Attack of the Movies 3D (EU) - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Entirety (30 points)
Complete all levels
 Hard to Complete (220 points)
Complete all levels on Hard
 Immortal (100 points)
Complete all levels without dying
 Cosmic Combat (10 points)
Complete Cosmic Combat
 Deep Sea Danger (10 points)
Complete Deep Sea Danger
 Emperor's Tomb (10 points)
Complete Emperor's Tomb
 Graveyard Gunfight (10 points)
Complete Graveyard Gunfight
 Insect Invasion (10 points)
Complete Insect Invasion
 Robot Rebellion (10 points)
Complete Robot Rebellion
 Third Dimension (10 points)
Complete a level in 3D
 Single Shot (150 points)
Complete any level using Single Shot gun
 Staying Alive (80 points)
Complete any level without dying
 100 Ant Kill (50 points)
Insect Invasion - Kill 100 Ants
 Reactor Destruction (50 points)
Cosmic Combat - Destroy all reactors
 Underwater Mine Expert (50 points)
Deep Sea Danger - Destroy all mines
 Bottle Shoot (50 points)
Graveyard Gunfight - Shoot all bottles
 Mine Expert (50 points)
Robot Rebellion - Destroy all mines
 Hotshot (25 points)
Get hit streak of 20 shots
 Big Score (25 points)
Score 75,000 points
 Stolen Idol (50 points)
Steal the Idol

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