stronger than a cat (5 points)
Have over 9 lives in Survival Mode
 Chicken likes to break stuff (10 points)
Eliminate 1000 obstacles using the Butcher Shield, Holy Cross, Nuke or EMP
 Chicken hates walls (10 points)
Pass 5 checkpoints without touching a wall
 Chicken likes unhealthy food (10 points)
Eat 5 sausages without dying
 Chicken likes multiplication (5 points)
Obtain a score multiplier of over 100
 Chicken is confident (10 points)
Pass 3 checkpoints without flapping the wings in Survival Mode
 Chickens Can't Fly! (25 points)
Get Gold on ALL experiments
 Chicken is competitive! (5 points)
Participate in the Global Weekly Challenge
 Chicken can activate power-ups (5 points)
Use 5 different delayed power-ups
 Chicken is an expert! (10 points)
Get 300.000 Score in a single game

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