Mad Riders - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 15 achievements with a total of 250 points.
 Appetizer (5 points)
Win your first race (Single player)

Just put the difficulty on easy and this is a breeze. The two tutorials don't count towards this.

 Done and done (25 points)
Win the last Tournament race (complete the tournament)

Just complete enough events and get enough stars to move on to the next set of races. The last race is a set called "Spirits and Demons" on a track called "Survival of the Fittest." It's a ghost challenge so just outrace the ghost and the achievement will be yours.

 The day I won it all (40 points)
Win all races in all tournament cards including Offroad Elite races

Most of these won't present much of a challenge. There are eight sets with five races each s- 40 from the standard tournament and eight from the offroad elite set which is nothing but ghost challenges and race against the clocks.

 I can’t stop! (15 points)
Collect 100 boost tokens

As you are going Here for the long haul and The Day I won it all just pick up the red boost tokens. You should easily get this before everything else.

 Mad skillz, I has them (20 points)
Perform 250 Stunts

If you are using the recommended method for grinding Here for the long haul this will come naturally. You earn a few tricks throughout the single player tournament and until you reach those points you can not use them in the single player tournament. All tricks are unlocked in multiplayer though.

Tricks are pretty simple in this game its more about the speed. Hold A and move LS up for a front flip, down for back flip, and left or right for a whip.

 Goon riding, hah! (15 points)
Perform 100 Stunts

Refer to Mad skills, I has them.

 Runway runaway (15 points)
Land in the target zone 50 times

Target zones don't appear right away in the tournament. Target zones are yellow targets on the road after big jumps most of the time you have to increase your jump or use boost to make sure you land in the zone. Doing so will also give you a good amount of boost.

 Power Extreme! (15 points)
Activate Recharge 66 times

Recharge is another earned ability in which a certain spots on the road you will get a Y prompt. Activate it and it should count. You need a blue shortcut token to use recharge. Try to get at least one boost token per just to be safe.

 Detour (15 points)
Activate a Shortcut 50 times

Pick up the blue tokens in the road and when the Y prompt comes up for a shortcut activate and use it to gain an advantage on the competition. Some shortcuts are a real pain to hit when going full speed especially if something is gonna fall or move besides a stone door.

 Racing nobility (15 points)
Win all "Offroad Elite" events

This includes eight events: three ghost challenges and five races against the clock. None of these are overly hard and you don't have to earn stars so all you have to do is finish them.

 Feel the connection (5 points)
Win a multiplayer race

This should come with time working towards Here for the long ride. If not, grab a buddy with the game and lock down a lobby before anyone else can join and trade a win.

 Here for the long ride (15 points)
Achieve level 10 in multiplayer

You need roughly 75,000 experience points to reach level 10. It seems aunting at first but it really doesn't take long especially if you use the recommended method of grinding:

Mode: Perfectionist
Map: Arc of Triumph
Perfectionist mode is trying to to do the best possible lap from ground zero. Meaning every lap it resets the amount of boost you have along with the shortcut tokens. The idea is to do as many tricks in the eight minutes allotted as possible. The more tricks you do the more experience you get. Just for tricks alone I could get around 2,500 experience plus a little extra depending on my placing with maximum earnings of 500 experience for first place. You get experience upto 6th place - anything less and your relying on how many tricks you pull off. Using this method this achievement shouldn't take more than thirty games.

 Encore (20 points)
Achieve a 3-star rating in all "High Stakes" and "Balance of Forces" races
 Alpha and Omega (10 points)
Reach driver level 15
 Keep on sharing (20 points)
Win 10 multiplayer races on tracks from "High Stakes" and "Balance of Forces" events

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