Wreckateer - Achievement Guide
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There are 40 achievements with a total of 600 points.
 True Wreckateer (40 points)
Completed all Campaign Levels

There are 50 levels in total, 10 regions consisting of 5 levels in each. You only need to earn a bronze on each to progress which isn’t difficult.

Challenge levels aren’t required for this achievement.

 Master of Destruction (35 points)
Earned Gold Medals in all Levels, including Challenges

You will need to earn a gold medal on all Campaign levels and Challenge maps. Challenge maps are unlocked after earning gold on all 5 maps in a region and like the campaign maps, gradually get harder as you progress. The strategy to earning gold on the challenge maps is the same as the campaign maps and will require practice to find the best shot path that nets you the most bonus and score icons. 

This achievement will take the longest to unlock but with practice and the right timing, shouldn’t be too difficult.

 Wrecking With The Best (25 points)
Earned 25,000,000 total points

All points earned through the Campaign and Challenge maps count toward this so it should come naturally as you progress. If not then keep replaying missions until it unlocks.

Again you can check your progress via the leaderboards.

 Serious Earner (25 points)
Earned at least a Silver Medal on all Campaign Levels

See Master of Destruction achievement description.

 Respectable (15 points)
Earned at least a Silver Medal on 40 levels

See Sir Wrecks-a-lot achievement description.

 Green is Good (20 points)
You got to 1,000 Goblins destroyed in the Goblins Leaderboard

To destroy a goblin you must either hit it directly with a shot or destroy the tower/wall it is standing on. You will likely earn the majority of these while playing the campaign and going for the medals. If after completing every other achievement you still don’t have this, load the earlier levels to grind these out (The 1st and 2nd stages are the easiest to clear out all goblins on) You can track your progress from the main menu > leaderboards > goblins destroyed.

Note: you need to be signed into Xbox Live to view the leaderboards but not to make each goblin count.

 Sir Wrecks-a-lot (20 points)
Earned Gold Medals in 40 Levels

You need to unlock a bronze medal to progress to the next level, which isn’t all that difficult but it’s best to try and aim for the gold medal as you play through each level. This can be difficult, especially on later levels as there is little room for error if your shot is slightly off course. 

Once you learn how to maximize your score with each different shot type, you will begin to notice building setups and flight paths that are designed around each shot type. Provided you are earning gold on each level as you progress, the earliest you will unlock the achievement is after completing level 8-5.

Some general tips and tricks to remember when going for gold are:

  • Try and line up as many bonus icons, towers, and walls with each shot to maximize your damage.
  • Your multiplier is important and will net you the big points, if possible try and reach the x2 or x3 multiplier after your first shot and the subsequent multiplier after every following shot.
  • Don’t be afraid to try again if you didn’t feel your shot was as good as it could have been. Mulligans are awarded each time you hit 3 goblins and each map has more than enough goblins to keep you supplied with a comfortable number of mulligans. If you mess up your first shot, rather than use up a mulligan, raise your right hand and restart the level.
  • Watch the intro fly-by. Often there are 10,000 point bonuses or dynamite bundles hidden from view when standing behind the ballista. These are often the places to land a shot and mean the difference between a gold or silver medal
  • Listen to your fellow wreckateers, as on most levels they will describe a flight path suited to your first shot type which usually involves score and bonus icons.
  • If at first you don’t succeed…. At the end of each level you will see your score against the AI high scorer. This allows you to see what shots were lacking in points and what shots need more practice. Generally each shot type is only suited to a certain flight path so if one of your shots isn’t netting you a great deal of points, than chances are you are aiming in the wrong place.

If you find you are struggling with a particular level then you can always try searching Thee Elf's Gold Wrecked Level Discussion Thread.

 Will Wreck for Food And Gold (15 points)
Earned Gold Medals in 20 Levels

See Sir Wrecks-a-lot achievement description.

 Bosslike (15 points)
Earned at least a Silver Medal on all Challenge Maps

See Master of Destruction achievement description.

 Flying High (15 points)
Collected 10 Shot Icons in a single shot with the Flying Shot

The easiest way to unlock this is to load the 6th challenge map and use the flying shot to collect 10 Shot icons. This may take a few attempts to learn a path that works for you but overall it isn’t a difficult achievement to unlock.

 'Splosion Shot (15 points)
Got a 125,000 point shot by Activating the Bomb Shot

This needs to be done using the bomb shot and can be unlocked on any level that contains a bomb shot.

You will need to collect s many bonus icons as possible along the path and detonate at the right spot to cause enough damage. An easy method is to load the 2nd challenge map and using some trial and error, collect as many icons as possible before detonating the bomb as it reaches the middle of the group of towers. This should be enough to reach a total of 125,000 points.

 Once More With Feeling (10 points)
Used 50 Mulligans

A mulligan is earned by destroying 3 goblins (does not have to be in a single shot) There are no shortage of goblins so you will amass mulligans fairly quickly.

To use a mulligan, raise your left hand after your shot has landed, do this 50 times to unlock the achievement.

 Buzz The Tower (10 points)
Got a Daredevil Bonus Icon with a Flying Shot

Needs to be done using a flying shot. Daredevil icons are awarded for flying close to the ground or a tower (flying under bridges works also). Load the first challenge map and use the flying shot to do this.

 Insult To Injury (10 points)
Collected any Shot Icon and an In The Face Bonus Icon with a single shot

This can be unlocked with any shot type as long as you collect a Score bonus icon and hit a goblin in the same shot.

Alternate Method: You need to hit a goblin and one of the shot icons (5k or 10K would be the best) with the same shot.


 Red Baron (10 points)
Got Low Power, Daredevil, and Dive Bomber Bonus Icons with a single shot

This needs to be done using a flying shot. Be sure to launch using minimal power to earn the low power icon. Once deployed either fly low to the ground or close to a tower for Daredevil, and finish your shot off by dropping sharply out of the air to earn the Dive Bomber Bonus. 

Note: You don’t need to hit a wall or tower for the Dive Bomber Bonus to count. You can crash into the ground and have it still unlock.

 Surprise (10 points)
Got Perfect Timing and Terrifying Bonus Icons with a single shot

This needs to be done with a bomb shot to earn the Perfect Timing icon. To earn a terrifying bonus, you need to make your shot pass close by (without hitting) a goblin. Both icons need to be earned in the same shot.

Method: To get the terrifying bonus you need to scare one of the goblins by almost hitting them or knocking off the balloon.

The perfect timing comes from the bomb shot where you make it explode knocking down the building and when you make it explode without touching it. To make it set off you need to put your arms up like a "Y".


 Actual Historical Shot (10 points)
Got Massive Damage, Earned A Mulligan, and Bank Shot Bonus Icons with a single shot

This can be tricky as it’s difficult to judge what constitutes ‘Massive Damage’ but this can be earned on almost any level as long as all three icons are earned with a single shot.

If you are struggling, load level 4-1, waste all your shots except the last basic shot, then aim at the 4 towers in the right corner. If done correctly you will inflict massive damage and bring down the 3 goblins required for a mulligan. Just be sure to bounce your shot off the ground prior to hitting the tower to earn the bank shot icon.

 Stay On Target (10 points)
Got 10 Daredevil Icons with a single Flying Shot

Has to be done with the flying shot. Daredevil icons are awarded for flying close to the ground or a tower (flying under bridges works also). This can be unlocked on any level with the flying shot but will probably take some practice.

Alternate Method: You want to start off with a low powered shot to the left. This should cause the Flying Shot to barely miss the cliff and as soon as you activate you should receive #1 (indicated by the blue icon). The red line is the path that I took. You want to barely miss the column to get the icon. Once you get to the last gray pillar, you want to start dive bombing the ground then raising back up. You also have an opportunity to get a daredevil on the last round pillar that you are normally supposed to destroy. I found it A LOT easier to weave left and right through the pillars then to try and weave up and down with the arches/pillars. Hopefully this isn't too confusing.

DEG23 CreditsThee Elf for the Alternate Method and Image provided.

 Oh, you got tricks? (10 points)
You have earned every Bonus Icon

Most of these will come naturally as you progress through the game and work towards the other achievements. To my knowledge there is no way to keep track of what icons you have earned so it might be an idea to manually tick them off as you earn them.

The different shot types are as follows:

Misc Icons (Can be unlocked using any shot type)

  • Pacifist – Land a shot without hitting anything
  • I Regret Nothing - Pop the balloon only on a Hot Goblin
  • Yee-Haw - Hit a Hot Goblin (the one hanging from a balloon) and take him for a ride
  • In the Face - Hit a Goblin in the face, headshot
  • Got A Mulligan - Kill 3 Goblins, cumulative
  • Homewrecker - hit a small house
  • Low Power - low powered shot, don't step all the way back, just out of the start zone (Flying Shot recommended to not waste a shot)
  • Terrifying - Close shot to a goblin, but don't hit him
  • Massive Damage - inflict a large percentage of damage (out of 100) on one shot (not sure what the percentage needed is). ie: clear 33% of level in one shot
  • (Green) Do Over! - Get more points on your mulligan shot than your first attempt.
  • (Red) Do Over? - Get a lower score on your mulligan than your first attempt
  • Icon Collector - 3 or more different shot / action icons in one shot (easily obtainable with Flying Shot; however can be obtained with others)
  • Long Shot - Far traveled shot, must hit a building
  • Denonate 3 Charges - Set off 3 dynamite satchels with one shot
  • Lord of la Mancha - hit a windmill
  • Late Hit - When a building is delayed falling down on to another for more damage or a bouncing shot makes contact a short while after initial contact
  • Special Delivery - Hit an action shield with lightning bolt which adds speed to your shot (Use Basic Shot, Bomb Shot, or Split Shot)
  • Sharpshooter - Get a hit without using the gauntlets to move the shot (can not be obtained with Flying Shot or Split Shot)
  • Bank Shot - Bounce a shot off the ground and connect (can not be obtained with Bomb or Flying Shot)
  • Curveball - Hitting an action shield with the spring on it which makes your shot curve more, alternate: keep curving a shot in one direction (Can not be done with Flying Shot and can be done before activating Split Shot)
  • Return to Sender - Fire any shot that can be swiped (Not a Fying Shot) as straight up as possible with low power, then keep swiping left or right. If you land anywhere within the ballista launching area you will receive. Best shot to use is the Lift Shot, keep swiping to the left or right and you will get Curveball and Return to sender.

Flying Shot 

  • Dive Bomber - Use the Flying Shot, reach a maximum height with arms up then put arms lower (at side) and make contact.
  • Daredevil (Flying Shot) - Fly close to a building, tower, or ground (under bridges works as well) using the Flying Shot
  • Freedom - Land a Flying Shot in the middle of nowhere or fly out of the map, camera will go to a cinematic view
  • Flame On - Hit an Explosion Shield with the Flying Shot (Level 2-4)
  • Danger Zone - Sending a Flying Shot into an action shield with a lightning bolt (Level 7-1)

Bomb Shot

  • Perfect Timing - Using the bomb shot, right before its about to hit an object activate with arms in a Y motion
  • Giant Bomb - Hitting an action shield with the explosion with a Bomb Shot (Level 2-5)
  • Dud - Shoot a Bomb Shot into the air and detonate not near anything

Split Shot

  • Max Spread - Spread the Split Shot with your hands as far as you can after activating and make contact
  • Concentrated - Keep hands close on Spread Shot
  • Wheelin' - Activate a Split Shot and turn it vertical
  • Split Bank - Get 4 Bank Shot icons in one Split Shot after activating

Lift Shot

  • Daredevil (Lift Shot) - Activate the Lift Shot right before you are about to hit the ground
  • Maximum Liftus - Activate Lift Shot 3 times in one shot
  • Double Down - Activating a Lift Shot into an action shield with a spring (Level 5-3)-

Speed Shot

  • Premature Activation - Activate the Speed Shot immediately after firing.
  • Armor Piercing - shoot through multiple structures using the Speed Shot
  • Ricochet - Bounce Speed Shot off rocks or a building and hit another building (works well bouncing off indestructible towers), has to be side rock cliffs, not rocks on ground. If it bounces off ground it will be a Bank Shot
  • Spicy Meatball - Activate a Speed Shot into an Explosive Icon (level 5-2)
  • Ludicrous Speed - Activate a Speed Shot through an action shield with a lightning bolt (Level 5-2)
 Split Decision (10 points)
Collected 5 Shot Icons in a single shot with the Split Shot

Has to be done with the split shot, also note, the individual rocks have to hit the icons, not the line between them.

Strategy: Grabbed this in level 6-2. Your first shot in the split shot you need and just aim at the center 5k shot icon. Split it before you hit it and before sure to hit all 5 of them on the level. Remember, it has to be the rocks that hit them, not the line.


 Building an Army (10 points)
You've enlisted to help fight the good fight.

This is a secret achievement that is unlocked by doing the following. Load the credits from the main menu (Help & Options > Credits) and hold a military salute for 10 seconds. You may need to hold the salute for longer for it to register properly, basically hold the salute until the achievement pops.

 Ghostride the Whip (10 points)
Took the Hot Goblin for a ride 30 times

On most levels you will see a red goblin being kept in the air by a balloon. You need to hit the goblin (NOT the balloon). If done correctly the goblin will stick to the front of your shot and travel until it collides with another object. Try and hit the goblin on each level as you progress through the campaign as they offer bonus points to add to your score. Do this 30 times for the achievement to unlock.

 Crack Shot! (10 points)
Earned 5 Bonus Icons in a single shot

Another easy achievement that can be unlocked on any level and will most likely come naturally as you progress. If not, load up challenge level 2 and using the split shot, you can collect more than 5 for completing the course.

 Keep Rolling (10 points)
Earned at least a Bronze Medal on 40 levels

See Sir Wrecks-a-lot achievement description.

 Good Start (5 points)
Earned at least a Bronze Medal on 20 levels

See Sir Wrecks-a-lot achievement description.

 I Want Them All (5 points)
Got an Icon Collector Bonus Icon

You need to collect a total of 4 bonus or score icons with a single shot. This is one of the easier achievements to unlock and will most likely come naturally as you progress through the game. If not, load up the first challenge level and use the flying shot to pass through at least 4 score icons.

 Hit The Weak Spot (5 points)
Got a Massive Damage Bonus Icon

This achievement requires you to cause significant damage with a single shot. The best strategy is to line up a shot to pass through multiple walls and towers, detonating dynamite along the way.

Alternate Strategy: Can be done on level 2-5. "I took out the front area and with my lost shot I took out everything in the back. You want to destroy the bridge, tower (with the dynamite) and all the houses in the back to get this. Try to put together as many icons together as you can as well.


 Punctual (5 points)
Got a Perfect Timing Bonus Icon

This can only be awarded with the bomb shot and requires you to detonate it at the precise moment. You need to listen to the shot as it begins to beep. The beeps will get faster and faster as you approach an object. To unlock the achievement you need to detonate it just before it impacts with a wall or tower.

To detonate the bomb shot you need to move your arms up to form a ‘Y’.

 What Challenge? (5 points)
Collected 8 Shot and Action Icons on the first Challenge Map

This is a simple achievement, load the first challenge level and with the flying shot, pass through 8 icons. There are more than enough shot and action icons so you can miss a few and still earn the achievement.

 Quick Study (5 points)
Earned your first medal

This will come naturally as you progress and will probably be your first achievement. Use the skills taught to you in the tutorial level and go for maximum destruction on the first official level.

 Gold Miner (20 points)
Get Gold on all Region 11 levels.

There is six levels on Region 11 that you will need to get Gold medals on. These levels are some of the hardest in the game excluding 11-2. Here are some tips to help you achieve gold on each. Note that, this is how I did it, so although it worked for me, it may not be the best solution.

First shot - Aim at the middle score token at about half power. Try to guide it into the hot goblin by curving left while aiming for the middle of the archway at the bottom. When the bomb shot was in the middle of the archway detonate it and collapse the entire archway and hopefully some of the surrounding castle.

Second shot - Aim at the score token on the left at about half power. Curve the shot to the right to line up the speed shot with the entire left wall. Take out the entire left wall and the red satchel charge at the back to destroy part of the rear wall.

Third shot - Aim the lift shot at the score token on the right then curve it to the left. Hit the right side of the front wall/tower and destroy the large tower behind it as well.

Fourth shot - There should be three towers and part of the front and rear wall remaining. Aim for the three towers and triy to get the score token between the first two as well.

**This is the easiest level to achieve the Who Needs Friends? achievement on, to achieve it easily use this guide below on another account to barely achieve a gold medal. Then go on your main profile and follow the alternate solution for shot 4 to beat your other score.**

First shot - Aim right and fire through the score token above the hill. Curve the shot down to the left and hit the satchel charge there. Hopefully shot should bounce around a little and take out a few towers, and you should end up with a 2x multiplier. If you do not have the 2x multiplier, start over.

Second shot - Fire at the hot goblin over by the castle and try to make it pass through as many of the remaining towers in the back as possible. This should take you to a 3x multiplier.

Third shot - Fire so you hit below the satchel charge on the big pillar that holds up the bridge. It should then continue to bounce and take out another satchel charge on a wall in the back. You should now have a 4x multiplier which should put you very close to gold. If it somehow hits a 5x multiplier here, restart the level or use a mulligan, as your score will likely be too hard to beat.

Fourth shot (Solution 1, for barely achieving a gold medal) - You should now be close to gold, hit one or two of the remaining score tokens, followed by just a bit of destruction, make sure you get just barely enough to get gold.

Fourth shot (Solution 2, for main profile to beat solution 1) - Hit a score token, and try to find an area left to cause lots of destruction, all you need to do is get higher gold medal than you dd on solution 1.

First shot - Aim as far left as you can, arching the shot pretty high. Try to hit, one, or both, of the score tokens, then curve to the right, and take out the entire left wall. I had to activate the speed shot almost at ground level.

Second shot - Aim the bomb shot at the middle of the large castle. Make sure the thin layer of wall above the indestructible wall is highlighted. Wait for the hot goblin to move into your aim. then release your shot. Let the bomb shot explode on its own, and it should take out most of the large castle.

Third shot - Aim at the right bounce icon, then grab the close 5k score token. Curve to the left to line up the speed shot with the three towers on the right wall. Once activated, the speed shot needs to blow up the right red satchel charge and take out all three towers, and the entire right wall. You must destroy all three towers here, so use mulligans if you need to, this shot is tricky.

Fourth shot - You should already be at the 5x multiplier, so you shouldnt need much. Aim for the very top of the 10k score icon and hit the tower behind the icon which should blow up the remaining red satchel charge.

First shot - Aim your lift shot with full power to the left, collecting the spring shield. Start curving right aiming to fly above the left castle. Use 2 of your lift activation's to reach another spring shield above the left castle. After you collect it start to curve a lot to the right. With a bit of luck you should reach the left wall of the central castle so that you are facing the right castle. Use the last of your lift activation's just before you hit the castle so that you have enough power to take both castles out. You need to take out both castles here to get a high multiplier.

Second shot - Aim for the spring shield and collect the 10k bonus icon. Curve to the left and break though the roof. Detonate once you're close to the tower part inside. This should give you 4x multiplier and enough points for gold

Third shot - If you still don't have gold, you should be close. Hit a remaining part of rubble left or try to hit a bonus icon.


First shot - Aim to the right with not too much power, pick up he bonus icon then start curving left towards the two big towers. The goal is to shoot to the right and curve to the left so that your first shot takes both the towers down, but more than likely you will only take out one and then most of the second.

Second shot - Finish up taking out part of the tower you didn't completely blow up.

Third shot - With the split shot take the whole wall and collect all 4 bonus icons.

Forth shot -Get a 5k bonus icon and blow up the gate.

First shot - Aim right and curve to hit the speed icon, make sure you are in the right spot to hit the bounce icon and take out all of the towers on the right side of the map.

Second shot - Aim low with full power to hit the 5k icon at the very bottom, then bounce back up to hit the 5k icon right in front of the castle wall entrance. Bounce up again (You may need to use 2 bounces) to just barely go over the castle wall. Hit the speed icon into the satchel on the unbreakable wall, it should bounce you into the 10k bonus icon behind you and the satchels on the castle wall blowing the entire thing up except the right side.

Third shot - Hit the middle bonus 5k icon, curve left to hit the hot goblin, and keep curving to hit the 5k bonus icon right in front of the left wall. Take out the entire left wall, this should get you to 4x multiplier and the gold medal.

 Who Needs Friends? (20 points)
Surpass a Rival after achieving a Gold Medal on a Region 11 level.

See Gold Miner level 11-2 for more info.

 Bank Loan (20 points)
Bank shot for a 150,000 point shot score in Region 11.

On level 11-1 use your speed shot to hit the icon to the right, then keep curving to lineup with the entire left wall, you should be near the ground by the time you are finally curved all the way over and straight. When you activate the shot it should bounce off the ground and destroy the entire left wall. This put me well over a 150,000 point shot.

 Dragon Slayer (20 points)
Destroy 5 Windmills in Region 11.

Play level 11-1 and just destroy both of the windmills to the left and right, and waste your other shots to end the level fast, repeating this process should get you 5 windmills after playing through the level 2.5 times.

 Super Combo (20 points)
Get the Terrifying, Mulligan, and Do Over! Bonus Icons in a single shot in Region 11.

On level 11-6 mess up your lift shot and use a mulligan for your "do over" bonus, then use your lift shot full power and low, just enough to hit the 5k icon bonus at the very bottom, then bounce your shot up to hit the 5k bonus icon directly in front of the castle walls entrance. Bounce your shot up once (maybe twice depending on your exact location) to just barely skim over the goblins head that is standing on the wall giving you the "terrifying" bonus. Once you are over the wall hit the lightning bolt speed icon to shoot yourself into the indestructible wall and bounce back to destroy the entire castle wall giving you the "mulligan".

 Gold Miner 2.0 (20 points)
Get Gold on all Region 12 levels.

There is six levels on Region 12 that you will need to get Gold medals on. Here are some tips to help you achieve gold on each, this is how I did it, so although it worked for me, it may not be the best solution.

First shot - Aim for the 5k bonus icon and curve left, hitting the tower, explode your shot at the right time to blow up the tower in the back, as well as the red satchel on the left wall. This should completely level out the left side of the castle excluding the bridge. You should have a 2x multiplier and be extremely close to 3x.

Second shot - Aim for the right side of the wall, underneath the bridge and explode your shot at the right time to destroy all of the rest of the castle, and the right side of the bridge.

Third Shot - Hit the speed icon and destroy the entire castle in the back. You should now have 5x multiplier

Fourth Shot - At this point you should be close to hitting the gold, and there should be nothing left other than the remaining bridge on the left. Hit the 5k icon and destroy the rest of the bridge.

First shot - Aim for the two speed shots in the back on the right side. Extract all four mini shots immediately and hit the 5k icon on the bottom left of your screen and the 10k icon on the top right. Make sure your two outside shots hit the walls on the front of the caste and knock down the castle entrance, and your two middle shots hit the two speed icons on the inside. This should destroy most of the right wall and the back wall and give you enough bonus icons for the Crack Shot 2.0 achievement.

Second Shot - Aim your speed shot at the bounce icon and sway your shot to pick up the 5k icon and the 10k icon then power it right before you hit the wall and take out the tower in the back straight behind where the bounce icon was. You should now have eliminated the entire right side of the castle.

Third Shot - Take away the next chip as best as you can so you have an amount on the left that is doable with your next shot

Fourth Shot - Hit all three of the remaining 10k icons and extract your shots to hit the rest of the castle. You should now have a 6x multiplier.


First Shot - Aim your speed shot at the red bomb on the left of the front wall, activate the shot right when you are in front of it and it will go back and destroy all three of the towers behind it.

Second Shot - Aim for the castle to the right, right behind the metal plated tower. Activate the shot so that way it will hit the front wall and go back to destroy the castle, that way the red bombs on the right will explode, destroying the entire right side of the castle.

Third Shot - Aim your bounce shot up so it is in line with the remaining strip of towers on the left on the castle, make sure you take out all of them with this shot

Fourth Shot - Aim at the Hot Goblin, and hit the wall, exploding the bomb in a way so it bounces back to hit the tower closest to the front wall. The shot will bounce back exploding the remaining two towers in the back.


First Shot - Use your first ot on the grouo of castle in about the middle, right before the drop off the the left, blow up the entire middle part right there so you leave a bottom, and a left side.

Second Shot - Use your lift shot to get the Hot Goblin and curve right to destroy as much as possible down below, you should have no more than a couple of towers by the red bomb half way don't he drop off. This sounds hard, but those are the towers you will more than likely have left without even trying.

Third Shot - Use your shot to destroy the towers on the right that you have remaining from the lift shot.

Fourth Shot - Hit the left side, right on the front wall on the left, make sure you hit as far on the right as you can though. This will blow up the Red Bomb on the front wall taking out the far left tower and should bounce to destroy all the rest of the towers left on the castle.


First shot - Hit the left tower with the bomb on it, a explode all the archways on the left side of the castle.

Second Shot - Hit all the small towers lined up on the right side of the castle

Third Shot - Use the speed shot to take out the row on the right side, its very obvious, you cant miss it.

Fourth Shot - Hit the Hot Goblin and extract all the shots to take out the entire back castle.

Fifth shot - Hit anything you miss, you shoudl already have 6x multiplier and a gold medal at this point.


First Shot - Hit the second bounce icon, then extract your shots, hit the farthest bounce icon and get all the 5k icons. Then destroy the entire back castle.

Second Shot - Extract your shots right away and take out the entire front castle

Third Shot - Hit the entire right small armory type building and explode your shot.

Fourth Shot - You should have the gold medal by now, just use this for the scrap.

 The Frightening (20 points)
Make 30 Goblins cower before your might in Region 12.

Achieve 30 "Terrify" bonuses across all levels in region 12. Terrify bonuses are given for getting close to and scaring goblins with your shots. This is cumulative and can be done entirely on one level or across all 6 of them. You may get this on your way to getting all golds, but if not here is a quick way...

Use level 12-3 and with both speed shots, shoot for the far back left tower that has 2 goblins on it. Activate the speed shots early so you make it there, but don't hit the tower. This will give you 2 "Terrify" bonuses each. With your lift shots, shoot with lower power and lift once right away. Steer toward the balloon, but don't hit it - activate a second left near him and then try to go by the goblin on the closest wall. Repeat with your second left shot. Rinse and repeat until you have 30 cumulative "Terrify" bonuses.

 Crack Shot 2.0 (20 points)
Get 7 or more Bonus Icons in a single shot in Region 12, no Flying or Lift Shots.

See Gold Miner 2.0, level 12-2, shot 1, for more info.

 Stunt Lifting! (20 points)
Collect 20 Daredevil Bonus Icons with the Lift Shot in Region 12.

Go to level 12-3 and shoot the first to speed shot to clear the closest wall facing you, and just waste the second. Now that you just have your lift shots left, shoot them at lower power aiming toward the now destroyed wall and activate it after less than a second for your first Daredevil bonus. Activate it again as it starts to arc downward to clear the gap. Finally activate it a third time right before it hits the ground for your second Daredevil bonus. Repeat with Lift Shot #2 for 4 bonuses per play of this level. Rinse and repeat until you have a cumulative number of 20 "Daredevil" icons.

 Mega Combo (20 points)
Get Low Power, Daredevil, Bank Shot, and Terrifying Bonus Icons in a single shot in Region 12.

It is easiest to get this on level 12-3. It gives you 2 speed shots followed by 2 lift shots. Use one speed shot to take out the closest wall facing you (don't use the boost from this shot - just lob it into the wall) without taking out the balloon goblin. Next, use the second speed shot to clear more of the wall if your first shot left a lot standing, but make sure to not hit any structures with this shot to leave plenty left for the next step.

Now for your Lift Shots - you basically have 2 tries at this achievement, plus mulligans. You want to shoot it at the lowest possible power, and activate it for a lift right before hitting the ground. This knocks out the "Lower Power" and "Daredevil". After that first lift, make sure to get close to the balloon goblin to "Terrify" him, then steer so that you hit any place on the ground in front of the remaining towers. After hitting the ground and then any tower or wall you will get the "Bank Shot" bonus icon.


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