Fusion: Sentient - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Snatched the Pebble (10 points)
Finish training at the Luna Academy
 Sparta Schmarta (10 points)
Defeat 300 opposing sentients
 Moving Up (10 points)
Earn your first roster upgrade
 Got Them All (10 points)
Own at least one of each unit type
 Through the Grinder (10 points)
Complete 20 missions in the Ghost Fleet
 Boomstick (10 points)
Defeat 20 opposing sentients with a shotgun
 Explosive! (10 points)
Destroy more than one enemy unit with a single attack
 Repo Man (10 points)
Complete 10 missions by recovering all artifacts
 Don't Tase Me Bro (10 points)
Stun all opposing sentients on a level
 Reaper's Understudy (10 points)
Complete 10 missions by destroying all opposition
 Moneybags (10 points)
Have 50,000 Credits in the bank at one time
 Estate Sale (10 points)
Sell or auction off at least 200,000 Credits of merchandise
 No Child Left Behind (10 points)
Complete a mission on the final planet with a common unit in your team
 Set and Served (10 points)
Knock back an enemy while the enemy is being knocked back towards the unit
 Speak Softly... (10 points)
Equip and use a legendary melee weapon
 Life Starts at 60 (10 points)
Reach level 60 with a unit
Secret Achievements
An End to All Things (10 points)
Completed the campaign
Family Reunion (10 points)
Discovered the relationship between Paeon, Hyperion, and yourself
Selfless (10 points)
Saved the Dominion and Order Forces on Killian's Rest
On the Trail (10 points)
Left the Order planet to find Hyperion

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