World Gone Sour - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Into the Light (10 points)
Escape the garbage can

Story-related, can't be missed. You'll get this immediately following the tutorial.

 Grim Reaper (20 points)
Sacrifice 1000 followers (only Player 1 eligible)

While playing the game you should have a good number of follower deaths but if you want to farm this you'll need some followers with you and a place where they can die. Now since the Followers can keep re-spawning just throw them for about an hour and you'll get it in now time

 Packet Collector (20 points)
Collect all the Secrets in the game (only Player 1 eligible)

Secrets are the golden statues in the game. There are five in each level. For a full list of them and their locations, refer to this guide.

 BFF (10 points)
Complete a level in co-op

You don't need to actually play an entire level in co-op, just press start with the second controller at the very end of a level and finish it. This will unlock and save you a bit of trouble.

 Candy Skillz (10 points)
Complete a non-boss level without dying (only Player 1 eligible)

This is best done on the first level. Just take your time and it shouldn't be a problem. If you mess up, just restart.

 It's a Sour life (10 points)
See 8 different Sour Sacrifices in a single level (only Player 1 eligible)

You can get eight sacrifices in any level, including level one. The only trap that only appears once in level one is the mouse trap. Since you're most likely going to replay the first level for Candy Skillz, it's recommended that you do these two achievements together. The sacrifices are as follows:

  • Drowning - Fall in water or throw the follower
  • Slice - Jump in a fan or spinning blades or throw a follower
  • Explode - Need to die by a bomb or dynamite or throw a follower
  • Burnt - Jump in a flame or throw a follower
  • Melted - Jump on a stove or the fryer or throw a follower
  • Skewered - jump on spikes or throw a follower
  • Flung - Jump on or throw follower on mouse trap
  • Squashed - Get smashed by the ground pounders


 Sugar Addict (20 points)
Earn a Campaign Score greater than 300,000 (only Player 1 eligible)

You do not need to get this in one level. It's your overall score through the campaign. Without too much effort you should get this around level five.

 I'm Alive! (20 points)
Earn a score greater than 50,000 in a single level (only Player 1 eligible)

Refer to Packet Collector. The secrets give you more than enough points to get this if you're playing with a decent amount of skill.

Secret Achievements
If the Shoe Fits... (20 points)
If the Shoe Fits...

Story-related, can't be missed.

For this boss, just jump over him until he goes on the ceiling, then he'll throw down some gum minions and you'll need to stomp on them so they don't attack you. He will now fall down and come out of the shoe. Now's your chance to attack him with your followers.

For wave two it's pretty much the same thing but this time the minions have bottle caps on their heads and you'll need to stomp on them twice. The shoe boss will fall down and pop out, now throw your minions at him.

The third wave the minions have spike helmets which you can't stomp on, so you'll need to use a charge attack by holding the button while your in your big mode. He will now fall down for the last time and pop out, just throw your followers and he will be defeated.

Crybaby (20 points)
Beat Dolly-Doll

Story-related, can't be missed.

First the baby will be shooting out little purple balls at you so you need to dodge them. After that, the baby will charge at you so you'll need to hop on the dresser and hop over baby when it comes near you, then grapple the string on his back and mash the button.

For the second wave the baby will run away and throw toys at you and dodge everything you can, it will charge at you again and you need to do the same thing you did with the string in the first wave.

The third wave has everything from waves one and two put together, but once you yank his string this time he will be defeated

Eviction Notice (20 points)
Beat Pump-Kind

Story-related, can't be missed.

In the first wave the pumpkin will be shooting out three flaming balls constantly at you. Try to dodge your way around them and he'll now stomp on the ground and zap you. Again jump over these. Now is the part where you need to throw your followers in his mouth, you'll need to do this three times.

In wave two, he'll start puking out pumpkin seeds out a few times. The pumpkin will start doing ground pounds like he did in round one, but this time he will be moving so you will need to go under him while he's in mid air. His mouth will be open so you will be able to throw three of your minions in his at his mouth, but now the catch is that he will be moving around the place.

During wave three he will do a spinning attack. To avoid this attack run at the wall and wall jump off it and hop over him, he will do this a few times and then he'll open his mouth. Once you manage to throw in three followers in again, he will be defeated.

Destiny (20 points)
Beat the Game (only Player 1 eligible)

Story-related, can't be missed.

As soon as you start, the boss will be charging at you back and forth until he goes on the next bridge. Then he will be shooting missiles at you so keep an eye out on the ground for black dots and move away. After he's done the two red buttons will be green. The key is to keep an eye out for where his tank is, so if his tank is on the left you hit the left button. Now the tank will fly to the middle of the bridge where you are and the boss will pop out. Jump on his head to finish wave one.

For wave two he will go back on the bridge and shoot a purple missile out. Move away from the middle of the bridge because that missile will destroy it. He'll now charge at you again a few times and go back on the bridge to shoot more missiles, once he's done the buttons will go green . Press the button on the side he's on and he'll go flying back to the bridge and you'll need to jump on his head again.

Wave three is the challenging round since he will shoot out two purple missiles out to destroy the last two bridges. All you have left is the poles that are popping out. Just dodge everything you can until the buttons go green and once he fliess over jump on his head and it will be over.


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