The Amazing Spider-Man - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 46 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Gladiator (15 points)
Completed all Oscorp Secret Research Labs
 A Dash of Spider (15 points)
Completed all XTreme Race challenges
 The Camera Loves You (15 points)
Completed all XTreme Video challenges
 Friendly Neighbor (15 points)
Saved a hostage caught in a petty crime
 Call Interrupted (15 points)
Destroyed a Seeker before it could call a Hunter
 Negotiator (15 points)
Resolved all police deadlocks
 Car Hopper (15 points)
Cleared all car chases
 Peace of Mind (15 points)
Returned all escapees to the police
 Sanitized (15 points)
Rescued all infected civilians
 Sky Captain (15 points)
Chained 10 Web-Rushes in the city
 Amazing Spider-Man (20 points)
Unlocked all concept art
 Ultimate Spider-Man (20 points)
Acquired all upgrades
 Heavyweight Champion (30 points)
Defeated 1000 enemies
 Middleweight Champion (20 points)
Defeated 500 enemies
 Lightweight Champion (15 points)
Defeated 100 enemies
 The Sky Is the Limit (20 points)
Defeated the S-01 without touching the ground
 Clean Victory (20 points)
Defeated a Hunter without using your Web-Shooters
 All Tied Up (15 points)
Defeated 100 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns
 Stick to the Plan (15 points)
Defeated 50 enemies by performing Stealth Takedowns
 Keep It Together (15 points)
Immobilized 6 enemies simultaneously with web
 Haymaker (10 points)
Performed a Web-Rush punch
 FYI I'm Spider-Man (10 points)
Performed 25 Signature Moves
 I'm on a Roll! (15 points)
Achieved a combo streak of 42
 Journalist (15 points)
Collected all audio evidence
 Corporate (15 points)
Collected all Oscorp Manuals
 Tech Savvy (15 points)
Collected all hidden Tech Pieces
 Librarian (15 points)
Collected all magazines
 On the Fly (25 points)
Collected all 700 Spider-Man Comic Pages
 Spider-Man (100 points)
Completed the game on super hero difficulty
 Vigilante (50 points)
Completed the game on hero difficulty
 Peter Parker (25 points)
Completed the game on human difficulty
Secret Achievements
Pest Control (20 points)
Defeated Scorpion in the city
Speed Bump Ahead (20 points)
Defeated Rhino in the city
Welcome Back, Friend (30 points)
Defeated Lizard
Deeply Sorry (20 points)
Defeated Nattie
Smell You Later (20 points)
Defeated Vermin
Jinxed (20 points)
Defeated Felicia
Tail? You Lose (20 points)
Defeated Scorpion in quarantine
Down for the Count (20 points)
Defeated Rhino in the sewers
Switched Off (25 points)
Rescued Alistaire Smythe
Apparent Defeat (20 points)
Defeated Iguana
Tomorrow Is Saved (30 points)
Defeated the S-03
Big Apple, Big Worm (30 points)
Defeated the S-02
Siege Averted (30 points)
Defeated the S-01
Beating the Odds (30 points)
Cleared the second fight against the Hunter robots
Who's the Prey? (30 points)
Cleared the first fight against the Hunter robots

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