Shank 2 - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Ultimate Survivalist (20 points)
Defeat all the waves in any Survival map
 The Story Ends (15 points)
Complete Campaign Mode on Normal difficulty
 Too Easy (15 points)
Complete Campaign Mode on Hard difficulty
 That Is Gonna Leave A Mark (15 points)
Perform 100 Machete Counter Kills
 Pistol Heimlich (15 points)
Perform 60 Pistol Counter Kills
 Trigger Happy (15 points)
Get 30 firetrap kills in one Survival match
 Combo King (15 points)
Do 10 combos of 20 hits or more
 Zombie Killer (10 points)
Reach the zombie wave in each Survival map
 Gimmick Free (10 points)
Kill a Survival Boss with no traps or grenades
 Surf's Up (10 points)
Stay alive for 15 consecutive Survival waves
 No Bargains (10 points)
Buy nothing for 10 straight waves of Survival
 Up Close and Personal (10 points)
Beat a Campaign level with no ranged attacks
 And the Kitchen Sink (5 points)
Find the kitchen sink and kill someone with it
 Shopaholic (5 points)
Buy everything in Survival Mode
 Ditch Digger (5 points)
Kill 100 enemies using the shovel
 Batter Up (5 points)
Execute 150 kills with the baseball bat
 The First Dozen (5 points)
Kill 12 enemies
 Shank SMASH (5 points)
Kill 50 enemies with the heavy object smash
 Freedom Fighter (5 points)
Rescue 50 Civilians From The Militia
 Not So Fast (5 points)
Do 30 counters in one Survival match

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