Forza Horizon - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 70 achievements with a total of 1500 points.
 Welcome to Horizon (10 points)
You arrived at Horizon Festival raring to go.

Start a new single player game and once you are in control of your car, follow the green line on your HUD map until you arrive at the Horizon Festival and the achievement will unlock.

 Take Her for a Spin! (15 points)
You bought a car from the Autoshow. Now take her for a spin!

After you have completed the heat events, you are instructed to buy an AWD car for an offroad event. You will be given the option of either a WRX sti or a 10’ Evo. Once you purchase the car, the achievement will unlock. You don’t need to worry about credits as you will already be given enough to cover the purchase. 

 ...and across the line! (10 points)
You competed in your first race at Horizon.

After you have arrived at the Horizon Festival, you will be given access to the first heat race. Simply complete the race in any position and the achievement will unlock. 

 First! (20 points)
You won your first race at Horizon.

This can be done with any race you participate in but requires you to come in first place. This will likely unlock naturally as you progress through the game but if you are struggling, set the difficulty to easy and turn on all assists including the rewind option. 

 Born Slippy (10 points)
You've won your first Mixed-Surface or Dirt Race.

This can be done on any dirt or mixed surface race but requires you to win. To check whether an event is dirt or mixed surface, open the map, highlight an event icon and press . This will inform you of the surface type. There is no shortage of dirt or mixed surface events throughout the game so this should come naturally. If you are struggling, set the AI difficulty to easy and turn on all assists. 

You've won 10 Street Races. Ali would be proud.

Street races are first unlocked after you complete your first green wristband event. These are different to Festival Events in that you race for large sums of money instead of wristband progression. The street race hubs will be indicated by a ‘money’ icon on your map and you will need to drive to the location marked. 

Unlike festival races, street races will include traffic, so be sure to keep your eyes open and stick to the right side of the road is approaching a crest, as hitting a car could cost you first place. Also note that the tracks aren't closed off, meaning it's possible to miss a turn or side street, so pay close attention to your map and the blue spotlight/checkpoints. In street races the other racers will often cut corners and appear to be more aggressive than Festival races, so try and keep your distance if possible.

Each race you win will be marked with a ‘1st’ icon on the race ticket. Once you win 10 different street races the achievement will unlock. To make this easy, set AI difficulty to easy and turn on all assists.
 #WINNING! (15 points)
You've dominated 10 Festival Races.

Festival races are the main races in Horizon and will be indicated on you map with a coloured outline corresponding to the minimum wristband level you need to enter them. Each has certain class/model/drive setup restrictions to enter. Once you have an event highlighted on the map, drive to its location and enter it. You need to win the race for it to count, once you have won 10 races the achievement will unlock. This will likely unlock naturally as you progress through the game but to make it easier, set the AI difficulty to easy and turn on all assists. 

NOTE: It seems this achievement is slightly glitched and doesn't count the first event even if you win it. If you placed first on the first event, this will unlock after winning your 11th race.
 Close Encounters (20 points)
You've challenged and beaten 10 festival racers on the spot.

Festival racers are the NPC cars you will encounter while free roaming on the streets of Colorado. They are easy to identify as they have the racer’s name above the car. To challenge them you need to drive up behind their car until the challenge option appears. The class of car you are driving and the car they are driving will determine the difficulty. So it may be best to attempt this in a higher class car and only engage slow/ lower class cars.

Either way once the challenge option appears, press  to begin the race. 

The route will be highlighted on you HUD map but it is also a good idea to check your overall map as sometimes the highlighted route may not be the most effective route to take. Once you have beaten your 10th racer, the achievement will unlock. To make this easier, only engage ‘easy’ racers and turn on all assists.
 Lawbreaker (10 points)
You blasted past 5 speed traps and 5 speed zones.

Speed zones and speed traps are placed throughout Colorado and you will likely uncover them naturally as you journey throughout the map going from event to event and working towards other achievements. Once you have driven past each zone or trap, it will appear as a camera icon on you map so you can keep track of your progress. (Speed traps will be a grey icon and speed zones will be a yellow icon) 

All that is required for the achievement is to pass by a speed trap or through a speed zone, you don't need to set any record. Once you have passed through 5 different zones and traps the achievement will unlock.

DEG23 credits Cr4zyFroggg & theDonJose for the map showing the location of all Speed Zones and Traps across Colorado

NOTE: You need to drive between the 2 camera posts as driving outside of the posts will not register a speed or show on the map.

 Vendetta (20 points)
You've beaten a Rival time in 10 events.
Each time you complete a race or event, you will given the option to then race the same track against a rival (either a friend or random on XBL.) Friends who have set a faster time will be displayed first, however if you don’t have any friends who have set faster times, you will usually be given a rival who is only a fraction of a second ahead of you making it easier to beat their time. You can usually tell how difficult it will be by the number of credits offered as a reward, the higher the credit reward, the harder it will be. 

If you are given a rival that you don’t think you can beat, you can always access the rivals menu from the Horizon Festival loop and manually select a rival you believe you can beat. 

An easy method to complete this is by purposely setting a slow time on a lap then finding a rival who is only a fraction of a second faster than you and beating their time. Once you have beaten a rival on 10 different events the achievement will unlock.

TIP: You don’t need to beat the same rival over 10 events, but you need to beat a rival time on 10 different events.

NOTE: The monthly rival events you can access from the rival menu do not count towards this achievement. (DEG23 credits SatNiteEdurado for this info.)

NOTE: Unlike most other online achievements that require XBL, this does not require a Gold account to complete. (DEG23 credits TwistedFate for confirming this.)
 Been There, Done That! (10 points)
You've fully explored the Horizon Festival Loop.

To unlock this all you need to do is visit all 6 locations at the Horizon Festival. Simply drive to each one and press  to enter. After you have visited the 6th, the achievement will unlock. You need to enter each location as driving past it will not count.

 Rave Paint (10 points)
You created a paintjob and your ride is looking SWEET!

You can enter the paint shop at either the main Festival loop, or at a Horizon outpost. The easiest way to unlock this is to select the option to paint your car, select a new color, press  to save it and the achievement will unlock. 

 Wheelin' 'n Dealin' (10 points)
You sold something via your Storefront. KERCHING!

Once you have created a design or vinyl group and saved it, you will be given the option to upload it to the storefront. You need to sell it as sharing it will not count towards the achievement. Once someone downloads it you will receive an in game message you have credits waiting. Download the available credits, and the achievement will unlock. 

Click HERE to find people to trade this achievement with. 
 May The Forza Be With You (10 points)
You received free cars for being a loyal Forza fan!

This will require either a FM3 or FM4 save file located on either your hard drive or the cloud. You need to have reached at least level 1 in either game for the achievement to unlock. 

After you have completed the heat events and received your yellow wristband, you will be receive a popup message notifying you that you have ‘loyalty cars available.’ Go to the garage and select ‘Change Car,’ accept the gift cars and the achievement will unlock. Be sure to accept the gift cars, if you select ‘No Thanks’ you will not receive the cars or the achievement.
If you have started Horizon before creating a FM3 or FM4 save file you can always start a new Horizon career from a new storage device (eg, the cloud) and repeat the steps above. 

(DEG23 credits NeedToAchieve for the video guide showing how to unlock this after you have already started a Forza Horizon game)

 One to Watch (10 points)
You're the 200th most popular driver at Horizon.

-See ‘Notorious’ 

 The Next Big Thing (15 points)
You're the 100th most popular driver at Horizon.

-See ‘Notorious’ 

 Almost Famous (20 points)
You're the 50th most popular driver at Horizon.

-See ‘Notorious’ 

 Killer Skills (25 points)
You're the 10th most popular driver at Horizon.

-See ‘Notorious’ 

 Notorious (30 points)
You're the most popular driver at Horizon.

This will require you to climb the popularity ranks by showing off your tricks and skills. Each trick will net you a base score then continue to tally the longer you hold the trick, eg drifting will net you a beginning score of 100, then the longer you drift, the higher the point tally climbs. 

Stringing together multiple tricks will not only add to your running tally but also increase your final multiplier by 0.1 so stringing together multiple tricks in the one combo is the key to ranking up quickly. Depending on your driving style, chances are you will find yourself ranking up without too much effort as most tricks can be achieved as you not only race but also as you drive around Colorado.

The following are the main tricks that allow you to score points and rank up.
  • Drift
  • E-drift
  • Two Wheels
  • Air
  • Near Miss
  • Speed
  • Pass
  • Drafting
  • Wrecking
TIP: An easy place to score big points quickly is the golf course located near Montano Plains. The open spaces and contours make this easy to string together multiple tricks like Drifting, Air, Two wheels, Kangaroo, Pedal to the Metal, and more, without having to worry about crashing into other drivers and obstacles. Using a RWD car with traction control turned OFF will make many of the tricks like drifting easier while on the golf course.

(DEG23 credits basti memphis for the map showing the location of the golf course)

NOTE: While you can lightly bump into other cars and obstacles without losing your combo, smashing into an obstacle and losing a great deal of speed will void your combo. So hit the brakes if you feel yourself losing control to save the points you have instead or trying to wrestle with the car to string together additional tricks.

 A Wristed Development (20 points)
You received your Yellow Wristband.

-See ‘Golden Boy’ 

 Going Green (25 points)
You received your Green Wristband.

-See ‘Golden Boy’ 

 Out of the Blue (30 points)
You received your Blue Wristband.

-See ‘Golden Boy’ 

 Racing for Pinks (35 points)
You received your Pink Wristband.

-See ‘Golden Boy’ 

 Freshly Squeezed (40 points)
You received your Orange Wristband.

-See ‘Golden Boy’ 

 Purple Reign (45 points)
You received your Purple Wristband.

-See ‘Golden Boy’ 

 Golden Boy (50 points)
You received the Golden Wristband.

Each Festival race offers wristband points depending on how you place, (the higher you place, the more points you will be awarded with.) These points are used to progress through the different coloured wristbands and open new events. As this is the means of progressing the game, you will unlock each wristband naturally as you progress through the game. 

You can always revisit any event you have previously completed if you did not come first, and try again to unlock the remaining points. Any festival event you have won will have a gold trophy next to the icon on the map, making it easier to identify what events you can win and earn additional points in. As the number of points you can earn is based on your overall position, set the AI difficulty to easy and turn on all assists.

To unlock the next wristband and its associated achievement, you need to drive to the race central bay in the Horizon loop after obtaining each new level.

 Darius Who? (100 points)
You owned Darius Flynt and became the Horizon Festival champion.

This will require you to have completed the majority of the gold level races. Once you have reached the required points, the 'Horizon Final' event will be available. The race is just like any other festival event where you race against 8 cars, one of them being Darius. Although you are required to complete 5 laps, the circuit isn't all that long or difficult. If you find yourself struggling to win, be sure to race on easy difficulty and turn on all assists. Once you win the race, the achievement will unlock. 

 Hard Driving (10 points)
You finished in first place on HARD? Nice.

This can be done on any race but will require you to set the overall difficulty to HARD. Even if you aren’t the greatest at driving games, this isn’t all that difficult as it still enables many of the driver assists including the rewind feature, so don’t be afraid to rewind if you make mistakes along the way. Once you win the race the achievement will unlock.

 Gettin' It Done (30 points)
You rocked every single Festival Event.

-See ‘All Your Race Are Belong To Us’ 

 Win Diesel (30 points)
You cruised past the competition and won every Street Race.

-See ‘All Your Race Are Belong To Us’ 

 Exhibitionist (20 points)
You've won every Showcase Event in the game.

-See ‘All Your Race Are Belong To Us’ 

 Domination! (10 points)
You've sent every Horizon Star packin'.

-See ‘All Your Race Are Belong To Us’ 

 All Your Race Are Belong to Us (30 points)
You've won every single race in the game!

This requires you to win all Festival events, Street races, Showcase events and Showdowns. There are 117 races in total and you need to win them all for the achievement to unlock. The majority of these events will be won as you progress through the game so there shouldn't be too much mopping up/grinding to do.

You can check how many events you have won via the 'Stats' tab in the 'My Profile' menu. You can also check on what events you haven't won by viewing each event via the map. Any event won will have a gold trophy icon next to it. 

To make this achievement easier, select the AI difficulty to easy and turn on all assists.

 Stuntman (25 points)
You've completed every Horizon Outpost PR Stunt.

There are 10 outposts scattered throughout the map and each outpost will have 3 PR events to complete. These include hitting a certain speed at a speed trap, amassing a set number of points pulling of tricks or taking a photo at a specified location. Each event will supply you with a car in which to complete it, so there is no need to worry about credits and buying new cars. 

Speed Traps: These are quite easy to reach the required speed. The main problem is the NPC cars you have to dodge whist gaining speed. Don't forget, unlike previous Forza games you can verge off road and not lose a great deal of speed. Also if you are driving manual, try and change up gear well before you hit the speed trap.

Photo Shoot: This is the easiest of the 3, simply drive to the location and snap a photo of your car with the required landmark in the background. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece and Alice will tell you if you haven't included enough of the landmark. Just be sure to drive carefully on the way, as significant damage to your car will cause you to fail.

-Trick Challenge: This is the hardest of the 3 as it requires you to perform various tricks along a preset route. Each challenge will have a target score and a time limit, but the key to this will be stringing tricks together. A general rule to follow is to focus on passing and wreckage tricks on straights, and drifting tricks in corners. Just remember that crashing into any obstacle and losing a great deal of speed will void the score. You do not need to reach the target score within a single combo so if at any time you feel yourself losing control, brake to score the points, then start on a new combo.

As drifting will be the main way of earning points and stringing tricks together, here are some drifting tips to make these stunts easier. (Credit to theDonJose for originally posting these)

  • Manual Transmission is a must. 2nd and 3rd gear are your friends on most cars.
  • E-Brake constantly. Tapping the e-brake then giving a lot of gas will throw the ass end of the car out to start the drift.
  • Feather the gas. Feathering the throttle will usually keep the drift going. You rarely want to be full throttle. But you also want to keep enough speed to keep your forward momentum.
  • Unless you are on a curve, steering should only be used to make minimal adjustments. Steer into the drift but using the throttle will do more to correct your driving line most of the time.
  • It's all about balancing throttle and steering. You want just enough slip to keep the wheels spinning, but not too much that you lose traction and spin out.

These may take some practise to master but overall are not too difficult. Once you have completed all 30 stunts, the achievement will unlock.

 Kudos to You (10 points)
You've completed 5 Sponsorship challenges.

-See ‘Sellout’ 

 Sellout (20 points)
20 Sponsorship Challenges? Now you're popular and rich!

The sponsorship challenges consist of a number of ranks tied directly to performing an individual trick, the same tricks that increase your popularity. The different ranks define the number of times the trick must be performed in order to complete each challenge. 

Despite the achievement description, each rank counts a 1 challenge, e.g. reaching rank 4 of the drifting sponsorship challenge will count as 4 challenges completed. You can check your status any time in the 'My Profile' menu. 

Most of these will unlock naturally as you progress through the game and raise your popularity, so you will complete 20 in no time. Also be aware that any tricks you do in multiplayer also count towards this achievement. 

 Barn This Way (5 points)
You found your first barn find.

While progressing through the game you will receive word from Alice from time to time that there are rumors of a barn find. Once you have been notified, open up your map to find a grey circle showing the rough location of the barn. You will need to search within the grey circle until you locate the barn. Once you find it, drive up to the entrance and the achievement will unlock.

The barns are usually easy to spot and all look like this:

NOTE: The location of what barn will produce the next car will be random. You will also need to wait until you receive notification of the rumoured find, as driving to a barn beforehand will not work.

(DEG23 credits NeedToAchieve for the video guide showing the barn locations and the cars within.)

 Bargain Shopper (10 points)
You bagged yourself a nice discount.

-See ‘Black Friday’ 

 Black Friday (20 points)
Never pay for an upgrade again!

Discount signs are the pink and black signs with the word ‘Discount’ written on them. There are a total of 100 signs scattered throughout the map and for the most part are located on the sides of roads in clear view. Each sign you pass by in free roam will be added to your map as a pink dot. After smashing through a sign it will change to a black dot to let you know you have collected it. Chances are you will discover the majority of these as you progress through the game and work towards ‘Road Trip’. 

(DEG23 credits theDonJose, gw2 & NeedToAchieve for the map and discount sign locations.)

TIP: When looking for signs on your map, be sure to change the filter to display only discount signs as often then can be hidden under other icons.

NOTE: Any sign you pass by while in a race or event, will not be added to your map so if you spot one, it is a good idea to make smashing through it a priority after the race in case you forget.

 Road Trip (25 points)
You've driven along every road in the entire game.

This will require you to drive along all 216 roads. Each time you drive along a road you will not only receive a popup confirmation but the road on your map will either turn white (hard surface) or orange (dirt surface.) At any time you can check the number of roads you have driven by checking the ‘Discovery’ tab in the ‘My Profile’ menu.

You will drive along the majority of roads as you progress through the game but chances are there will be a few that can be missed. In this event, remember to look closely at the map and be sure to turn off all other icons. Many of the roads in and around towns can be short and difficult to miss so try searching around these locations. Be sure to drive along on and off ramps to the freeways and the roads that pass underneath.

TIP: Any roads driven along in both rival events and online modes count towards this achievement.

 Still a Noob... (10 points)
10 online races complete… not bad!

-See ‘Noob No More’ 

 Noob No More (20 points)
25 online races complete… awesome!

This needs to be done online and can be done in either a public or private match. You also need to select either circuit, point-to-point or street race, as the other modes will not count. An easy way to achieve this is to create a new match, select circuit and pick a very short track. Set laps to 1 and race yourself. Once you have completed 25 races, the achievement will unlock.

NOTE: Racing by yourself will not earn you any XP as you require at least one other player to do so.

 Playground Games (5 points)
You completed each of the Playground game types. How fun was that?

-See ‘Swings and Roundabouts’ 

 Swings and Roundabouts (20 points)
You've completed 3 of each Playground game types.

The 3 playground game types consist of ‘Infected,’ ‘King,’ and ‘Cat and Mouse.’ You will need to complete each game type 3 times for the achievement to unlock. Each can be easily boosted with a friend by setting the time limit/track size to the minimum and then, depending on the event, letting the time run out or by finishing the minimum laps. It doesn’t matter what position you finish in, as long as you complete the event. 

Click HERE to find people to boost this with.

 Cruise Club (20 points)
You've completed 10 free roam challenges online.

This needs to be done in online free roam and will require at least one other person. You can access the free roam challenges via the start menu. 

Challenges include, driving from point to point in a certain make or value of car, having all players hit a speed trap at a certain speed and within a certain time limit, pulling off a combined number of tricks, or driving a combined total distance. 

It is entirely up to you what challenges you complete but once you have completed 10, the achievement will unlock. 

Click HERE to find people to boost this with.

(DEG23 credits NeedToAchieve for the video guide showing the start and finish locations of the point-to-point challenges)

 Ding! (5 points)
You got to Level 5 online.

-See ‘Just Me and the XP’ 

 Just Me and the XP (10 points)
You've reached level 25 online. Did you win a car yet?

Each time you complete an online event you will earn XP towards leveling up. Your total XP will depend on the following four factors:

  • Overall position
  • Mileage
  • Number of people in the game (the more people, the higher your multiplier will be)
  • Trick bonus (the more ticks you pull off, the higher your multiplier. Caps at 1.5)

You will need to earn a total of 260,000 XP to reach level 25. Obviously the better you perform, the more people you have in each game and the higher you get your trick multiplier, the faster you will rank up.

Click HERE to find people to boost this with. 

TIP: If you are working through all the other MP achievements with other people, you will probably be around lvl 22, from here just play games of Infected until you hit 25.

Infected offers the most XP per time spent playing as these games can be over in a matter of minutes and as long as you place in the top 3 you can earn up to 6500 XP per game.

 OMG (5 points)
You won your first car online.

-See ‘OMGWT*BBQ!?’ 

 ZOMG! (10 points)
You've won 3 cars online.

-See ‘OMGWT*BBQ!?’ 

 OMGWT*BBQ!? (20 points)
You got seriously lucky and won 5 cars online.

Every time you rank up a level you will be offered either a car or a sum of credits as a reward. It is a slot machine style outcome so this will be entirely luck based. The payout of either money or cars is fairly even, so you should have no trouble winning 5 cars on your way to level 25.

 Now that's a Special Stage (20 points)
Complete your first Horizon Rally stage.

This is the first achievement you will get from this DLC. When going from the Main Menu of Forza Horizon to "Horizon Rally", you will end up in a blue Subaru driving in the middle of the woods. Just complete the race and you get the achievement. Doesn't matter what is your position in the finish.

 Covered in Mud and Glory (20 points)
Win a Horizon Rally.

A Rally consists of 4 stages. In each stage you will race alone against other drivers' time. Just like in real Rally. In order to win the whole Rally, you need to have the fastest overall time counted together from all 4 stages. So don't worry if you don't win every stage, you can catch up in the next one. Setting the difficulty to easy and turn on all assists will make this easier.

 Take her for a Power Slide (20 points)
Obtain your first Horizon Rally car.

After your first race you will need to buy the Mitsubishi Lancer for 20.000 CR. That will be your very first rally car and the achievement will unlock.

 Horizon Rally Champion (75 points)
Become the Horizon Rally Champion.

There are 7 Rally events in the DLC and each of them have 4 stages. At first you need to complete and win the 6 Rally events in order to unlock the Final Rally. Same goes here: if you fail to win a stage, you can catch up in time on the next one so don't worry about winning each and every stage. You just need to win all Rallies. Again, to make this easier, set the difficulty to easy and turn on all assists.

 Harder Driving (25 points)
Win a Rally stage on Hard opponent difficulty without using automatic shifting or the Driving Line.

When you start a race, you need to press  and go to the Difficulty menu and change the options to match the requirements needed as described in the achievement description. Here are the options so you don't miss a thing:

Braking: ABS ON
Steering: Normal
Traction control: ON
Shifting: Manual
Driving line: OFF
Cosmetic damage: ON
Rewind: ON
Opponent difficulty: HARD

NOTE: If you only put the "Game difficulty" on HARD setting, it won't count, since it leaves shifting to "Automatic" and driving line to "Braking only".
NOTE2: You CAN use rewind to help you if you feel the need for that. You might confuse it to be not allowed since the other options will be on hard but it is very usable.

Here is a detailed video guide by Maka:

 Mile High Club (10 points)
Get a total of 1609 metres of air in Horizon Rally events.

This is cumulative. You will get this during natural gameplay. I got this after "Montano Plains - Stage 2". If you feel the need to track this, you can press  during a race and go to "My Profile" and "Statistics".

 Rally Rivals (20 points)
Complete 5 Horizon Rally events in Rivals mode.

When you finish a Rally (all 4 stages) you can replay the stages and press  to bring up the rivals mode. From there you will be given an opponent who has driven the race faster than you. You can make it even easier for yourself by changing the opponent and changing the filter of the leaderboards to everyone and choose the first guy above you. Shouldn't be too hard if you can beat your own time.

Every stage counts for this achievement, you don't need to win the whole rally for it to count. Also note that you need to beat your rival. The achievement description is misleading when it says "complete". If you lose, it doesn't count.

 Ghostbuster (25 points)
Win 10 Horizon Rally stages in online multiplayer.

This needs to be done with at least 2 players. You can see the Achievement Trading Thread here: for people who are looking to boost in Private match.

Fastest way is to use standard settings (all stages) because you only need to win a stage for the achievement, not the whole Rally. So for 10 wins for both persons is doable in 5 games with 4 stages. "The Clear Springs Rally" seems to be the shortest Rally.

 Flawless Victory (15 points)
Win a Horizon Rally stage without crashing or using rewind.

Your best bet is to set the rewind to OFF from difficulty menu so if you press the rewind button by accident, it doesn't ruin your chances at this achievement. If you crash, you can restart the race and try as many times as you'd like. I got this achievement in "North Plains - Stage 2" while driving the Ford Escort. Another easy stage is "Beaumont - Stage 2".

 High Five! (20 points)
Purchase all five Horizon Rally cars.

This DLC gives you five (5) more cars to race in Forza Horizon. You need to buy all of them with in-game credits or tokens. The cars you need for this achievement, from cheapest to most expensive:

- 1992 Toyota Celica GT-Four RC ST185 [D-254] - 7.000 CR
- 2005 Subaru Impreza WRX Sti [B-452] - 18.000 CR
- 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VIII MR [B-436] - 20.000 CR
- 1992 Ford Escort RS Cosworth [C-314] - 24.000 CR
- 1982 Lancia 037 Stradale [C-342] - 240.000 CR

Those of you who bought the Season pass will also get:
- 2003 Ford SVT Focus [D-259]- 7.000 CR

The total amount of credits you will need is 309.000 CR and yes, you are using the same credits from the main game. No need to win all those credits again!

 My First Challenge (10 points)
Earn your first Medal.

As soon as you get your first medal in any car this will unlock. You can try for this if you like but it will come naturally.

 Ferrari Fan (20 points)
Earn a Medal in 14 different Ferraris.

The following cars can be used towards this achievement. There are 16 available without DLC, and an extra one found in a barn. I have sorted them by price:

1957 250 Testa Rossa (Barn Find)
1991 512TR - 75,000cr
1995 F355 Challenge - 75,000cr
2003 Challenge Stradale (March Pack) - 160,000cr
2009 California - 220,000cr
2009 458 Italia (Pre-Order bonus car) - 240,000cr
2011 458 Spider - 257,000cr
2007 430 Scuderia - 270,000cr
2011 FF - 280,000cr
1984 GTO - 320,000cr
2012 F12 Berlinetta (December Pack) - 340,000cr
1987 F40 - 380,000cr
1995 F50 - 400,000cr
1996 F50 GT - 1,200,000cr
2002 Enzo - 1,300,000cr
1989 F40 Competizione - 1,500,000cr
2010 599XX - 1,500,00cr
2005 FXX - 2,500,000cr
2012 599XX Evoluzione (October Pack) - 2,600,000cr
1967 250 California - 3,000,000cr
1962 250 GTO - 10,000,000cr

 It's Just Money (20 points)
Earn a Medal in 14 different cars worth at least 1 million Cr.

This will be the most time consuming as getting then money required for all of these cars will take time, although you can just buy one, get the medal then sell it if you so wish. There are 17 cars available plus one barn car before any DLC. The following cars can be used towards this achievement:

1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (Barn Find)
2012 Hennessey Venom GT - 1,000,000cr
2009 Koenigsegg CCX-R Edition - 1,000,000cr
2010 SSC Ultimate Aero - 1,000,000cr
1998 Mercedes-Benz AMG CLK GTR - 1,200,000cr
1996 Ferrari F50 GT - 1,200,000cr
1998 Nissan R390 - (March Pack) 1,200,000cr
2002 Ferrari Enzo - 1,300,000cr
2011 Koenigsegg Agera - (VIP Pack) - 1,400,000cr
2009 Pagani Cinque Roadster - (January Pack when Season pass is held) 1,500,000cr
1989 Ferrari F40 Competizione - 1,500,000cr
2010 Ferrari 599X - 1,500,000cr
1966 Ford GT40 MkII - 1,500,000cr
1965 Shelby Cobra 427 S/C - (November Pack) 1,500,000cr
2010 Pagani Zonda R - 1,700,000cr
2012 Pagani Huayra - (VIP Pack) - 1,800,000cr
2008 Maserati MC12 Versione Corse - 1,800,000cr
2009 Lamborghini Reventon Roadster - 2,100,000cr
2011 Bugatti Veyron Super Sport - 2,200,000cr
2011 Lamborghini Sesto Elemento (VIP Pack) - 2,500,000cr
2005 Ferrari FXX - 2,500,000cr
2012 Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione - (October Pack) 2,600,000cr
2012 Lamborghini Aventador J - (October Pack) 2,700,000cr
1993 McLaren F1 - (December Pack) 3,000,000cr
1957 Ferrari 250 California - 3,000,000
1997 McLaren F1 GT - 4,000,000cr
1962 Ferrari 250 GTO - 10,000,000cr

 Snake Charmer (20 points)
Earn a Medal in 3 different Shelbys.

Only one Shelby is in the game, which is the barn find. The other two are only available when you purchase the November car pack. The following cars are available.

1969 Cobra Daytona (Barn Find)
2012 1000 (November Pack) - 200,000cr
1965 Cobra 427 S/C (November Pack) - 1,500,000cr

 Lamborghini Lover (20 points)
Earn a Medal in 8 different Lamborghinis.

As there are only 7 Lamborgini's shipped with the game, you will have to get at least one DLC car. If you have downloaded the November pack to help with the Shelbys, you will have your 8th Lambo available. Available to purchase:

1997 Diablo SV - 100,000cr
1988 Countach LP5000 QV - 150,00cr
2011 Gallardo LP570-4 Superleggera - 275,000cr
2012 Gallardo LP570-4 Spyder Performante (November Pack) - 280,000cr
1967 Miura P400 - 400,000cr
2012 Aventador LP700-4 - 400,000cr
2010 Murcielago LP 670-4 SV - 450,000cr
2006 Miura Concept - (Season Pass) 420,000cr
2009 Reventom Roadster - 2,100,000cr
2011 Sesto Elemento (VIP pack) - 2,500,000
2012 Aventador J (October Pack) - 2,700,000cr

 Nissan Ninja (20 points)
Earn a Medal in 7 different Nissans.

There are 6 Nissans shipped with the game, so you will need at least one more for this achievement. The November pack has the 240 SX SE in it, so there is your 8th! The following cars are available:

1993 240 SX SE (November Pack) - 7,000cr
1970 Datsun 510 (February Pack) - 8,000cr
1969 Fairlady Z 432 - 12,000cr
2000 Silvia spec-R - 16,000cr
1971 Skyline 2000GT-R - 28,000cr
2010 370Z (Pre-Order bonus car) - 34,000cr
2002 Skyline GT-R V-Spec II - 52,000cr
2012 GT-R Black Edition - 120,000cr
1998 R390 (March Pack) - 1,200,000cr

 Well Engineered (20 points)
Earn a Medal in 10 different BMWs.

As there are only 7 BMWs in the showroom without DLC, you will need 3 more. One is found in a barn, get one from the useful November Pack, and download the free M3 GTR for your number 10. The following cars are available:

1981 BMW M1 (Barn Find)
1991 M3 - 16,000cr
1973 2002 Turbo - 28,000cr
2013 M135i (March Pack) - 42,000cr
2011 1 Series M Coupe - 43,000cr
2008 M3 - 52,000cr
2012 Z4 sDrive28i - 55,000cr
2012 M5 - 90,000cr
2013 M6 Coupe - 110,000cr
2002 M3 GTR (April Pack) - 120,000cr
2010 M3 GTS (November Pack) 140,000cr

 Sir Challenge-a-Lot (20 points)
Earn a Medal in 20 different British cars.

There are 20 British cars in the showroom, and an additional 3 barn find cars, meaning that you don't necessarily need to buy the over-priced McLarens to get this achievement. The following British cars are available:

1964 Aston Martin DB5 Vantage (Barn Find)
1956 Jaguar D-Type (Barn Find)
1958 Aston Martin DBR1 (Barn Find)
1965 Mini Cooper S - 20,000cr
2011 Mini Cooper S - 24,000cr
2006 Lotus Exige Cup 240 - 32,000cr
2005 TVR Sagaris - 56,000cr
2011 Lotus Evora S - 65,000cr
2009 Lotus 2-Eleven - 70,000cr
1961 Jaguar E-type S1 - 75,000cr
2012 Lotus Exige S (January Pack) - 85,000cr
2012 Ultima GTR - 110,000cr
2012 Jaguar XKR-S - 120,000cr
2012 Bentley Continental GT - 130,000cr
2012 Land Rover Range Rover Super Charged - 140,000cr
2012 Aston Martin Virage (Pre-Order bonus car) - 200,000cr
2011 McLaren MP4-12C - 220,00cr
2008 Aston Martin DBS (December Pack) - 250,000cr
2012 Bowler EXR S (April Pack) - 250,000cr
2011 Radical SR8 RX - 300,000cr
2010 Noble M600 - 320,000cr
2012 Aston Martin Vanquish - 350,000cr
2012 Ascari KZ1R - 350,000cr
2012 Eagle Speedster
2011 Aston Martin V12 Zagato - 520,000cr
2010 Aston Martin One-77 - 1,800,000cr
1993 McLaren F1 (December Pack) 3,000,000cr
1997 McLaren F1 GT - 4,000,000cr

 Ford Champion (20 points)
Earn a Medal in 13 different Fords.

There starts with 10 Fords in the showroom, so you will need three more. If you have the November DLC pack, one in there will be your eleventh. Download the free 1995 Ford Mustang Cobra R, then you will need to purchase an additional Ford to give you 13.

2003 SVT Focus (Season Pass when Rally Pack is purchased) - 7,000cr
1966 Country Squire (February Pack) - 12,000cr
1992 Escort RS Cosworth (Rally Pack) - 24,000cr
1956 F100 - 26,000cr
1995 Mustang Cobra R (January Pack) - 27,000cr
2011 Transit SSV (April Pack) - 28,000cr
2013 Focus ST - 32,000cr
2012 Mustang Boss 302 (October Pack) - 42,000cr
2011 F-150 SVT Raptor - 42,000cr
2011 F-150 SVT Raptor Halo Edition (November Pack) - 42,000cr
2010 Focus RS500 - 50,000cr
1987 Sierra Cosworth RS500 - 52,000cr
2013 Shelby GT500 - 55,000cr
1985 RS200 Evolution - 120,000cr
1970 Mustang Boss 429 - 120,000cr
2005 GT - 150,000cr
2006 GTX1 (December Pack) - 188,000cr
1966 GT40 MkII - 1,500,000cr

 Forza Legend (80 points)
Earn a Medal in 146 different cars!

This will be the last achievement you earn. Basically a medal in every car of the game (excluding DLC). This can be very time consuming if you don't plan on selling cars, but if you have a system of buying, getting a medal, then selling it is not too bad.


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