Gerbil Physics - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 One Hit Wonder Exploder (5 points)
Complete the site 25. Spooky using only one Exploder.
 Einstein was a Physicist (10 points)
Collect all pickup items with a single bomb and gerbil on site 10. Sink.
 8 Wipeouts (5 points)
Collect 8 Wipeouts by being fast or frugal with weapon usage.
 Spin Cycle (5 points)
Make a gerbil spin around 12 times on site 35. Newton's Gerbil.
 One Hit Wonder Disintegrator (10 points)
Complete the site 9. Be Decisive using only one Disintegrator.
 36 Sites Demolished (15 points)
Demolish 36 Gerbil Sites.
 Disintegration Mad (5 points)
Disintegrate something you think you should not touch!
 16 Wipeouts (10 points)
Collect 16 Wipeouts by being fast or frugal with weapon usage.
 Penguin Lover (5 points)
Avoid detonating any penguins on site 72. Bad Neighbors.
 72 Sites Demolished (20 points)
Demolish 72 Gerbil Sites.
 36 Gold Chests (10 points)
Get 36 Gold Chests.
 Speed Freak (Mika Hakkin-Gerbil) (5 points)
Complete site 41. Two Seasons in 32 seconds.
 72 Gold Chests (15 points)
Get 72 Gold Chests.
 Bomb Party (10 points)
Use at least 10 bombs on a single site.
 First Pickup (5 points)
Get any pickup on any site.
 First Gold Chest (10 points)
Got one Gold Chest.
 First Wipeout (10 points)
Collect one Wipeout by being fast or frugal with weapon usage.
 Avoid First Alarm Gerbils (10 points)
Avoid the alarm gerbils on site 4. Collateral.
 Score 20,000 Points (15 points)
Score 20,000 points.
 Score 40,000 Points (20 points)
Score 40,000 points.

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