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There are 36 achievements with a total of 600 points.
 First Victory (10 points)
Get 1 victory in any game session

This achievement is for winning a game once. This shall unlock naturally as you work on other achievements.

 Gang Up (10 points)
Launch a Team Skill and get a kill in a Quick Match or Co-op mode

For this achievement, you need to use a Team Skill and get at least one kill from it. Team Skills will show up randomly as you level up in a match or if you have an item that unlocks the skill as soon as the match starts.

If you have a team skill, press  to begin it. Several circles will now show up on the screen. Other players on your team need to fill these circles. Press  again to launch the skill once enough team members fill the circles. 

Skills that can be used for this are the Warrior's Group Rush, and the Mage's Lightning Arrows, Tornado, and Meteor Shower.

 Hello World (10 points)
Use a talk or order commands 4 times in a Quick Match or Co-op mode

To talk or order a command, press . This will bring up a menu with 4 options. Press a button for one of those options to talk.

Repeat these steps 3 more times to unlock the achievement.

 All Rounder (10 points)
Use Warrior, Cleric, and Mage 2 times each in a Quick Match or Co-op mode

Simply use all of three classes at least two times for this achievement to unlock. This does NOT need to be in the same match and can be spread out in multiple matches.

 The Legend Begins (10 points)
Receive mention in Hero Pop-up in a Quick Match or Co-op mode

The Hero Pop-up shows up for random things like healing 10 people in a match, resurrecting 5 people in a match, constructing 3 towers, getting the first kill, getting 10 kills without dying, and other things.

This achievement should unlock naturally as you go for the other achievements in the game.

 Battle Master (10 points)
Use all skills in a Quick Match or Co-op mode

To get this achievement, you will need to use every skill available for all three classes. This does not need to be done in a single match because that would be impossible (skills are unlocked randomly as you level up in a match, and you will not have every skills in a match at the max level). I recommend using the list below and crossing off skills as you go so you know what skills you still need to use.

The list of skills that must be used is listed are as follows:

 skill: Cheer, Group Rush, Iron Phalanx 
 skill: Roar, Rocketman, Stone Throw, Super Guard
 skill: Charge Attack, Smash, Spinning Blade, Rush

 skill: Happy Miracle, Sacred Song, Transport
 skill: Dash, Sacred Armor, Summon Materials, Wall
 skill: Dispel, Heal, Resurrect, Sanctuary

 skill: Lightning Arrows, Meteor Storm, Tornado
 skill: Blizzard, Lightning Strike, Magic Napalm, Wind Trap
 skill: Fire Enchant, Ice Enchant, Lightning Enchant, Wind Enchant

 Rich Man (10 points)
Get 30 items

When a game is completed, you will gain items. As you play along, you shall get more and more items.

This achievement shall unlock naturally as you go for the other achievements, so do not worry about it.

 My First Remodeling (10 points)
Remodel an Item

To unlock this achievement, you will need to add a buff to one of your items. In order to add a buff you an item, you must have an empty slot available on the item. You can check the item's stats to see if the item has an empty slot available. You also must have another item that has a white buff on it. It must be white, because the orange buffs are permanently attached to that specific item, and the purple buffs are negative and can only be removed. 

To add or remove buffs, go to Dress Up and Power Up, and then select Item Modification. Choose your item with an empty slot, and then choose the item with the white buff that you want added to your other item.

You will need some Happy Stars to perform the item modification, and then if you have enough, the achievement shall unlock.

 MOD 0 (10 points)
Level-up an item

For this achievement, you will need to level up an item. You can level up an item under Dress Up and Power Up, and then by choosing Item Level-Up. In order to level up an item, you will need other items to use as materials as well as the required amount of Happy Stars.

To level up your item, choose the item you want to level up, and then choose the items you wish to use as materials.

As long as you have enough Happy Stars to perform the level-up, you will obtain your achievement.

 Card-Happy (10 points)
Play Happy Cards Lite

The Happy Spinner is located under Spinner and Cards. You should see a wheel when you select the Happy Spinner. Simply spin the wheel once in order to get this achievement.

You will need at least 300 Happy Stars to spin the wheel.

 Nobody Calls Me Noob (20 points)
Complete all of the tutorials

You must play the tutorials for the Warrior, the Cleric, and the Mage in order to get this achievement. Once you finish all three, the achievement shall unlock.

 Standing On My Own (20 points)
Reach rank 20

You will need to reach rank 20 by playing multiplayer matches in either Quick Match or Co-op. As you keep playing matches and gain experience, your rank will increase.

I recommend playing a lot of Quick Matches because it seems to be quicker for gain experience.

 MVP (20 points)
Unlock the "MVP" quest in a Quick Match or Co-op mode

This achievement requires you to get the most kills as well as the least deaths in the SAME match. Contrary to what many players may think, 


Getting MVP in a match and the MVP achievement/quest are completely unrelated. You also can NOT tie with someone else for kills or deaths or the achievement will not unlock.

To check how many kills and deaths everyone in the match has, hit  and then .  To make this achievement easier for you, try having a friend with you in the match play as a cleric so they can heal you, keep you safe, and check periodically the stats in the game for you to make sure you have the most kills and least deaths.

 Treasure Hunter (20 points)
Get a premium item

Premium items are items that have a star by them. This achievement will unlock naturally as you go through story mode since a few premium items are rewards for completing certain missions.

 The Best Items (20 points)
Get a level 10 item

To get a level 10 item, you will need to level your items via the process explained in the MOD 0 achievement. In order to level an item multiple times, you will need to have more Happy Stars and more items to use as materials per level up. It is best to go for this achievement on an item that is not a premium item. The reason for this is because eventually, you will need to level up other items that you are using as materials to level up the premium item. If you are leveling up a non-preminum item, you will not have to do this.

There is now also a Material Points Up buff in the game that may be found on any type of item present in the game. If an item has this buff, it will give more material points when you use it to level up another item. The extra material points depend on the level of the buff and are as follows:

  • Material Points Up Lvl 1: 100 more material points
  • Material Points Up Lvl 2: 300 more material points
  • Material Points Up Lvl 3: 600 more material points

Please see MOD 0 achievement description for more information.

 Team Player (20 points)
Win 3 matches in a row in Co-op mode

For this achievement, you will need to play all three rounds of co-op mode and win the matches in a row.

This achievement will unlock after the last round as long as you won the other two and do not get disconnected during a match.

 BOT Hunter (30 points)
Get 1 victory in Training mode

Simply win a match in Training mode for this achievement.

Since difficulty does not matter, you can choose the lowest difficulty, very easy, if you would like.

 It worked! (30 points)
Complete every Story Mission

To unlock all story missions, you must have a rank of 26 or higher. I recommend leveling up to rank 30 if you are having trouble beating some of the missions. Most missions are rather easy and straight forward, but there are two missions that seem to give people trouble in particular. These two missions are "War of the Worlds!" (4-2) and "The Final Battle" (6-2). I have included tips on both of these below that should hopefully help make these missions much easier for you.

War of the Worlds most people have a major issue with the AI allies because they tend to be very stupid and make choices that will make the mission an annoyance like constantly destroying the bridge to the enemy castle. To avoid this problem entirely and to make this mission a breeze, choose to play as a Cleric. When the level first starts, take the right path instead of going straight like the rest of your allies. Follow this path until you get to the enemy castle, and then build a cannon. Once it is built, shoot the castle gate from a distance until it is destroyed. Do not attack the gate from up close or else a lot more enemies will spawn. 

Here is a video that should help those having difficulty:


The Final Battle choose to play as a Mage. Make sure you have the Cosmic Wand equipped as well as Marshal's Hood. Both of these items are rewards from previous levels in story mode and are great items. Then, after you defeat each wave of enemies, go to a side of the castle. The melee enemies will come after you so defeat those when they come. Then, take care of the remaining mages at a distance if possible and take care of them one by one.

This video may be helpful if you are having difficulty:

 Happy War-Lord (60 points)
Play 100 non-tutorial games

For this achievement, you will need to play 100 games that are not in tutorial mode.

This should come naturally as you go for the other achievements. If for some reason you still do not have this after getting every other achievement, just keep playing multiplayer matches or story missions until this achievement unlocks.

 You Rock! (60 points)
Complete more than 40 quests

You must do at least 40 of the 72 quests to get this achievement. Most of these will unlock naturally over time like "Kill x amount of enemies as a __" or "Win x matches on the __ map" , where some may be more difficult like the "MVP" quest and "Get 30 kills without dying".

To view which quests you have completed and which you have not completed yet, view your stats and hit . Quests must be completed in multiplayer matches.

 Knight of the Order of Light (10 points)
Reach rank 40

For this achievement, you will need to get to Rank 40 in Multiplayer; this will require you to obtain 180,000 points. Simply keep playing the game a lot in order to get points to rank up. This will take approximately 50 hours of play time.

 Commander of the Light Knights (15 points)
Reach rank 50

For this achievement, you will need to get to Rank 50 in Multiplayer; this will require you to obtain 510,000 points. Like the "Standing On My Own" and "Knight of the Order of Light" achievements, this will unlock after spending a lot of time on the game and getting points. This will take approximately 150+ hours and is the most time-consuming achievement in the Title Update.

 The Ultimate Craftsman (10 points)
Raise the level of an item to Level 15

You will need to get an item to Level 15 for this achievement. First, you will need to get an item to Level 10. Please see "The Best Items" achievement for how to get an item to Level 10. Next, you will need to get 5 more of the item you want to get to Level 15. I highly recommend using an item you can commonly get for this achievement since it will be easier to get more of the item. The 5 items do not have to be leveled up at all; they can be kept at level 1. When you have 5 more of the item as well as a sufficient amount of Happy Stars to spend on leveling up the item, choose the item you want to get to Level 15, pick one of the other copies of that item as a material, and then pick the other materials. Repeat that four more times to get the item to Level 15.

 The Beginning of a Quest (5 points)
Complete at least 20 Quests

You will get this achievement while working towards the "You Rock!" and "Happy Quest Hunter" achievements. If you have completed 20 or more quests before the title update, you will need to play a match; the achievement shall unlock once the match is completed.

 Happy Quest Hunter (15 points)
Complete at least 60 Quests

This achievement is just like the "You Rock!" achievement, except it requires 60 quests out of 72 total quests. It is a good idea to work on this achievement while you are trying to reach Rank 50. Some of the Quests that shall unlock over time include:

  • "Get x total kills"
  • "Get x kills as a _"
  • "Heal x times"
  • "Resurrect x times"
  • "Play the game for x hours"
  • "x total wins"
  • "Win x matches on the _ map"
  • "Destroy Big Tower x times"
  • "Appear on Hero Pop-up x times"
  • "Guard against x enemy attacks"
 The Godlike Swordsman (15 points)
Complete the 'The Godlike Swordsman' Quest

This achievement requires you to use the Warrior to get 1,000 kills. A strong sword for this achievement is very helpful, so level up the Nouveau Riche Sword for good attack stats since it has Attack Lvl 2 and Attack Lvl 3 with it. Also, make sure you are comfortable with the Warrior's skills and know how to use them well. Rocketman and Charge Attack will be good skills to master for this achievement.

Thank you AOS Puck for the information!

 Archangel (15 points)
Complete the 'Archangel' Quest

You will need to use the Cleric to heal people 10,000 times in order to unlock this achievement. The Sanctuary skill will not work for this achievement, you must use the Heal skill for the heal to count towards the achievement. This achievement will be very time consuming; the quickest way to get this is to spam the Heal skill as often as possible. Keep looking for team mates who get hit by enemy attacks, team mates who just finished building a tower, and team mates who are performing the Cheer and Sacred Song skills. These team mates will need to be healed and are good to spam the skill near, especially the ones involved in the Cheer and Sacred Song skills. It also helps to participate in these team skills because they will increase your HP and AP bars for a limited time; this will allow you to do more healing. Try to have equipment with buffs that will let you perform the Heal skill more often as well such as the "Conserve AP" buff.

 The Devil (15 points)
Complete the 'The Devil' Quest

This achievement requires you to use the Mage to get 1,000 kills. You should level up your strongest wand so you will be able to do a good amount of both magic and physical damage. Lightning Strike is a helpful skill and using it will help you get kills, especially where many enemies are in one spot. Enchant skills such as Fire Enchant are helpful as well. With some of the elemental enchants, you can hit + at the same time to shoot out a larger version of the element which does more damage if it hits, but also costs more AP and has a reduced range. You need to time it correctly or you will cast the spell instead. Try to use team skills often as they can help you get a lot of kills. If cast at the right time, Tornado can be your most dangerous skill. The down side is that it takes five people to cast and it can't enter or exit the castles nor cross over bridges. Meteor Storm can get you some decent kills if enemies are grouped together, but the down side is that it takes four people and the landing spots of the meteors are sporadic. Also, note that the Warrior's Super Guard skill can block meteors. Lightning Arrows are by far the easiest chance to get kills because it only requires two people to start and has the quickest recharge time. The down side is that the arrows are scattered; you only get credit for people you actually kill unlike Tornado and Meteor Storm where you get credit for all kills, and if someone hits you while you are shooting your arrows, you will get knocked out of the skill.

Thank you AOS Puck for the information!

 Early Adapter (15 points)
Choose Berserker, Engineer, and Zephyr at least once in Quick Match or Co-op mode.
 They Had It Coming… (10 points)
Kill foes with the Berserk skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode at least 100 times.
 Mr. Fix-It (10 points)
Kill a foe with the Repair skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode.
 Elusive Phantom (10 points)
Successfully use Wind Swap skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode 50 times total.
 Behind the Wheel (15 points)
Successfully use Ultimate Weapon team skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode 50 times total.
 Typhoon Master (15 points)
Successfully use Cyclone Rush team skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode 50 times total.
 Missile Barrage (15 points)
Successfully use Multiple Missile team skill in Quick Match or Co-op mode 50 times total.
 War Engine Master (10 points)
Successfully build Gatling or Rocket Launcher in Quick Match or Co-op mode 100 times total.

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