South Park: The Stick of Truth - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 New Kid On The Block (15 points)
Join the KKK.
 First Day in South Park (15 points)
Spend one day in South Park.
 Gingivitis (15 points)
Let Gingers bite you 3 times without blocking.
 Day Walker (15 points)
Defeat the Boss Hall Monitor while wearing freckles.
 Made This for You (15 points)
Fling a turd that you created at an enemy in combat.
 Are We Cool? (15 points)
Find Jesus while playing as a Jew.
 Parkeologist (15 points)
Open all garages in South Park.
 For the Hoarder (15 points)
Sell nothing the entire game.
 Truth to Power (15 points)
Fart on the Mayor, Father Maxi, Principal Vic, & Prime Minister.
 Irritable Bowels (15 points)
Shit your pants during a boss battle.
 Dog Whistle (15 points)
Fart on a canine enemy while in Gnome form.
 Dragon Wrath (15 points)
Hit 3 enemies with a single fart outside of combat.
 Just Saying Hi (15 points)
Fart on each available buddy in the game.
 Re-Buttal (15 points)
Interrupt 5 channel attacks with a fart.
 Heisenberg (15 points)
Defeat the Meth Tweekers while wearing the Evil Cartman goatee and the bald cap.
 Shutout (15 points)
Successfully block every enemy attack in a single, non-tutorial battle.
 Stay Down (15 points)
Fart on 10 enemies in the world when they're knocked out.
 Avenger (15 points)
Defeat at least 3 enemies in one battle while your buddy is unconscious.
 No Child Left Behind (15 points)
Complete the game without ever ending a combat with a buddy knocked out.
 Poco Chinpoko (15 points)
Collect 5 Chinpokomon.
 Chinpoko loco (30 points)
Collect 15 Chinpokomon.
 Chinpokolypse (75 points)
Collect all the Chinpokomon.
 Daddy Issues (15 points)
Befriend your Dad.
 More Popular Than Jesus (30 points)
Befriend Half of South Park.
 Junk Peddler (15 points)
Sell 300 junk items.
 Ass of Fire (15 points)
Kill 20 enemies with Cartman's ass.
 Canadian Handshake (15 points)
Fart on people 100 times
 Animal Cruelty (15 points)
Fart on animals 25 times.
 Pulling Mud (15 points)
Shit Your Pants in battle three times.
 Shopaholic (15 points)
Complete half of the available costume sets.
 Clothes Whore (75 points)
Complete all available Costume Sets.
 Friends in Strange Places (15 points)
Befriend Crab People and Underpants Gnomes.
 Weapon Proficiency (15 points)
Score 100 perfect attacks.
 Skilled Defender (15 points)
Block 100 attacks.
 You bastards! (15 points)
Have Kenny Die 10 times in battle over the course of the game.
 Mastery (15 points)
Unlock all the upgrades for one of the New Kid's abilities.
 Make it Rain! (15 points)
Spend $500.
 Full Arsenal (15 points)
Collect all the weapons and costumes available in the game.
 More Popular Than John Lennon (75 points)
Befriend all of South Park.
Secret Achievements
KKK Hero (30 points)
You defeated the High Jew Elf Kyle in battle.
Elven Hero (30 points)
You defeated the Grand Wizard Cartman in battle.
Nonconformist (15 points)
You befriended the Goths, like everyone else playing this game.
Inside Joke (15 points)
While inside Mr. Slave, you summoned Mr. Slave.
Face Hoff (15 points)
You defeated Princess Kenny while looking like David Hasselhoff.
Acceptance (15 points)
You accepted your fate and chose the name Douchebag yourself.
Two Girls, One Stick (15 points)
You defeated Princess Kenny in your girl makeover disguise.
Outpatient (15 points)
You defeated Princess Kenny while living with Dire AIDS.
Perverted (15 points)
You watched your parents have sex for 60 seconds.
Stick Savior (25 points)
You defeated Princess Kenny and recovered the Stick of Truth.
Too Far (15 points)
You farted on the corpse of an aborted Nazi Zombie fetus.

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