Rapala for Kinect - Achievements
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There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 First Catch! (10 points)
Catch a Fish in Arcade Mode
 Bass Maestro (15 points)
Catch 50 Fish in Arcade Mode
 Fishing is a Lifestyle (20 points)
Catch 250 Fish in Arcade Mode
 TAI-KOU-BOU (50 points)
Catch 1000 Fish in Arcade Mode
 10-Mile Gorge Champion (20 points)
Achieve 1st place inĀ  10-Mile Gorge
 Big Bog Swamp Champion (25 points)
Achieve 1st place in Big Bog Swamp
 Lake Lauri Champion (30 points)
Achieve 1st place in Lake Lauri
 Lake Kitchigoomee Champion (35 points)
Achieve 1st place in Lake Kitchigoomee
 Northern Lights River Champion (40 points)
Achieve 1st place in Northern Lights River
 World Class Angler (10 points)
Register in an Online Leaderboard
 Piano Tuner (15 points)
Adjust sound setup
 Lure Novice (10 points)
Use 5 of 80 Available Lures
 Lure Pro (15 points)
Use 40 of 80 Available Lures
 Lure Legend (20 points)
Use All Available Lures
 Fish Collector (10 points)
Catch 5 Different Fish
 Fish Mania (15 points)
Catch 12 Different Fish
 Fish Are My Life! (20 points)
Catch 29 Different Fish
 First Race (10 points)
Reach the Finish Line in a Boat Race
 Two Hundred Items (10 points)
Collect 200 Items in Boat Races
 Master Items Collector (20 points)
Collect 500 Items in Boat Races
 Pro Racer (15 points)
Get 1st place 50 Times in Boat Race Mode
 Boost Jump! (15 points)
Jump from a Platform while using Boost!
 Fast Cast (20 points)
Quick Aim! Quick Shot!
 Attracted Five (15 points)
Attract 5 fish
 Provoked a Dozen (20 points)
Provoke 12 Fish
 Speed Catch (20 points)
Catch a Fish quickly
 Unbroken (20 points)
Clear an Area Without Breaking Your Line
 Twice as Heavy (20 points)
Break the Stage Score Record by a Wide Margin
 Reel Master (20 points)
Reel a Lot
 Count Master (10 points)
Evade Fish's Full Power Attack Fifty Times
 Cast Master (10 points)
Cast Perfectly 200 Times
 First Hook (15 points)
Get it on your hook
 A Flotilla (10 points)
Complete a Multiplayer Boat Race Mode
 Worldwide Racer (15 points)
Play All Courses in Multiplayer Boat Race Mode
 One and Done (10 points)
Clear Any Location in Multiplayer Mode
 Fished Them All (25 points)
Clear All Locations in Multiplayer Mode
 Look Who's Popular (10 points)
Play in Multiplayer Mode 50 Times
Secret Achievements
Caught Titan (30 points)
Caught 10-Mile Gorge's Boss Fish
Caught Viper (35 points)
Caught Big Bog Swamp's Boss Fish
Caught Goldie (40 points)
Caught Lake Lauri's Boss Fish
Caught Viking (45 points)
Caught Lake Kitchigoomee's Boss Fish
Caught Sailfin (50 points)
Caught Northern Lights River's Boss Fish
Like Looking in a Mirror (15 points)
Caught a Fish Face
Caught All Fish Faces (30 points)
Caught all the Fish Faces
No Fish Face (15 points)
Returned Fish Face to Normal
Aquarium Regular (10 points)
Visited the Aquarium Several Times
Don't give up! (10 points)
Game Over
Try it again! (20 points)
Danger! Watch out! (10 points)
You almost dropped the fish you just caught
Memories (20 points)
Filled the Photo Gallery

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