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There are 17 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Swipe those tiles (10 points)
Complete 10 rounds

See "Sore Fingers" achievement description.

 Spin Cycle (10 points)
Rotate the board and find more words in a round

This is a very easy achievement, and actually quite helpful when looking for words. There is an icon that looks like the achievement tile while you play a round. Press it to spin the board to show a different angle. Finds some words after you do that to get the achievement.

 Beat your Frenemies (20 points)
Beat all your Frenemies in a round

Frenemies come in two different forms. You automatically have frenemies of people on your friend's list who have played the game. The others you will pick yourself after rounds of the game. You just press on a name you want to add to the frenemy list. Just keep adding people around your rank and as you play games you will see them on a leaderboard list along with your name. If you are above them, you get the achievement.

 Multilingual (10 points)
Play Wordament in more than one language

There are multiple languages you can play this game in. Start the game and slide a few screens over until you get to Help & Options. Go to Puzzle Language and pick a different language. Now start up a round.

 CH a CH IN g (10 points)
Find a digram word in a round

A digram is when there are two letters in a single square. Just finish a word with the combo in it. An example would be H E LL O. Slide your finger across all letters including the combo and when you create a word, the achievement will unlock.

Note: These do not appear in every round.

 Theme word (10 points)
Find a theme word in a round

See "Theme Titan" achievement description.

 Sore fingers (20 points)
Complete 100 rounds

This will come naturally going for all other achievements. You must play all 100 in a single puzzle language. They do not all add up, so stick to one language for this.

 Better than half (10 points)
Place better than 50% of the players in a round

See "You're good, real good" achievement description.

 "Autobiographical" (20 points)
Find the longest possible word in a round

This can be a tricky one. Sometimes there are words that are easy to spot and you can get the achievement. Other times, it isn't so obvious and the longest word is a very uncommon word you likely have never heard before. You can test your luck while going for other achievements or use the wordament solver below. Put all the letters in the language you are playing on website. Solve puzzle. Now find the longest word on the list and use it. I suggest after you get it to just back out and not count the game to lower risk of being caught.

Wordament Solver -Use at your own risk and cautiously. You can be banned from the game if caught using it.

 Digram master (10 points)
Find all the digrams in a round

There is a banner above the game when there is a digram. It shows how many digrams there are in the puzzle. Focus only on using the words that use that digram tile. With a little luck and brain power you should be able to get the achievement. Worse case scenario, use the puzzle solver below. Enter all of the information and read the list. Now you have the answers. After the achievement unlocks, I suggest backing out so it won't count on the leaderboards.

Wordament Solver -Use at your own risk and cautiously. You can be banned from the game if caught using it.

 Theme titan (10 points)
Find all the themed words in a round

This is the hardest non-leaderboard achievement in the game. You must find every themed word. These only happen every 4 or 5 rounds. A themed game is when there is a banner above the puzzle and it will say the theme. This is anywhere from animal sounds to outer space. A lot of them are easy once you get one. Like an example is when a word can be used 3 times. Hiss, Hissing, Hisses. This is usually not the case. Normally the themes focus on less common words and if you fail, you have to wait a handful of rounds before you can attempt another theme. The best way is to go to TrueAchievements.com and search for the game. Find the specific achievement here and go to the solutions. Many people have contributed to a list with words they have found for that theme. The problem is a ton of those only have a couple of them and you will have wasted a lot of time using Control F to search. The way I was able to do it was with the Wordament Solver and I quickly scanned the solution table. It was still a pain, so good luck on this one.

 Sweet sixteen (10 points)
Find words that use all 16 tiles at least once in one round

You'll probably earn this while going for other achievements. You just have to create words while utilizing all of the tiles. This doesn't mean one giant word, it just means each tile has been used once or more in the game.

 Win the hour (10 points)
Achieve the highest cumulative score, for the hour, of any player on the hourly leaderboard

When you look at the leaderboards, there is one that says "for the hour". Your best bet is to get on late (or late for another country). Play for an entire hour trying to get as many rounds and scores in as you can. You must be the number 1 player. The hours are on the dot, so an example would be 2:00am to 3:00am. Once it hits 3am, another "hour" starts. Again, best done on languages that aren't played a whole lot.

 You're good, real good (10 points)
Place in the top 10% of a round

After a round, it will show your percentage. Being at 90% or higher will give you the achievement, because it means you are in the top 10%. You should get this automatically when you get to rank 1 on the leaderboards (see that specific achievement below for details).

 You're on top of the world (10 points)
Finish first place in a round

If you're playing on English, this is next to impossible. There are way too many people playing this seriously. They play for competition. They want to be ranked high so they can brag and be "known" for it. There are plenty of these kinds of people. You will see several people always in the top 10. This makes this game very annoying as they are stopping use achievement whores dead in our tracks. Get a life, we say! Yet here we are, upset because we want achievements and will play 20 hours of grinding in different languages to do so and shamelessly use the help of Wordament Solver. Anyways just play on a different language and you should get it with the help of the solver or by getting good at that language. An example is Swedish. Go for 3 letter words
and add an A to them. Add an R after the A if it is available. This often results in multiple points.

Wordament Solver -Use at your own risk and cautiously. You can be banned from the game if caught using it.

 10 in 10 (10 points)
Finish 10 rounds ranked in the top 10

The top 10 in leaderboards is easily obtained if playing on a language no one plays on. This would be Swedish, Dutch, and more when they are added. There is normally only around 20 people playing these languages (more in the future as I have written this for current situation in May 2012). As you go being ranked 1, you should get this. If not, go for your 85k points in the language and it should be obtained along the way.

 World champ (10 points)
Become Champ by placing in the top 250 players in any of the "Top Player" leaderboards.

There are two different leaderboards for "Top Player". For the achievement to unlock, you must meet all conditions for the leaderboards. Exit the game, and enter again to get the achievement once you have done so.

Total Score (All Time)

You must get AT LEAST 250,000 total points between all rounds within one language. You must also be in the top 250 people on the leaderboards.

Average Score (All Time)

You must get AT LEAST 85,000 total points between all rounds within one language. You must also have played 100+ rounds and be in the top 250 people on the leaderboards.

Tip: Play a language that is not played much and keep grinding away. Shoot for 85,000 total points. You will for sure have played 100 games by the time you get the score. You should also be in the top 250.


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