Rhythm Party (aka Boom Boom Dance) - Achievements
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Free Spirit (10 points)
Dance to your heart's desire.
 Combo Zoner (10 points)
Successfully complete a Combo Zone.
 High Kicker (10 points)
Kick high without striking anybody.
 Artist (10 points)
Don't leave out special effects.
 Full Combo Guru (10 points)
Nail a full Combo.
 AAA Getter (10 points)
Get a "AAA" grade.
 Trick Mixer (20 points)
Nail multiple tricks at the same time.
 Trick Master (20 points)
Clear all of the trick challenges.
 Trick Hero (20 points)
Get a "AAA" grade using all tricks.
 Rhythm Master (20 points)
Keep dancing to the rhythm.
 Top Artist (30 points)
Don't leave out any special effects.
 AAA Master (30 points)
Get a "AAA" grade in all songs.

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