Orc Attack: Flatulent Rebellion - Achievements
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There are 14 achievements with a total of 400 points.
 Orc One (10 points)
Win a multiplayer mission (local or online).
 Orc Warrior (10 points)
Kill 100 enemies.
 Orc Helper (10 points)
Bring back to life 1 Orc warrior killed in combat.
 Untouchable Orc (20 points)
Complete a level without taking any damage.
 Master Muck Award (20 points)
Prevent Master Muck from taking any damage in one of the escort levels.
 Great Orc Warrior (20 points)
Kill 1000 enemies.
 Orc Master (30 points)
Hit 1000 enemies without being touched by them.
 Lazy Orc (30 points)
One of the Orcs must complete a full level without moving more than 3 consecutive steps.
 Millonaire Orc (30 points)
Collect 300 coins in one combat level.
 Fashion Orc (40 points)
Wear all the hats, helmets and masks.
 Expert Orc (40 points)
Reach experience Level 15.
 Orc Hero (40 points)
Kill the Mad Man.
 Black Stone (50 points)
Collect all the Black Stones.
 Nightmare Orc (50 points)
Kill the Mad Man in Nightmare mode.

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