Shoot 1UP - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Max Multiplier (5 points)
Kill a boss with the best ship spread.
 Precious Ships (10 points)
Beat a non-Tilt level without losing a ship.
 Ship Hoarder (10 points)
Complete any level with thirty ships.
 Score Fiend (10 points)
Complete any level and score over 1,000,000 points.
 Score Monger (10 points)
Complete any level and score over 10,000,000 points.
 He Shoots He Scores (10 points)
Complete any level and score over 30,000,000 points.
 Million Bucks (15 points)
Beat any level and get over a million points from a single enemy.
 Take It Easy (10 points)
Complete Chilled Campaign.
 Out of Retirement (15 points)
Complete Normal Campaign.
 Love the Pain (20 points)
Complete Serious Campaign.
 Tilt Master (10 points)
Complete one game loop in Score Tilt.
 Trick Shot (20 points)
50 kills in a single level using the shield.
 Ovoid (5 points)
Eat 2 pies on a single playthrough.
 Caecilian (5 points)
Beat level 4 with the Ovoid.
 Robin Egg (20 points)
Complete the entire campaign without losing a ship.
 Right Stuff (5 points)
Complete a level by choosing the hard-path (right side of screen).
 Vengeance Begins (5 points)
Complete level 1.
 1UP Yours (5 points)
Find a 1UP pie and complete the level.
 Jelly Milker (5 points)
Beat any level while killing 5 offspring from a single, pink jelly transport ship.
 Tilt-talating (5 points)
Complete at least 1 level of Score Tilt.

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