Pac-Man Kart Rally - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 One Step Ahead (20 points)
Finish 3 races 1 lap before at least 1 opponent.
 Dotted Line (10 points)
Finish an Expert Tournament Race with 10 Pac-Dots.
 Gear Head (10 points)
Unlock all karts and all kart upgrades.
 Drift Away (10 points)
Perform 8 drift boosts in a single race.
 Champion (20 points)
Win all the cups on 1st place.
 Hardcore (10 points)
Finish 3 races without using any power-ups.
 Mission Accomplished (30 points)
Complete all the missions in Challenge Mode.
 I Will Survive (20 points)
Place 1st in each lap in a Survival Race.
 Unbeatable (20 points)
Win 50 Multiplayer Races.
 Karting King (30 points)
Complete the Tournament on Expert difficulty.
 Record Breaker (10 points)
Beat your own record 3 times on any track.
 Classic Pac-Man (10 points)
Eat all the ghosts in a Chase Race.

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