The Amazing Spider-Man - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Gladiator (15 points)
Completed all Oscorp Secret Research Labs

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

These appear on your map as a lab beaker. They are '1 room mini missions' where you infiltrate an Oscorp Secret Research Lab and photo their activities.

 A Dash of Spider (15 points)
Completed all XTreme Race challenges

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

These appear as Blimps on your map. Bruce Campbell asks you to do 2 different challenges. For this one 'Web Rush' to the red flares with  and finish the course within the time limit.

 The Camera Loves You (15 points)
Completed all XTreme Video challenges

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

These appear as Blimps on your map. Bruce Campbell asks you to do 2 different challenges. For this one you control the camera as Spidey becomes a NCP. Keep the camera steady by keeping it in the green with the  until it is over.

 Friendly Neighbor (15 points)
Saved a hostage caught in a petty crime

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

Look for the Fist logo in Manhattan. Beat up the thugs and save the hostage. You will get this after completing your first petty crime.

 Call Interrupted (15 points)
Destroyed a Seeker before it could call a Hunter

Press  as a seeker scans you to web it up, it will no longer call a hunter.

Note 1: Take a picture of a seeker as soon as you can to unlock it in the beistery, as once you have a 100% seeker stat no more will spawn.
Note 2: One can be found underneath one of the bridges in Oscorp Secret Lab 2.

 Negotiator (15 points)
Resolved all police deadlocks

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

These appear on your map as a helicopter symbol. This is a police shootout. Kill all the thugs to help the police.

 Car Hopper (15 points)
Cleared all car chases

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

These appear on your map as a car symbol. Web rush to the getaway car and press  to fill the windshield with webbing, dodge shotgun blasts with .

 Peace of Mind (15 points)
Returned all escapees to the police

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

Escaped asylum patients are darted about Manhattan but are hard to spot until you get a specific 'Spider Tracer' upgrade in the Tech upgrades section. They will then appear on your map.

Take them to the front door of the police station or heli-pad.

 Sanitized (15 points)
Rescued all infected civilians

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

These are people affected with the cross species virus, they will appear on your map in Manhattan, take them to a quarantined section to help them.

 Sky Captain (15 points)
Chained 10 Web-Rushes in the city

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

Hold  to enter 'Web Rush' mode, look at a yellow marker and release, keep going and it will unlock.

 Amazing Spider-Man (20 points)
Unlocked all concept art

Concept Art is unlocked by:

  • Story Progression
  • Side Quests
  • Finding Collectibles
  • All Story Mission photos
  • Every enemy photo
  • All Secret Oscorp Lab photos
  • Whitney Chang Side mission photos. 

Most Important: Are the photos of enemies for your beistery. You need to take photos of every enemy type including bosses. You can check your beistery via filtering your e-mails through your phone. Or by looking at the extras menu in the main menu. If the character model is blacked out, you haven’t taken their picture.

Note: If you missing a "Seeker" one can be found underneath one of the bridges in Oscorp Secret Lab 2

 Ultimate Spider-Man (20 points)
Acquired all upgrades

Completing story missions, side quests, finding collectibles, beating up enemies all grant you XP to level up 2 different types of upgrades. 'Character Upgrades' and 'Tech Upgrades'. New upgrades are available to purchase through story progression.

 Heavyweight Champion (30 points)
Defeated 1000 enemies

Beat up 1,000 enemies just like a Spider can and this will be your's in no time.

 Middleweight Champion (20 points)
Defeated 500 enemies

See Heavyweight Champion achievement description.

 Lightweight Champion (15 points)
Defeated 100 enemies

See Heavyweight Champion achievement description.

 The Sky Is the Limit (20 points)
Defeated the S-01 without touching the ground

During this boss fight keep hold of  to swing, if you hit the ground just restart, or level select to try again.

Tip: Hold  during cut scenes to make sure you don’t fall.

 Clean Victory (20 points)
Defeated a Hunter without using your Web-Shooters

Chase the hunter until a 'Web Strike'  prompt appears.

DO NOT PRESS  to 'Web Shoot' at it. If you fail, level select the hunter fight.

 All Tied Up (15 points)
Defeated 100 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns

Get close enough to a guard and their cursor with turn from red to purple, Press  to perform a stealth takedown.

Note: Stealth takedown character upgrade required.

 Stick to the Plan (15 points)
Defeated 50 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns

See All Tied Up achievement description.

 Keep It Together (15 points)
Immobilized 6 enemies simultaneously with web

Easiest with the web-hurricane character upgrade. Get 6 enemies in close proximity and web strike with  and press  while striking to use web-hurricane. There are several places to do this with one of the easiest at the start of the Beloit Psychiatric Hospital level through level select. Best in the large room just after the guard blows up the gate console trying to taser Spider-Man and all the inmates leave their cells.

 Haymaker (10 points)
Performed a Web-Rush punch

You need the web-punch character upgrade to use this ability. Press  to 'Web Rush' an enemy then press  to punch while rushing.

 FYI I'm Spider-Man (10 points)
Performed 25 Signature Moves

Perform signature moves with  to web up an enemy while in a combo. If an enemy has circles around his head, he is stunned, press  to do a signature move.

 I'm on a Roll! (15 points)
Achieved a combo streak of 42

Can be done against robot sentries on the 1st level. Keep 1 alive then jump over it with  and while jumping, hit it with , repeat.

 Journalist (15 points)
Collected all audio evidence

*Indoor Collectible*

See Librarian achievement description.

 Corporate (15 points)
Collected all Oscorp Manuals

*Indoor Collectible*

See Librarian achievement description.

 Tech Savvy (15 points)
Collected all hidden Tech Pieces

*Indoor Collectible*

See Librarian achievement description.

 Librarian (15 points)
Collected all magazines

*Indoor Collectible*

The last of these are found in *Manhattan Side Quest Missions*

Part 1


Part 2


karlvex would like to Credit: Predni for these videos

 On the Fly (25 points)
Collected all 700 Spider-Man Comic Pages

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

They appear on your mini-map once you obtain 500 of them. If you’re missing some and they are not appearing on the mini-map by swinging around, they are either:

  1. Being blocked by another marker (e.g. my last 3 were on the bank but were blocked by the bank robbery Felicia marker)
  2. They are either very high or very low. Look on the top of sky scrapers and on street level.

This achievement shouldn’t be a problem.

 Spider-Man (100 points)
Completed the game on super hero difficulty

*Story Related*

Start the game on Super Hero mode (hard) and do not change the difficulty in the pause menu in order to stack these 3 'difficulty' achievements upon completion:

  • Peter Parker
  • Vigilante
  • Spider-Man
 Vigilante (50 points)
Completed the game on hero difficulty

*Story Related*

See Spider-Man achievement description.

 Peter Parker (25 points)
Completed the game on human difficulty

*Story Related*

See Spider-Man achievement description.

Secret Achievements
Pest Control (20 points)
Defeated Scorpion in the city

*Story Related*

'Web Retreat' with  when he is perched on a stump and starts spinning around firing acid.  to 'Web Strike' and attack with , dodge with  when prompted.

Speed Bump Ahead (20 points)
Defeated Rhino in the city

*Story Related*

Stand in front of one of the armored trucks and wait for Rhino to charge at you. Press  to dodge then  to 'Web Strike' him. Repeat.

Welcome Back, Friend (30 points)
Defeated Lizard

*Story Related*

  • 1st Phase - Attack the Lizard with  - 'Web Strikes' and - punches. When he attacks you, mash  to dodge. If your 'Spidey Sense' turns red, use 'Web Retreat' with . But be quick to get back down to the ground as as he will chase you up to the walls.
     - ! - When he has taken enough damage  to 'Web Strike' him again and a mini cutscene will show Spidey sticking him to a wall. Use this time to go over to the wrecked hunter and mash  to search for the antidote. He will then jump at you, press  to dodge the attack when prompted. Repeat.
  • 2nd Phase - After retrieving the antidote. 'Web Shoot' with , once he is stuck to one of the platforms,  to 'Web Strike' and attack with , dodge with  when prompted. When the struggle mini game starts, mash . As you are falling press  to zip to safety (there is no prompt). Repeat.
Deeply Sorry (20 points)
Defeated Nattie

*Story Related*

In the last chapter as you’re chasing the Lizard you will come across Nattie. Drain the water by using one of the valves with  then  to 'Web Strike' him and attack with . When the water rises, repeat. When his henchmen "Pygos" appear, get rid of them 1st before finishing Nattie.

Smell You Later (20 points)
Defeated Vermin

*Story Related*

  • 1st Phase - Use 'Web Retreat' with  when your spider sense is red, dodge his attacks with  when prompted and attack him with   to 'Web Strike' and  for follow up damage.
  • 2nd Phase - (after following the rats in the city street) Same tactic as before, Retreat then Strike and Punch, but this time he has rats with him and they do damage to you if you stand near them.
Jinxed (20 points)
Defeated Felicia

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

This appears near to your apartment and takes place at the bank marked by a blue $ symbol. Finish the mission.
RememberRemember to pick up the *Indoor Collectibles*. Felicia is the boss at the end.

  • 1st Phase - Press  to 'Web Shoot' her and   to 'Web Strike' when prompted, then attack with . Avoid her grenades with 'Web Retreat' with . She will then hide, cue...
  • 2nd Phase - crawl and perch high on walls to find her hiding behind one of the pillars,   to 'Web Strike' and attack with . She will throw a lot more grenades and dodge more. Keep 'Web Shooting' her with  while she’s dodging and   to 'Web Strike' when prompted. Repeat.
Tail? You Lose (20 points)
Defeated Scorpion in quarantine

*Story Related*

'Web Rush' Scorpion with  then attack with . When he attacks you, your 'Spidey Sense' will tingle white, mash  to dodge then continue attacking. When he spits acid in a 360 motion and on the ground, it will harm you if you walk in it. Your 'Spidey Sense' will tingle red, avoid it with 'Web Retreat' with .

Down for the Count (20 points)
Defeated Rhino in the sewers

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

This appears in the bottom left corner of the map, finish the mission.
RememberRemember to pick up the *Indoor Collectibles*. Rhino is the boss at the end.

  • 1st Phase - Lure Rhino into charging into the pillars, dodge with . Once they are all down there will be wild electricity. 
  • 2nd Phase - Lure Rhino into a wall, press  to dodge, he is now stunned, hold  to enter 'Web Rush' mode and rush into the purple icons to make the electricity flow through your webs. Lure him into the electrified webbing and dodge with , then  to 'Web Strike', repeat.
Switched Off (25 points)
Rescued Alistaire Smythe

*Story Related*

Cannot be missed.

Apparent Defeat (20 points)
Defeated Iguana

*Manhattan Side Quest Mission*

This appears in the top right corner of the map, finish the mission.
RememberRemember to pick up the *Indoor Collectibles*. Iguana is the boss at the end.

Tomorrow Is Saved (30 points)
Defeated the S-03

*Story Related*

Cirlce Smythe and 'Web Shoot' with , when prompted press , repeat. The laser attacks are easy to avoid by jumping.

Tip: When he shoots both lasers in a crossing motion, just stay still and jump.

Big Apple, Big Worm (30 points)
Defeated the S-02

*Story Related*

  • 1st Phase - Use 'Web Retreat' with  when the lasers are targeting you and press  to 'Web Shoot' the blue marker. He will then attack you, dodge with  when prompted then  to 'Web Strike' the orange marker, repeat, then press  to save the helicopter when prompted.
  • 2nd Phase - On top of helipad. Avoid it's attacks: tentacle swipes by jumping and strafing all while pressing  to shoot web in it's eyes, when prompted dodge with  and  to 'Web Strike' and pull the orange core out with . Repeat. When it fires lasers at you, just jump over them.
Siege Averted (30 points)
Defeated the S-01

*Story Related*

  • 1st Phase - Press  to 'Web Strike' the 4 orange markers.
  • 2nd Phase - Press  to 'Web Strike' its eyes when prompted and you enter a Quick Time Event of punching with  and dodging with . Do this for both eyes.
  • 3rd Phase - Press  to 'Web Shoot' all 6 of the blue markers on its legs then Press  for a final 'Web Strike'. 

Note: Keep swinging with  and don’t touch the ground for The Sky Is The Limit.

Beating the Odds (30 points)
Cleared the second fight against the Hunter robots

*Story Related*

Exactly the same as the first fight. See Who's the Prey? achievement description.

Who's the Prey? (30 points)
Cleared the first fight against the Hunter robots

*Story Related*

Get close to them by swinging and 'Web Rushing', press  to 'Web Shoot' to slow him down then press  when prompted, on the last 'Web Rush' tap  when prompted to finish the hunter. Avoid his blue orb blast radius, getting caught in it is lethal.

Note: Don’t use 'Web Shoot' () to unlock Clean Victory.


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