Call of Duty: Black Ops II - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 90 achievements with a total of 2000 points.
 No Man Left Behind (20 points)
Rescue Woods.

Story Related. Complete the first mission, "Pyrrhic Victory."

 Gathering Storm (20 points)
Investigate the jungle facility.

Story Related. Complete the second mission, "Celerium".

 Shifting Sands (20 points)
Gather intel on Raul Menendez from Mullah Rahmaan.

Story Related. Complete the third mission, "Old Wounds."

 Driven by Rage (20 points)
Take down Menendez and his operation.

Story Related. Complete the fourth mission, "Time and Fate."

 Waterlogged (20 points)
Gather information on Raul Menendez' suspected terrorist plot.

Story Related. Complete the fifth mission, "Fallen Angel."

 What Happens in Colossus... (20 points)
Find the Karma weapon.

Story Related. Complete the mission sixth mission, "Karma."

 False Profit (20 points)
Capture Manuel Noriega and bring him to justice.

Story Related. Complete the seventh mission, "Suffer with Me."

 Deep Cover (20 points)
Capture Menendez.

Story Related. Complete the eighth mission, "Achilles' Veil."

 Sinking Star (20 points)
Interrogate Menendez.

Story Related. Complete the ninth mission, "Odysseus."

 Late for the Prom (20 points)
Escort the president to the secure location in downtown LA.

Story Related. Complete the tenth mission, "Cordis Die."

 Death from Above (50 points)
Stop Menendez once and for all.

Story Related. Complete the eleventh mission of the game, "Judgment Day." This is the last mission of the game and can be unlocked on any difficulty.

 Old Fashioned (50 points)
Complete "Pyrrhic Victory", "Old Wounds", "Time And Fate", and "Suffer With Me" in Veteran.

See "Black Ops II Master." This achievement is just for completing the past missions on Veteran.

 Futurist (50 points)
Complete all future levels in veteran.

See "Black Ops II Master." This achievement is just for completing the future missions on Veteran.

 Giant Accomplishment (50 points)
Complete all challenges in Black Ops II.

There are 10 challenges per level with 16 levels. This means you must complete 160 challenges in total. During Mission Briefing, press  to go into Career Record. On the level, press . Now press  to see a list of the challenges. You do not have to do all 10 at once, you can do them on any difficulty and in any order.

Here is a very good guide by E vee dub.


 Mission Complete (10 points)
Complete all challenges in a level.

See "Giant Accomplishment" achievement description.

 Just Gettin' Started (10 points)
Complete 1 challenge in any level.

This should come on the first level. You'll just end up picking up some random challenge and getting the achievement.

 Singapore Sling (15 points)
Successfully neutralize the SDC freighter at Keppel Terminal.

Mission: Shipwreck.

Complete the related Strike Force mission, Shipwreck.

Shipwreck Walkthrough

 Desert Storm (15 points)
Successfully escort the VIPs to safety.

Mission: I.E.D.

Complete the related Strike Force mission I.E.D.

I.E.D. Walkthrough

 Defender (15 points)
Successfully defend FOB Spectre from incursion.

Mission: FOB Spectre.

Complete the related Strike Force mission.

FOB Spectre Walkthrough

 Black Ops II Master (15 points)
Complete the campaign on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.

Go through the game on Veteran instead of hardened to unlock both "Old Fashioned" and "Futurist." Veteran is the hardest difficulty you can select. You need to learn to utilize cover and special grenades. Specials/Secondary grenades can often times get you through a tight situation with a lot of enemies. Most parts only have a certain number of enemies to fight so if you take them out one at a time, regenerating your health in between kills, you should be good.

I recommended the Storm PSR sniper as your secondary. You can see and kill enemies through walls without putting yourself in the fire fight. Primaries are of course your choice but a target finding can often prove to be helpful. However, you need to get fairly fair into the campaign to unlock it. You can unlock it then mission select to start with it from the beginning. Veteran for this game is not especially hard so this will most likely only help novice players.

 Art of War (25 points)
Successfully assassinate SDC Chairman Tian Zhao.

Mission: Dispatch.

Complete the related Strike Force mission.

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 - Strike Force Mission 5 - Dispatch - YouTube

 Blind Date (15 points)
Successfully rescue HVI.

Mission: Second Chance.

Complete the related Strike Force mission.

Second Chance Walkthrough

 Family Reunion (10 points)
There are two futures.

Mission 7: Suffer With Me.
At the end of the mission, the objective is to snipe the man in the head. Instead of doing that, shoot him in the lower body region twice and the achievement will unlock.


This achievement gets it's name from Woods, Hudson, and Mason all getting their knees blown off.

 Hey Good Looking (10 points)
Plastic surgery avoided

Mission 5: Fallen Angel.

Nearing the end of the level, you'll be put back into the car. Right at this point, a helicopter will crash ahead of you and you'll then see a pipe explode with then flames coming out of it.

Instead of driving through the flames, keep to the right and head around/underneath it. IF done right, you won't get hurt and the achievement will unlock.

Hey Good Looking - Youtube Guide


 Showdown (15 points)
A duel between rivals

This is an achievement that takes a few steps between a few missions. Make sure you get this achievement on your veteran walkthrough! There is another achievement with sort of opposite steps. Please read "Good Karma" for more information on that. It is important that for you to get the achievement, you rewind the story. Go to replay mission and hit  and it will rewind so you can change the outcome of the story in the end while keeping all challenge and weapon progress.

  1. Defalco escapes in "Karma."
  2. Skip Strike Force mission "Second Chance."
  3. Kill Harper instead of Menendez in "Achilles Veil."
  4. Spare Admiral Briggs in at the end of "Odysseus" by shooting him in the leg.


 Dirty Business (15 points)
Listen and think before you shoot.

Mission: Old Wounds + Suffer With Me.

If you resist the urge to kill Kravchenko by mashing . The achievement will then pop when you are interrogating Noriega.

 Ship Shape (10 points)
Reinforcements on the way.

For this achievement, you have to complete all Strike Force missions before the level Odysseus. I suggest you complete them as soon as they unlock for you as you only have a set amount of missions you can complete before they go away. Once you are on the level Odysseus, you need to shoot Briggs in the leg. Finish the level and the achievement is yours.

 Dead or Alive (15 points)
Jailor or executioner.

Mission: Judgement Day

You will have a choice to kill someone or capture them. Either one unlocks the achievement, but if you take too long to make a decision, you won't unlock it.

Note: If you take too long to decide whether to shoot him or capture him (you only have a couple of seconds), the game takes over and makes the choice for you. If this happens, you will not unlock the achievement. You yourself have to press  or .

 Ultimate Sacrifice (15 points)
Only one can survive.

Mission: Achilles Veil.

You will have an option to shoot Harper or Menendez. Shoot Menendez and the achievement will unlock.

 Good Karma (20 points)
Crack the celerium worm.

This achievement requires several steps between various missions in order for Karma to survive (which is your goal). There is another achievement called "Showdown" that is sort of the opposite of this achievement so please read that description as well to plan out your course of action on these two achievements. It is important that for you to get the achievement, you rewind the story. Go to replay mission and hit  and it will rewind so you can change the outcome of the story in the end while keeping all challenge and weapon progress.

  1. Kill Defalco in the mission "Karma"
  2. Complete Strike Force mission "Second Chance" (If available).
  3. Complete "Suffer with Me" and additional Strikeforce Mission
  4. Kill Harper with Farid in mission "Achilles Veil" (Farid survives).
  5. Spare Admiral Briggs in "Odysseus" mission by shooting him in the leg.

Good Karma - Youtube Walkthrough

 High IQ (20 points)
Collect all intel.

Intel is the collectible in this game. There are several per level with ?? in total. Here is a thread with an intel guide compiled by iBuzz7S

Or here is another video provided by deathmule.
Call of Duty Black OPs 2 : ALL INTEL HQ ( INTEL HQ ) Achievement | Trophy Guide - YouTube

 Back in Time (10 points)
Use a future weapon in the past.

You must first complete the campaign. Then pick a past mission and select a weapon you used in the future. (Storm PSR, MSMC, etc). Past missions consist of Pyrrhic Victory, Old Wounds, Time And Fate, and Suffer With Me. You need to get a kill with it and it should unlock at the end of the mission.

 Man of the People (15 points)
Stop the brutality inflicted by the PDF.

On the level where you are hunting Menendez, there are civilians being attacked. Kill all of their attackers and this should pop. As soon as you see them on the ground you should have more than enough time to kill the attacker. Just explore all buildings and it should pop right before you finish the part where you play as Menendez.

Man of the People

 Gun Nut (10 points)
Complete a level with customized loadout.

You can do this on the first level. Before you start the level you are given the option to change your loadout by hitting . Just add select fire to the FAL as it is already unlocked and only changes your gameplay if you activate it.

 Ten K (15 points)
Minimum score 10k in every mission

In the campaign, you can get scores for each mission. You cannot see while in the mission what score you currently have. You may only see it in the stats screen afterwards. To check which missions you have obtained the 10k, you can look in career stats. Below is a breakdown of the points.

  • Kill: 10
  • Melee Kill: 100
  • Headshot: 50
  • Kill by Explosion: 150
  • Vehicle or Robot Kill: 150
  • Stun: 250
  • Difficulty Levels: 5,000 Increase per Difficulty.
  • Challenges: 2,000

While playing through on Veteran difficulty, you will very likely triple or more most of scores for each level. This seems daunting at first, but it's extremely easy.

 Welcome to the Club (10 points)
Reach Sergeant (Level 10) in multiplayer Public Match.

To reach level 10 in multiplayer, it should only take you an hour or two. Kill enemies, call in killstreaks, and play the objective. To those who would play the multiplayer anyways, this achievement will come naturally.

 Welcome to the Penthouse (50 points)
Prestige once in multiplayer Public Match.

You need to reach the level of 55. Once you have done that, you will be given the option to prestige in your playercard. Once you do that, you will get the achievement. It's takes approximately 20-28?? hours to prestige.

 Big Leagues (20 points)
Win 5 multiplayer League Play games after being placed in a division.

Upon hitting public match, you will have the option to play League Games. These are meant to me more competitive. You need to play the qualifying game then win 5 more. Something you could do is intentionally do bad for the first game so your other 5 are very easy to win.

 Trained Up (10 points)
Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Combat Training playlists.

Combat Training is a game mode where you fight bots. You can do this solo or with friends. The easiest way to get this is to make the enemy score limit as low as it will go and give the enemy team the most amount of members.

When in the multiplayer menu, you can select the combat training game mode. Play that game mode with friends or solo and after 10 victories you should get the achievement.

Note: Bootcamp playlist becomes unavailable at Sergeant (level 11). You will have to play Objective from then on if you wish to get the achievement.

 Party Animal (10 points)
Win 10 multiplayer games while playing in Party Games playlists.

There are a total of 4 game types in this playlist. These are non-team based. You need to place in the top 3 to get credit for winning.

  • Gun Game
  • One in the Chamber
  • Sharpshooter
  • Sticks and Stones

One in the Chamber may be easiest for some. Gun Game would probably be second easiest but each player is different. If you have great accuracy, One in the Chamber. If you are good with all guns, play Sharpshooter.Good with map control, Gun Game. Good with tomahawks, Sticks and Stones.

 Tower of Babble (75 points)
In TranZit, obey the voices.

This is the Easter Egg of TranZit. It's actually much easier and simpler than those of past zombie games.
Here is some preliminary information.

  • Must be done with two+ people.
  • No perks can be used. (Confirmation if done with fan?)
  • Must be done on original difficulty.
  • Dr. Maxis Path (There are two paths)
  • Everyone must have turbine.
  • You will need an EMP grenade.


Step 1 - Turn on the power and wait until the door opens. Then turn the power off.
Step 2 - Get the EMP grenade. Which essentially means you need to spam the box.
Step 3 - Reach the Pylon in the corn field. Between Farm and Power there is a split in the corn field. You have to jump off the bus and travel through it until you reach a giant electrical tower/pylon.
Step 4 - Power the Pylon. You need to put turbines on the left and right side of the tower on the side closest to the fence. You need two turbines. Dr. Maxis will start talking and once he finishes, pick up the turbines again.
Step 5 - Kill the Electric Zombie under the Pylon. He spawns at random so if you see him in the middle of a round, it is best to leave one zombie alive (crawler) and try to lead him under the Pylon. Place the turbines in the same spot you did previously and then lead him over to them. You need to hit it with an EMP grenade.
Step 6 - Grab more turbines and get all four players into position.


  • Two players stay under the Pylon.
  • One person goes to the light at Bus Depot.
  • One person goes to the light at Diner that is next to the shed.

Step 7 - Place the fans at the same time or close to it and the achievement should pop.

Tower of Babble

 Don't Fire Until You See (30 points)
In TranZit, have all doors opened without being set on fire.

There are 19 doors in total to open making this a somewhat tricky achievement. A video guide will be the easiest to follow but below is a text guide. You will need the fan in order to get this achievement.

Locations Overview

  • Three in the Bus Depot. Two power doors.
  • Three in the Diner. One power door.
  • Four at the Farm. One power door.
  • Three at the Power Room.
  • Six in the Town. Includes safe doors.

Prices and Locations

  • Bus Depot - Two power doors are to your right. They may open at the same time. One door to the left of the work bench for 750 points.
  • Diner - Get off the BACK of the bus and open the first door for 750 points. Travel through the Diner and open the door to the right of the gas pumps for another 750 points. Lastly, run to the white shed paste the gas pumps and use the fan. Make sure when you run back to the bus you go back the way you came. Don't risk jumping over the lava pit.
  • Farm - When you arrive at the Farm, open the gate for 750 points. Travel straight forward and open the door that is on the opposite side of the area behind the truck. Use the fan and make sure the BOTH doors opened. Here is the tricky part. You need to jump over a lava crack to open the house doors. Open this for 750 points then jump BACK over the crack and hop on the bus.
  • Power Room - Upon arriving, open the outhouse door for 750 points and jump down. Use the Turbine on the door with the lightning bolt directly behind you. This will open the Pack a Punch room. You don't have to actually go into the PaP room, just place the turbine for 10 seconds or so. You will then have to collect the parts and turn on the power and the second door will open. The second door does take some time and because it is the only way back up, you might miss the bus. You can buy the 74u off the wall and just wait.
  • Town - Upon arriving, walk out the back door and make sure you don't step on the crack. Open the door for 1000 points. Through a grenade at the vault door to make it open. Walk through the door and through a grenade at the second vault door. Once you do that, walk outside and head to the bar. Make sure you jump over the crack and open the door for 750 points. Cross the street and head up the stairs and open the door to the Juggernaut room for 750 points. Jump down and hop over the crack. Now use your fan on the white door to the right and open it. The achievement should pop.

An almost foolproof method to this achievement would to have a second controller open all of the doors and just leave the first player (main account) alone. If it dies, it doesn't matter. As long as you don't walk into fire you will be fine and the achievement will unlock.

 The Lights Of Their Eyes (5 points)
In Green Run, pacify at least 10 zombies with 1 EMP.

This can be done without the bus transportation on the Farm map. Just get the EMP from the box and if you hit at least 10 zombies the achievement will pop.

 Undead Man's Party Bus (15 points)
In TranZit, complete all additions to the bus in 1 game.

There are four total locations that the parts can be. The video below shows only three. All four locations are below.
Bus Depot
From the starting room build the fan and open the white door that says you need power. The part will be to your right.
From where you get off the bus, go left to the shack. Use the fan and there should be a piece in that room.
First open the gate for 750 points. Then continue forward and there will be a door you need to use the fan on straight in front of you. Piece will be on the floor.
When you get off the bus you head to the left and down the street. Weave through the cars and there will be a door on the right. Once again use the fan on the door and the piece will be inside.

Undead Man's Party Bus

 Dance On My Grave (5 points)
In Green Run, acquire your Tombstone.

When you turn on the power on TranZit, a door will open after 30 so seconds in the room with the lever. When you walk up this pathway there will be a perk machine called Tombstone. Buy this and get downed. You will have the option to hit X to drop a package with all of your items and perks, minus Tombstone. Once you respawn, pick up your Tombstone drop the achievement will unlock.

 Standard Equipment May Vary (25 points)
In TranZit, acquire 4 different equippable items in 1 game.

*I advise just watching the video for locations as it is the easiest way to find their locations*
There are parts on almost every part of the map. You bring them to a work table to build them. Most parts change locations but will always be in similar areas.

Starting Room - Turbine

  • Fan - From where you start, it is on the bench by the white door.
  • Manikin - From where you start, is will be against the board in the middle of the room.
  • Plane - From where you start, go all the way to the left then at the floor by the pay phones.

Diner - Zombie Shield

  • Dolley - It is in the diner behind the counter or somewhere close to it.
  • Car Door - It will always be in the garage, which is to the left of the work bench.

Farm - Turret

  • Lawnmower - It is either outside the side of the house or in the barn.
  • LMG - Either Upstairs on the couch of the house or upstairs in the barn.
  • Ammo Belt - Either to the right of the work bench or in the kitchen.

Power Room (After Power is Turned On) - Electric Trap

  • Battery - Next to the workbench or on the barrels.
  • Tube TV - Either on the barrels overlooking the outside or on a windowsill by the catwalk.
  • Tesla Coil(?) - You need to jump down off the catwalk to another one below. It should be on the boxes to the left.

Standard Equipment May Vary

 You Have No Power Over Me (15 points)
You Have No Power Over Me

For this achievement you need to turn on the power, and then get really lucky. Avagadro or the Electric Guy spawns at random. You can either hit him with an EMP grenade or knife him like you see done in the video. Of course knifing him on later rounds isn't a smart move because he and the zombies trying to kill you have more health. But it is advised to turn on the power as soon as possible. Round 1 or 2.

You Have No Power Over Me

 I Don't Think They Exist (10 points)
In TranZit, kill one of the denizens of the forest while it is latched onto you.

As soon as you get outside where the bus pulls up, head to the end of the road and into the fog. Doing so will spawn a Denizens. Wait for it to attack you and let it jump in you body/head. Once it has, press the melee button until it dies. It must be on you for it to unlock.

 Fuel Efficient (10 points)
In TranZit, use an alternative mode of transportation.

First you need to turn on the power. Once you have done so, you will see green lights around the map. You need to get a denizen to jump on your head and you walk under the light. It will create a teleporter. Jump through and the achievement will unlock.

 Happy Hour (10 points)
In TranZit, buy 2 different perks before turning on the power.

You need to build the fan that opens the doors in the starting room of transit. You need the manican body, plane rudder, and fan. The locations are shown in this video. Then you need to buy Quick Revive (500 Points) and open the two doors to get to the bus with the fan. Do it with the fan because it won't cost. Then ride the bus to the farm (Second Stop) and open the gate. Once you have opened the gate you can run into the barn and use the fan to turn on Double Tap and buy it (2000 Points). You should be able to do with by round 2 if you maximize your points.

Happy Hour Achievement Guide - Youtube Walkway

 High Maintenance (75 points)
In Die Rise, be the architect of their instruction.

This easter egg will probably take a couple of attempt to achieve so be prepared. Below is Richtofen's Guide. Maxis' path is much harder.

The basic items currently needed:

  • Sliquifier
  • Sniper Rifle (Any)
  • Power (on)
  • 4 Players

Step 1: The Power
Turn on the power. You can not begin until this has been done.

Step 2: Tiles
There are several tiles in elevators all over die rise. locate the 4 (one per elevator) and stand on it at the same time. This should light them up.

Now you must look for 3 other tiles on the floor. There are several locations for these so look around. They must be activated in a specific order. 

Step 3: The Sniper and the Balls
-So we have all heard of these magic balls and we are like "How do we shoot em down?" Well, you probably had the wrong step. First, one must get a sniper rifle (the SDV is best but it doesnt matter). Then, since step 2 should be complete, you can now shoot the orbs (best place to shoot from is spawn IMO). This will cause them to disappear and reappear at the starting room under the feet of the Lions. Then audio can be heard. 

Step 4: The Sliquifier
-What is an easter egg without some Wonder Weapons to liven things up! You grab the sliquifier and take it back to spawn. Use it on the balls under the lions paw until they spin. Richtofen will then be pleased and will speak. 

Step 5: Lion Tiles on the Floor
-There are 4 lion tiles scattered in a few places. Find all of them and have them facing the spire. Launch zombies continually into the tower using the Steam Flingers. After a while, the "Blood sacrifice" will suffice and some more sparks will appear on richtofens dragon. 

Step 6 FINALE!: The Galvaknuckles
-So Basically one must buy the galvaknuckles and use them on the tower. There are your blue edges that need to be knifed so as to power the spire. Knife them each a few times and the spire will illuminate power! CONGRATS! Richtofen is pleased! High maintenance is now unlocked ....Except it isnt as easy as randomly hitting it. They must be hit in a certain order. Hidden on the map are several mahjong tiles. Each one represents one pole of the tower.

Hint: The dragons tails will light up signaling the progression of Richtofen or Maxis side of the easter egg; The navcard table can be built but the actual reason for it is still unknown.


 Vertigoner (10 points)
In Die Rise, fling 10 zombies in one game.

You firstly have to build the Trample Steam which you need:

  • The flag pole
  • The brown air thing
  • Battery
  • Metal square

These can either be found in the starting area or in the room next to the starting area (You pay 750 points to open the door). Before you can build it though you need to turn on the power which can be accessed a variety of ways but the best way is to go down the lift at the start, jump to the next building and open the door in front of you to get to the power switch. Once you've done that use the elevators to get to the roof, then jump back to the building you started on. Now, all you need to do is pick each part up then go down to floors on either of the two elevators here to reach the workbench (This is much easier with 4 people).

Once you've built it just set it up with the up button on the analog stick and wait for it to pull back, zombies will be attested to it so make sure they don't break it. Once it has been pulled all the way back simply watch the zombies in front of it get flung into the air. Repeat 10 times in one game.

 Mad Without Power (30 points)
In Die Rise, reach round 10 before turning on the power.

Fairly self explanatory. Just don't turn on the power. You can either just hold out with 3 friends or find a good place to run a train of zombies. You can use the mystery box as that does not require power.

A good method is to buy the R870 Shotgun from the wall as it is a OHK up to around round 8 if you hit them directly in the chest or head AND build the Sliquifier (See Slippery When Undead). You can find a decent spot to run around in circles then just shoot a zombie. If you learn how to use the gun correctly you can kill 10+ zombies with one shot. Picking up the Perma-Perk Juggernaut works well too making you go down in 4 hits instead of 2. 6 if you buy Juggernog.

Another good strategy is to make your way towards the Galva Knuckles. They cost 6,000 posts but are a one hit kill until round 14 for both Zombies and Nova Crawlers. This means you should be able to get a free perk if you melee them all.

 Shafted (35 points)
In Die Rise, use Pack-a-Punch and all perk machines in one game.

The perks cost a Total of 18,000 Points Solo or 19,000 Points in Multiplayer. However, you can only buy 4 perk-a-colas at once. Killing the jumping nova zombies by melee and getting a perk that way won't count.

You can down yourself if you have quick revive (Solo) and then buy the two perks you are missing. You can do the same with Who's Who. You won't need Quick Revive to pick yourself up in Multiplayer because you will need to rely on the other players to pick you up.

Most Perk Machines tend to be in the elevators but the spawns are random for all except Quick Revive when playing solo as it is in the starting room.

  • Speed Cola - 2000 Points
  • Mule Kick - 4000 Points
  • Quick Revive - 500 Solo or 1500 Multiplayer
  • Who's Who - 2000 Points
  • Juggernog - 2500 Points
  • Double Tap - 2000 Points
  • Pack-a-Punch - 5000 Points


 Slippery When Undead (15 points)
In Die Rise, kill 5 zombies with a single shot from the Sliquifier.

To build the Sliquifer you have to find the 5 parts in the upper and lower floors of the power room area, the spawns are very random. The pieces can be found on the floor and on desks, most of the pieces blend in well so be sure to cover everything to find the pieces. Once you have found 1 you want to go to the lower floor, here you will find a desk in which you can build the Sliquifier. Find all the pieces then you'll be able to claim the gun.

  • Gas Canister - It is either directly next to where the Sliquifier is built in a cage, or directly next to the power switch on a table.
  • Boot Heel - Near the top of the staircase, next to the television. This part never moves.
  • Dish - It is either on the barrel next to where the debris was bought, or it is in the room upstairs with the showers and washing machines on a wooden stand.
  • Corkscrew - It is either in the power room on the tables by the elevators, or by the fridge near where you build the Sliquifier.

Once you have built it simply take it and it will be added to your inventory or replace the gun you are holding at the time. Be careful though, if you run out of ammo you will only be able to get the gun again from the mystery box. As soon as you get it you want to make a train of zombies (have a group following you). When there is 5+ simply shoot the gun once into the group. The gun will kill everybody it touched and also cause a chain reaction, so if a zombie explodes near an unaffected zombie it will kill them too.

 Facing the Dragon (10 points)
In Die Rise, face the dragon head-on before reaching round 2.

Another easy and quick achievement, this can be done within 2 minutes upon starting any game of zombies on Die Rise. All you have to do is kill all the zombies but leave one of them. From the starting point get in the lift to your left, wait in it around 5 seconds until it falls to the floor below. Follow this corridor and jump to the next building (The power switch one). Once here go through the foors to the power room and turn on the power. There will be two lifts to your right, one will have a perk machine and one you'll be able to climb on top. Climb on top of that one. Once in the lift will go down (I advise you get out here as the lone zombie you left will be here and you don't want him killing you). Lure the zombie away from the lift and as soon as you hear the lift beep quickly jump back on it, this will take you to the top floor with the Dragon. All you have to do now is follow the path around and get the to highest point on the ramp by the dragon.

 I'm My Own Best Friend (10 points)
In Die Rise, revive yourself.

Note: The perk can only be accessed while the power is on, the machine also spawns in a random lift.

You cannot get this achievement from using the quick revive perk in a solo game, even though that revives you. To get the achievement you have to use a new perk called 'Whos Who'. This perk works like so; Say you get knocked down, you will respawn as a sort of ghost and only have an M9 pistol (Be aware zombies will still go for you), you will see the 'Revive' marker on the screen too, this is your body. All you have to do is go up to yourself and revive like you would normally. The achievement will unlock as soon as you revive yourself.

 Polyarmory (30 points)
In Diner Turned, get a kill with each primary weapon in a Public Match.

In Turned you get a new weapon for every kill. There are a total of 6 weapons you need to get kills with making these achievement fairly easy to unlock. Sometimes it will take several kills to receive a new weapon but be persistent and you'll get this achievement. Unless you are playing against a group of inexperienced players, this achievement will be quite difficult.

If you get a group of friends to join you (by searching over and over again until you meet in the same lobby), you can knock this out very easily.

  • Executioner
  • M1216
  • M27
  • Chicom CQB
  • KAP-40
  • M1911


 Monkey See, Monkey Doom (15 points)
In Diner Turned, retrieve a chained Cymbal Monkey in a Public Match.

After killing a bunch of zombies consecutavly, a monkey will randomly drop. You need to grab it and throw it at a group of zombies. It will chain them together and kill them. Once they die, another white monkey (white glowing) will spawn, pick it up and the achievement will pop.

 I See Live People (20 points)
In Diner Turned, kill the human while its decoy is in play in a Public Match.

When a player throws a Cymbal Monkey, this will create a decoy of the player where the monkey landed. All you have to do is kill the static image of the the player that threw it without them killing you. This will happen a lot in the turned games you play, so you will get this evetually. This achievement can also be boosted, see the Achievement Trading Thread if you would like to boost the achievement.

 No One Escapes Alive (75 points)
In Mob of the Dead, execute the escape plan.

Each step will require you to use the afterlife. While you can do this solo you can get it completed much earlier with more players.

Step 1 - The Warden's Key
The first step is to get the Warden's Key. You will see it hanging and electrified in one of the cell blocks. Go into the afterlife and there will be a portal up top next to a computer console. Shock the console and the electricity should drop. Press  to pick up the key.

Step 2 - Open The Roof
You want to go ahead and open the roof as soon as possible simply because you can only hold one plane part at a time. You will need to go to the bathroom(?) and then there will be a locked door with a Roof sign lit up. You need to go into the afterlife and through the portal which leads to the roof. There is a power box you will need to shock then the door to the roof will open.

Step 3 - Uniform
Location - Laundry

You want to travel through the cell block ground level and go down the passage to Laundry. There will be a bunch of bodies hanging in the room and off to the side you will have to open a gate with the Warden's Key. Then go over to the shock box on the opposite corner of the room and travel back to the gate and shock the power box. Return to your body and wait for the washing machine to finish. Grab the uniform then attach it to the plane.

Step 4 - Rigging
Location - Spiral Staircase

You will want to travel through the catacombs until you see a spiral staircase. You need to use the Warden's Key to open the box at the bottom and then spend 1000 points to open the door to the left that seems to lead to nowhere. Travel back up to the top and use the shock box. As you travel back down the spiral staircase you will see numbers on the wall. Remember all 3 numbers and then shock each box at the bottom the appropriate number of times. The glowing platform will then drop. Return to your body then go through the door you opened previously at the bottom. You will be able to open a gate and grab the next part.

Step 5 - Propane Tank
Location - Docks

You will need to hit the power box with electricity in the afterlife for the gate to open. It is timed however so you will need to make it quick.

Step 6 - Engine
Location - Warden's Office

For this one you want to go down the spiral staircase and unlock the gate that has all of those computers. Go into the afterlife and shock the two computers until the lights go out then go through the portal and shock the third one. Return to your body and head to the Warden's Office. The door that was previously electrified will be open and you can grab the part.

Step 7 - Control Valve
Location - Next to Deadshot Daiquiri

Next to Deadshot in a glowing green case.

Step 8 - Final
Now just build the plane with all the parts and press X to fly. When on the bridge you can return via electric chairs. In order to fly again you will need fuel cans but those are found in the same spots as the plane parts. You won't have to do any afterlife stuff anymore.


 Feed the Beast (10 points)
In Mob of the Dead, obtain Hell's Retriever.

You will see in three different spots a giant flaming hell hound. In order for them to spawn you need to kill a zombie next to it and then feed it about 10 more. The locations are...

  • Under Electric Cherry.
  • By the Docks opposite of the Tommy Gun.
  • Next to the entrance to the roof.

 Making the Rounds (30 points)
In Mob of the Dead, complete the cycle 3 times.

See "No One Escapes Alive" for the steps to build the airplane.

Once you have have built the plane, travel to the Golden Gate Bridge. Once you have done this you will need to wait and then use the electric chairs when they spawn to teleport back to Alcatraz. From here you need to visit all of the parts locations again for gas cans. Find all 5, refuel the plane, then travel to the bridge again. Do this one more time and the achievement will unlock when you return to Alcatraz.

 Acid Drip (20 points)
In Mob of the Dead, convert a weapon using a kit.

This achievement is mostly luck based. You will need to build the Acid Gat Kit and get the Blundergat. When you get all three parts for the Acid Gat Kit you can press  to upgrade the Blundergat. Take the gun and the achievement will unlock.

  • Machine - In the Warden's Room either by the plane part or the box location.
  • Case - Around the Michigan cell blocks. It's tricky to find but if you look around every corner you'll find it. A common spot is the one to the right of the laundry room.
  • Acid Bottle - Very easy to spot. It's in the Infirmary. Either on the table or the ground in the chair room.
 Full Lockdown (25 points)
In Mob of the Dead, Brutus completes his patrol.

For this achievement you will need to have everything powered on, both items built, and at least one part on the plane. Brutus or the Warden spawns randomly throughout the round. If you take the plane before you try for the achievement everything will be powered on when you return. Just put one gas can on the plane for it to be "Warden Ready."

So you will need a Warden to spawn and then you need to lead him around the entire map. Try to make sure there's only a few zombies left and don't kill the Warden. He will go over anything he passes and destroy it. It will cost 2000 points to repair but don't do that until you get the achievement. 

These are the items you must bring him to.

  • All Perks Machines - Juggernog, Speed-Cola, Double Tap, Electric Cherry, and Deadshot Daiquiri
  • Mystery Box - You may need to hit the box with him around for him to destroy it.
  • All Crafting Tables - There are a total of three around the map. Two of which need to have an item built on it (Shield and Acid Gat Kit).
  • Plane - It must have one part on it for the Warden to destroy it (Plane part or gas can)

At this point it should unlock if everything was done correctly. Window barriers do not count.

  A Burst of Flavor (15 points)
In Mob of the Dead, kill 10 zombies at once with a new beverage.

The new perk is called Electric Cherry. In order to get it you will need to take the gondola up to the upper area of the prison. You have to power on the machine then buy it for 2000 points. When you reload it sends a shock out. If you use up all the ammo in the mag without reloading (force reload) the shock wave will be much bigger and has a higher chance to kill zombies. You will want to get a large group together and walk close to them and reload or fire off the last shot. If you have juggernog you have a higher chance of surviving the encounter since you have to be extremely close to them.

This is what the machine looks like.

 Paranormal Progress (5 points)
In Mob of the Dead, open a door without spending points.

From where you start go through the door to the right of the windows. It will cost 1000 points. Once you enter the cell block area go into the afterlife and travel through the blue portal on the wall. You will need to travel above where you enter and shock one of the power boxes. Levitate by pressing . As soon as you shock the power box the achievement will unlock.

 GG Bridge (30 points)
In Mob of the Dead, survive an entire round on the bridge on round 15 or higher.

This requires you to first build the plane (see "No One Escapes Alive") and then use it to go to the Golden Gate Bridge. Make sure you only have a couple zombies left when you go to the bridge on whatever round you are on.

You will want to have at least one Pack-a-Punched weapon and the Hell's Retriever to make this easy. It is very close quarters and there are several Warden's that will spawn in. Remember to aim for the head and you should survive. Stay away from the electric chairs until the round is over!

 Trapped in Time (15 points)
In Mob of the Dead, use and upgrade all traps before round 10.

There are a total of three traps around the map. Only one of them can be upgraded. 
Here are the traps. All of them cost 1000 points to use.

  • Acid Trap - Cell Blocks
  • Fan Trap - Entrance to the Warden's Office
  • Sniper Trap (Upgradable) - Found on the docks at the lighthouse

You need to first power on the Sniper Trap then go into the afterlife and shock the power box. It will upgrade it from a sniper to an RPG. The achievement will then unlock.

 Pop Goes the Weasel (25 points)
In Mob of the Dead, break the cycle.

This is the zombie map easter egg. Plain and simple here are all of the steps that need to be performed despite what other guides may say. YOU WILL NEED TWO OR MORE PLAYERS.

Step 1 - Obtain Hell's Retriever
See "Feed the Beast" to learn how obtain the Hell's Retriever.

Step 2 - Build the Plane and Fly to the Golden Gate Bridge
See "No One Escapes Alive" to learn how to build the plane.

Step 3 - Repeat Two More Times
Get the gas cans and do this two more times. See "Making the Rounds" for tips.

Step 4 - Getting the Blue Skulls
There are a total of 5 locations. This is where they are found but a video is by far the easiest way to find the locations. You will need to hit them with the Hell's Retriever. If you are having trouble finding them they can be spotted in afterlife.

  • 1. Through the second door of the Olympia room.
  • 2. Warden's Office
  • 3. Docks near the tower trap
  • 4. Near Juggernog on a lamp post above it on the hill.
  • 5. Corner of the building across from the roof

Step 5 - The Poster
Outside of the Warden's Office there is a poster in one of the cells. It's colorful and pretty easy to spot. Hit it with the Hell's Retriever.

*Bonus* This will award you a free Blundergat. It is found on the Warden's desk in the Office area. It is not needed for the easter egg but you can get the "Acid Drip" achievement with it.

Step 6 - The First Spoon
You are looking for a hole in the metal around Electric Cherry. You have to go into the afterlife and travel through the hole. Shock the spoon and you should hear some maniacal laughter.

Step 7 - The Second Spoon
Go into the cafeteria area. In the far back there will be a window between the work bench and claymore. Looking through the window you will see a table with three shelves and a spoon on top. Throw your Hell's Retriever at the spoon to collect the spoon. Congratulations, your melee weapon is now a spoon.

Step 8 - Number Panels
Travel to the spiral staircase. At the bottom the three number panels should be spinning and changing. If not, you most likely did not fly on the plane three separate times. You want to go into the afterlife and input these numbers. You will know you did it right when the numbers roll over. This can be done with two separate people if you don't have enough time to do it in one afterlife session. 


  • 872
  • 101
  • 386
  • 481


After inputing the numbers you will hear an audio clip starting with "So you want to know the truth..." and your screen will turn black and white.

Step 9 - Headphones
There are a total of five pairs of headphones scattered throughout the map. Once one is picked up the next one will spawn. They will lead you to the roof. They are impossible not to see as they look like a zombie drop (Nuke, Insta-Kill, etc).
Locations are as followed.

  • Spiral Staircase
  • Area above Spiral Staircase
  • First Level of Cell Blocks
  • Infirmary
  • Stairs to Roof

Step 10 - Refuel The Plane
Now you want to collect all of the fuel cans for one last time and refuel the plane. Do not ride it just yet.

Step 11 - Finale
Go into the afterlife either by the shock box below the roof or by cooking a grenade. Make sure everyone is in the afterlife next to the plane then hit  to board. All players must be on the plane in the afterlife.

When you arrive, go to the electric chairs and revive yourself. You will see some lightening and your group will have to fight off several Wardens. Once you do this, you will be pitted against each other. Fight to the death! If you listened carefully you'll know who the traitor is!

When the deathmatch finishes, the achievement should unlock for everybody.

Here is a video guide that will make specific locations easier. Refer to the skull guide above if you need more clarification on that step.

 Mined Games (75 points)
In Buried, be their pawn.

Depending on how good your team of four (can't be done with less) is at their sharpshooting skills this achievement could take you between 1-3+ hours. The last step is a complete and utter pain. A pain that can last from 30 minutes to two hours alone! To help you get a visual though I have uploaded my whole teams' views in several videos at that step. GOOD LUCK.

Start a custom game of buried on original difficulty. (NOT EASY) Warning- If at any point you get the PARALYSER (RICHTOFEN’S PATHs) or TIME BOMB (MAXIS and RICHTOFEN'S PATHs) remember to keep the one(s) related to your EE side as you’ll need it for a step later on.

Like Tranzit & Die Rise, if one of you already has the achievement you won't be able to do the first significant step, in this instance finding all of the parts you need for the guillotine or gallows. The workaround for this is to start the game without the player(s) with the achievement and then invite them into round one. They will then be able to spawn in once the next round begins.

If at any point you want to give teammates points and also swap the drop for something else (max ammo, insta-kill etc.) here is what you do. Have whoever is giving the points get the galvaknuckles and have the points they're willing to give sitting there ready. Then go into the bank and around the counter near the tunnel. You'll then be able to notice two keys just like in the Tranzit bank. Hitting them with the galvaknuckles will put 1,000 of your points each time into a "$" drop that'll spawn on the other side on the counter in front of the teller windows. Whoever needs the points can then pick up the drop to receive them. Here is the the most helpful part of this... If you give Leeroy candy next to this "$" he will actually swap it out for another drop.

You will first have to build the gallows which is next to the entrance of the court house on the right. The gallows consists of four separate parts; the red spool of wire, the antenna, the battery and the glass bulb. I recommend keeping it on round one or two for these first few steps.

Since I have made the get go, of this guide, so long and detailed for newcomers I will add a shortened description of where the parts are and I'll assume you know what you're doing.

Simple Walkthrough:
The four parts are located:

  • Red Spool of Wire - From the chalk room of the gunsmiths go into the room on the left and look in the left corner.
  • The Antenna - On the lower floor of the barn leaning on a post.
  • The Battery - In the church behind the alter, on the floor.
  • The Glass Bulb - On the second floor of the jail cell, in the room where the mystery box spawns. On a crate just left of the box.

Once all pieces have been added onto the gallows you can now proceed to step three.

Detailed Walkthrough:
The Antenna
Once you have jumped down from the spawn room and fell down into the room with the shotgun chalk and quick revive, hold on the shotgun chalk to pick it up and then place it onto the ‘?’ on the wall for an easy 1,000 points. Then fall through the hole next to the shotgun and you’ll now be in the barn. For the first part to the gallows make your way down the stairs to the lower floor and face the entrance of the tunnel (the stairs will be to your direct left). The antenna is leaning on the side of the second stable from the end on your right.

The Glass Bulb
From the upper floor of the barn, go across the bridge to the building on the left of the mystery box. Once off the bridge and inside, the glass bulb will be in the first room on your immediate right sitting on a crate. Then go into the next room and fall through the floor. You should now be in a room with the giant dude known as Leeroy. Get the green key hanging besides his cell and let him out. Then give him booze so that he breaks down the wall.

NOTE: Whenever you give Leeroy booze he will run in the exact direction that YOU are facing.

For the next part you will have to progress a little further into the map. Now proceed to buy the saloon entrance and the sofa barricade on the stairs. You will now need to find the booze again which will have either spawned inside the saloon on one of the tables or in Leeroys cell again. Once you have it get Leeroy to break down the entrance of the gunsmith so that you can get a couple thousand points from placing the chalk (1,000 per placement with the final being 2,000) allowing you to easily keep it on round one or two for the first few steps.

Red Spool of Wire
Have you and a teammates take any three chalk drawings EXCEPT the pdw. Place one on the front of the jail cell (probably galveknuckles so you can find them easily later) where you got Leeroy, another up the stairs next to the mystery box and the third on the second floor of the saloon on the balcony. Once you’ve gotten yourselves some more points have someone, that doesn’t have a part yet, go back into the gunsmith and into the room to the left of where the chalk is to find the red spool of wire in the corner to the left.

From the entrance to the saloon you will notice a barricade on the distant right next to the candy shop. You will now have to go to the cash register in the saloon to purchase any more booze in the current round. Then what you will want to do is get Leeroy as far back as you can but still ensuring he makes contact once charging. If you get enough distance you’ll get up to 1,500 points on this barricade (the further away he is before he starts to charge the more points you will get). Now you can start to place all but one part of the gallows in position. You’ll find the gallows sitting to the right of the court house’s entrance (the building straight ahead from the previous barricade).

The Battery
Go ahead and buy even more booze so that Leeroy can break down the church entrance. The battery is behind the alter on the floor. Go back and add the last part. Before the next step you can make a little more points by placing another chalk on the second floor of the church and the last chalk (PDW) in the court house on the second floor.

In order to break each orb your team is going to have to build the subsurface resonator and the turbine to provide power to it.

Every part for both build-able is found in the general store and they can both be built at any bench. From the front entrance the tail is on a shelf to the left, the manikin is in the back room and the fan head is on a dresser upstairs. As for the subsurface resonator, you will need to get the roulette wheel, roulette table and board on the lower floor as well as the tube on the upper floor. Now you must go to each of the red orbs and break them by placing down the turbine and the resonator, ensuring the resonator is facing the orb.

There are four orbs that you’ll need to break. They are as follows: one is in the alleyway to the left of the saloon entrance, one is in the tunnel system (from the second floor of the saloon balcony go up the rails) to the first right from the saloon, one is to the left of the church entrance behind a rock and the last is in the small garden to the left once you exit the other side of the mansion (left of some stairs leading up to a closed door). This is the ONLY time more than one person has to go to the other side of the mansion.

Whilst going through the mansion make sure only one person is inside it at once. That way only one witch will be re spawning inside the mansion at any time. If this is your first time, spend all your cash or store it in the bank before anybody goes through or a witch will take it all (2,000 points per hit!).

The purple lantern will hover over the graveyard and through the town and teleport every so often. What you’ll want to do is get a well-placed and cooked grenade to explode onto it. If done correctly, the lantern should now be lying on the ground with the prompt “hold to pick up lantern”. Do so as it can disappear from not being picked up after so long.

Now you will have to power the previously obtained lantern. You do this by getting Leeroy to kill upwards of 10 zombies. Leeroy will fight for you for a short amount of time (20 seconds or so) after being given candy. The reason why I say upwards of ten of 10 is because you will have to hear the bell chime for the kill to count and sometimes you won’t hear it.

One really helpful tip that may help is that the ten kills or more doesn’t have to be on unique zombies and more importantly once a zombie is killed by him they will spawn straight back in. So you could do this whole step with just ONE zombie. A way to find out if you’re done is to try and place the lantern for the next step.

From the balcony of the saloon on the left building (gunsmith) you may notice the glowing symbol of a lantern. Jump across and put the lantern onto the symbol. Now you will see three lines of code. You will need to use the TicTacToe cipher to decrypt the message. Here is an image I've uploaded to show this:

Basically the letters are split into nine groups of three (Y and Z might look like they are on their own but they have a third symbol; space). In this image they represent which of the three letters of a group with a dot but there is no difference. All the dot or line is doing is telling you the left/middle/right letter of that particular group of three. There are five different signs with different names throughout the tunnel: Dry Gultches Shaft, Bone Orchard Vein, Lunger Undermines, Consumption Cross and Ground Biter Pits. So really you only have to worry about the first letter to work out the whole name.

For this step you will need the time bomb and the bowie knife. *Whilst attempting to get this bear in mind that you can also give the giant candy near a box spawn and he will run to wherever the box is and bring it back to that location. Once the box is where you want it give Leeroy candy and he'll have the box in lock down for the rest of the game in that location.*

Once you have gotten the three place names worked out you will then have to save 3,000 points to purchase the bowie knife (top of the stairs in the saloon) as well as getting the time bomb from the box. PLACE DOWN THE TIME BOMB ‘LT’ NOW. Then you can start to open up the tunnel, above the saloon, to get to the signs (two 750 point sofa barricades). There are five different signs with different names throughout the tunnel: Dry Gultches Shaft, Bone Orchard Vein, Lunger Undermines, Consumption Cross and Ground Biter Pits. Once you have found the whereabouts of your three signs you will have to make your way to the upper floor of the gunsmith to buy the (1,250 point) barricade in the back room.

You can now start the wisp sequence. Now the best way I’ve found to do this is have a teammate ready to kill the last zombie with the guy slashing the signs standing at the last sign ready (signs can be hit in any order). As soon as the the last zombie is killed and the next wave starts, begin the sequence. The benefit of starting the wave at the same time as spawning the wisp is that the zombies will spawn near the wisp and it’ll absorb their energy to sustain its own. This is important otherwise the wisp will fade out so just try your best to stick with it.

On a low round you shouldn’t have any issues but on a higher round you may need a pack-a-punched weapon. If you fail though you will only have to hit the signs again to spawn in a new wisp. Once the wisp arrives at the guillotine have the player with the time bomb take everyone back ‘RT’.

Same code, same sequence… Enjoy.
On a side note, whenever you use a time bomb everything will be reverted back to what it was at that time EXCEPT the areas you opened up will be open still and the easter egg won’t be affected either.


*Before you begin this step it might be a good idea to give Leeroy candy so that he picks up the crawler and holds it until you decide to kill it.*

Your team will have to split up with one person looking at the device in the mansion, one person in the court room, one person on the second floor of the barn and the last on the second floor of the candy shop. There are going to be a lot of witches so it is best to get the bowie knife or galvaknuckles to take them out easily, letting you also save your ammo for the last step.

Above is a table I created which refers to the device found after going through the bookcase, down the hallway and then on a sofa straight ahead, in the mansion. I’ve shortened the description of each of the locations of each bell down to two words each. A building and the furniture it’s placed on. This will be very convenient as the guy/girl looking at the device will only have 10 seconds to identify and tell their team which bell needs ringing. Not to mention, they actually have to ring the bell with the time left.

Once a bell is rung its corresponding light will then be green and if you do not ring a bell at any point the device will reset. There are 3 bells in each of the 3 areas, all reasonably close together. The "candy big" and "candy small" are the two bells which are on the big table and the small table with candy being shortened from Candy Shop. You will know once the step is complete as you will no longer get the prompt “Hold X to…”.

I can guarantee that this last step will be one of the hardest (and most repeated) 40 second sequences you have attempted. The reason why this will take so many attempts is because everyone will have to hit EVERY target in their “shooting range”. If one person misses ONE target you’ll have to… try again!

First off you start the sequence by “Making a wish” in the fountain. At that point you’ll start to see a bunch of targets spawn across the map. There are four areas, each with their own shooting range. The hardest is going to be the mansion as there are some targets that are spawning BEHIND the curtains of a couple windows (THE BOTTOM LEFT WINDOWS) but I’ll go through each range in the video guides.

The gun I’d recommend buying is the PDW as you can replenish ammo without an issue and more importantly it has a 50 bullet magazine which equates to roughly 2.5 bullets per target. However the paralyzer is an amazing alternative for the guy at the mansion. Why? Unlimited ammo with no need to aim down sight (you can't). If you can try to pack-a-punch it as well so you don't have to worry about the thing overheating as much.

It is very important that if the player with the time bomb has gotten another to put it down before everyone uses all their ammo practicing! As you practice these shooting ranges to memorize target spawns you will come to realize soon enough that ammo will be the main concern or lack thereof. If you have money in the bank, perfect! However, if you’re like my group and running low have the guy with the most points down himself so that the players needing points can get a couple hundred reviving him. If he runs out of grenades… throw him one.

As long as you have a crawler (once given candy Leeroy will pick up the crawler and hold it until you shoot it), ammunition and several points to buy ammo with you should be more than fine. Not to mention the time bomb will come in handy if you have one. Make sure that the person giving the candy to Leeroy is doing the Candy Shop shooting range as this is the only one where he'll actually stay behind you. If he happens to get shot he will drop the crawler so this'll help you out immensely.

Here are some videos of each shooting range by my team and I. Enjoy!

>Mansion Shooting Range (There are 23 targets) Shown by King Chizzy. Recommend paralyzer for this. Even better if pack-a-punched.

>Saloon Shooting Range (There are 19 targets) Shown by me.

>Candy Shop Shooting Range (There are 20 targets) Shown by Superflee2. Recommend having this player feed the candy to Leeroy for him to hold the crawler.

>Juggernog Shooting Range (There are 22 targets) Shown by TricKyRicKy xD.

Once everyone is sure they didn’t miss you will be given ALL SEVEN PERKS for the remainder of the game (even if you go down) and will have achieved one incredible feat. ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED

Special thanks once again to Tgamesmaster.

 Ectoplasmic Residue (15 points)
In Buried, acquire a perk for free.

This will require you to travel to the mansion. As soon as you get inside witches will start attacking you. Make your way to the hedge maze and kill all of the witches that followed you. The last one will drop a perk bottle.

 I'm Your Huckleberry (25 points)
In Buried, access all areas with the help of your new friend in one game.

There are a total of eight barriers he must break. If you are unsure as to how Huckleberry works, refer to part one of the RoadMap.

You will need to obtain eight bottles of booze be it find it in the saloon or his cell or buy it for 1,000 points at the saloon cash register.

The locations are listed below:

  • His cell.
  • Alley next to his cell blocking Juggernog.
  • The gunsmith.
  • Alley next to the gunsmith.
  • Fountain in front of the mansion.
  • Alley next to the candy shop.
  • The church.
  • The mansion entrance.


 Death From Below (10 points)
In Buried, drop the beat on 10 zombies in one game.

This will require you to build the Turbine and the Subsurface Resonator.

All parts are found in the general store (building across the street from the first mystery box location). There are two easily accessible work benches. One being in the building next to the mystery box on the left and up the stairs and the other in the saloon.

There are enough parts inside the general store to build four different items. Make sure you grab the right parts.


  • Fan - Ground Floor Shelf
  • Manikin - Ground Floor Back Room
  • Tail Fin - Downstairs

Subsurface Resonator:

  • Roulette Wheel - Ground Floor
  • Wooden Base Board - Ground Floor
  • Motor - Upstairs
  • Turntable - Ground Floor

As soon as you build these two items, find a good spot and put them right next to each other. Whatever direction you place the Subsurface Resonator is the direction that it will hit zombies.


 Candygram (10 points)
In Buried, make a candy delivery.

First you need to find Leeroy in his cage in the Sheriff's room. From here find the green skull key (random spawn) and open the door. Find the booze to give it to him. Next in one of the rooms near the jail cell there will be a bowl of candy that you can feed to him. Do this and the achievement will unlock.


 Awaken the Gazebo (30 points)
In Buried, Pack-a-Punch a weapon during round 1 with no one using the bank or Weapon Locker.

For this achievement you will want to get the Paralyzer at round one. Jump down from the start and place the Remington 870 chalk on the wall. Jump down to the town and roll the box. If you don't get the Paralyzer you need to restart.

Now shoot the Paralyzer at the ground and you can propel yourself upwards. Now get the other chalk from the Gunsmith and place it around the map. You will need to open the door to the Church and the Mansion. When going through the mansion you can not afford to be hit. In the video the guy had a double points which caused him to only lose 1,000 points. You probably won't be that lucky. Follow what goes on in the video and you will get the achievement after some trial and error.


 Revisionist Historian (10 points)
In Buried, rewrite history.

Get the time bomb from the mystery box. Hit and to set a destination. Hit the to teleport.

 Mazed and Confused (35 points)
In Buried, survive an entire round within the maze on round 20 or higher.

Set your game to easy. This is can be done easier with two people. You will need to travel through the mansion to reach the hedge maze. If you have PhD flopper you can jump off of the stairs of the mansion to survive until round 20 (works better with one person on each). Then when Round 20 starts make sure you are in the maze. The best location is the fountain because they zombies mostly come from the front. Some do appear behind you but in small numbers.

You want at least one Pack-a-Punched weapon, two is better, and Juggernog. Speed Cola will also be helpful and so will amassing several Perma-Perks (Juggernaut, PhD Flopper, Lucky Mystery Box, etc). This isn't too hard to accomplish with a basic understanding of the map to be able to prepare yourself for 20. Ideally you will have a Ray Gun and the Paralyzer or a Pack-a-Punched LMG.


 FSIRT Against the Wall (20 points)
In Buried, purchase the LSAT off the wall and Pack-a-Punch it.

The LSAT is founded in the starting area. You will need to survive for two or three rounds to amass enough points to buy it. When you have enough, go to the broken staircase. Hug the left side of it and jump. Press to grab onto the ledge then quickly buy the LSAT on the wall. As soon as you do that the ground will break. From here, just go through the normal steps of Pack-a-Punching a weapon. You can keep it inside the wardrobe until you are ready to Pack-a-Punch it to avoid potentially losing it.

This video also contains a guide for Revisionist Historian.


 When the Revolution Comes (20 points)
In Buried, return to processing.

Obtain the Raygun, Raygun Mark II, Mustang and Sally, an RPG, or a Monkey Bomb. Travel through the maze until you find a fountain. Shoot the fountain and it will create a well. Then go back to the front of the mansion and give Leeroy booze so he smashes into that fountain. Travel back through the mansion and return to the first well. You will now be able to jump in and obtain the achievement.


 Little Lost Girl (75 points)
In Origins, release Samantha.

Here we are ladies and gents. The final Easter Egg for Call of Duty: Black Ops II. Let's not waste any more time as the EE will do plenty of that for us.

Tips for Your Game:

  • The Easter Egg can be done solo, but I advise doing this in a group.
  • Much of the Easter Egg can be done after you open up all areas in the map, but even more importantly, by keeping one zombie alive. This is critical for eliminating the prospect of messing up and losing your progress.
  • You can get a free pack-a-punched MG08. In order to do so you will need to build the Maxis Drone and have him pick up four golden discs around the map. Their relative locations are as follows:
    -Out of the spawn the your first right will have some items on fire. In the near distance will be a little gold disc. If you are in the area of it Maxis will pick it up.
    -Above generator 5/Stamin Up on a plank.
    -Above the entrance to the church on a wooden plank.
    -Near Pack-a-punch machine on a wooden beam on the church side entrance.
    Once you pick up the last disc (I advise picking up the one on top of excavation last), your PP MG will appear in front of the pack-a-punch machine. This can only be done once.


Thanks to MrDalekJD for allowing me to use his video.

  • Once you build an ice staff, you will be able to get a free zombie blood every round by putting out the fires on three carts around the excavation area. They are located in the following locations:
    1. Coming out of spawn/workshop, directly to your left.
    2. Going from juggernog to church the church will be to the left.
    3. In front of generator 5.
    After you put all three out your zombie blood will appear on top of excavation near the stairs to go down into the site.

Step 0: Pre-Game
Some quick tips.

One of the most important aspects of this Easter Egg I try to stress to people who ask about it is to build your staves as quickly as you possibly can. The lower rounds are more crucial than any one of the later rounds can ever be. Your pre-game should be money saving mode to the maximum.
-Everyone should buy MP-40s (1,500 points) and leave the box tapping for later on.
-*You should open up excavation (2,500 points), generator 5 area (1,250) and church upstairs (1,500) ASAP. What this allows your team to do is complete not only the staves themselves, but all of their ultimate steps aside from the charging in as few rounds as possible.
-LEAVE THE DIG SITES ALONE UNTIL SNOW APPEARS! This is absolutely vital for staying on low rounds and not forcing your team into the higher onslaughts. Every bit of you wants to dig them whenever you see one, but be sure to save them for the snowing rounds.
-Do not take the zombie blood that appears as a reward for powering up generator 1. We will need this for step 11.

Note that there are many different ways, and many interchangeable steps to solving this Easter Egg. These are the steps I like to do when I run it with people as they give everyone clear, concise goals and opportunities to contribute.

Step 1: Open Open Open em' All!
Opening all of the areas.

Our first goal needs to be opening up the main area (through gen 2/workshop) and moving immediately to the chests by juggernog. Here you want everyone to save up enough to purchase juggernog while filling the chests. As soon as everyone has 2,500 points power up generator 4 and grab juggernog. Now we want to open the excavation site, generator 5, and the church building. Now this may seem like a lot of opening for very limited funds early on, but it works wonders later.

At this point you should be buying ammo for the MP-40 whenever needed, and saving every single point for opening the entire map.

Remember if you need to kill zombies to do it in one of the following locations as to alleviate the hassle later on:

  1. Upon leaving the workshop heading toward to large area to your left below excavation is the first box.
  2. Next to generator four, on the other side of juggernog.
  3. On your way to church the first mud area you pass contains a chest.
  4. Next to generator five which is on the opposite side of the map to generator four (juggernog perk machine).

The second you get excavation site, generator 5, generator 3, and the church building opened slow the round having someone baby sit the final zombie. This moves us into step 1.5.

I advise you save a zombie to complete the following steps.

Step 1.5: Collection Agency
Collecting all available parts.

When everything is open you will want to scavenge the map looking for the different pieces to the staves, the zombie shield (vital tool), Maxis Drone (needed for the EE), and the record machine. If you've opened all the areas you will be able to complete the zombie shield, Maxis Drone, wind staff, lightning staff, and record machine. Keep in mind if you come across a round where it is snowing, scurry throughout the map and dig up any sites you find in the hope of getting a blue staff piece.

Maxis Drone Pieces:
-Always found in spawn on the desk in the first room.
-Near the crossbones sign on the path leading in front of the church.
-Near the crossbones sign on the path leading to the rear of church.
-In the excavation site around the spiral staircase BEFORE entering the bottom site.
-Also in the excavation site around the spiral staircase before entering the bottom site.
-On top of excavation in the area of the pack-a-punched machine.
-Near the bottom of the excavation site, next to one of the levers reachable only by the wooden walkway.

After gathering the necessary pieces to the Maxis Drone, I suggest building it in the church. It can be a huge boost to a team that needs to run away via the tank, and can be easily accessed without too much trouble.

Record Machine Pieces:
Black Record:
-On top of the excavation site, to the left of the pack-a-punch machine in the wheelbarrow.
-On the excavation wall on the left hand side of the path by the church stairs. In other words, if you were to walk from the church steps make a left and it will be on your right hand side sitting on the ledge on the wall right before you get to the big mud pit area.
-Coming from spawn instead of taking the staircase up toward excavation it will be sitting on the box that has the engine on it right at the base of the stairs.
-Located inside the excavation site by the desk where you need to place the gramophone to power up the stairs to enter the cavern. It will be on the ground.

You will need to place the gramophone on the desk to open up the bottom of excavation in order to descend and to create the staves.

Zombie Shield Pieces:
Face Screen:
-In the generator 3 area near speed cola heading toward the workshop behind the crate.
-In the trench in front of the fire tunnel on the desk.
-Inside the fire tunnel on the table before the Agartha gateway.
-Upon exiting generator 2 instead of going toward the workshop, at the end of the trench headed the other direction in the wheelbarrow.
-In the trench room heading toward generator 2 from spawn on the desk.
-On top of the tank station next to generator 2 on some piping.
Shield Frame:
-Behind juggernog, in the mud area where you fill up the chest, opposite of the MP-40 on the wall.
-In the robot's footprint between excavation and generator 5 area on the church side. It will be in the generator 5 direction corner.
-Just outside of generator 4 heading toward the trenches to church. The mud area right before you enter those trenches.

Once you have the necessary pieces to zombie shield, I suggest building it in the tunnel to Agartha near juggernog (AKA wind tunnel) as this is the most convenient location on the battlefield to grab another shield in a pinch situation.

Remember if you need to kill zombies to do it in one of the following locations as to alleviate the hassle later on:

  1. Upon leaving the workshop heading toward to large area to your left below excavation is the first box.
  2. Next to generator four, on the other side of juggernog.
  3. On your way to church the first mud area you pass contains a chest.
  4. Next to generator five which is on the opposite side of the map to generator four (juggernog perk machine).

I advise you save a zombie to complete the following step.

Step 2: Building Staves
Build all Staves.

It is vital that we build the staves as soon as possible. Not only are they a powerful weapon to add to your arsenal, but they are necessary for the Easter Egg. For a how-to on how to build each staff please see "Playing with Power."

Remember if you need to kill zombies to do it in one of the following locations as to alleviate the hassle later on:

  1. Upon leaving the workshop heading toward to large area to your left below excavation is the first box.
  2. Next to generator four, on the other side of juggernog.
  3. On your way to church the first mud area you pass contains a chest.
  4. Next to generator five which is on the opposite side of the map to generator four (juggernog perk machine).

This will net the group "Playing with Power."

Step 3: Conquer the Chests--Obtain the Fists
Fill all four chests.

  1. Upon leaving the workshop heading toward to large area to your left below excavation is the first box.
  2. Next to generator four, on the other side of juggernog.
  3. On your way to church the first mud area you pass contains a chest.
  4. Next to generator five which is on the opposite side of the map to generator four (juggernog perk machine).

The reason why I place this step sooner than most other people is that the thunder fists are a 1-Hit-Kill weapon until round 18 making them the most lethal tool for powering up your staves in Agartha. After you fill your final chest head to generator 6 and claim your reward from the reward chest.

During this process though be sure to keep an eye out for your ability to get the staves together as well as beginning the ultimate steps--which ironically is our next step.

Step 4: Ultimate Too?!
Build the ultimate staves.

This step is where you will spend the vast majority of your game and rounds on. By this point you should have every area opened, your thunder fists, Maxis Drone and the zombie shield. After everyone has gotten their thunder fists you want to save a zombie at the end of the round and begin the process of doing the puzzles to create the ultimate staves. See "Master Wizard" for the in depth step-by-step on how to get your staves to ultimate. What I will say though is that you should attempt to do as many staves at once as possible. Even if that means going into another round to be able to get that last staff together, I advise it. The more people inside Agartha with thunder fists feeding souls into the staves the better. Also on that note, do not throw Maxis up right away. Wait until the Templar zombies begin to come at a good pace before releasing him as his time is limited, and he may literally revive the entire team if the time calls for it.

Once we have all four staves built to ultimate, step 5 requires us to relinquish them.

Step 5: The Robots Claim All
Place three of the staves in the giant robots, and the fire staff in the excavation site.

At this point every person in the group should have an ultimate staff. Now in order to proceed with this step, make sure everyone has in their possession one of the staves, AS WELL AS, powering up all 6 generators. Once you have done this it's time to split up and start placing staves.

Ice Staff goes into Freya (Church Robot).
Wind Staff goes into Odin (Middle Robot).
Lightning Staff goes into Thor (Gen2/3 Robot).
Fire Staff goes into a newly formed pedestal at the bottom of excavation.

You will see the special slot for each of the staves ONLY after you have powered up all six generators. With this completed we will now proceed to gain the power of the air.

Step 6: Purify THIS!
Purify the tablet found in the tank station by generator 2 in the holy water.

Inside of the tank station by generator 2 will be a desk with tablets on it by the far exit. Hold when near this desk to pick up one of the muddy tablets. All the way back in church if you were to go upstairs by the mystery box location is a holder with some holy water in it. By holding when near this holy water with the tablet in your possession you will place it into the water for cleansing.

You must now punch, with the thunder fists, around 25-30 zombies to purify the tablet. You will know when it's done by the loud noise, brightened color, and Samantha's gibbering. The real test will be getting it back.

Step 7: Returning it Clean in a Warzone?
Return the tablet to the tank station where you first got it without touching the mud.

This actually is not as hard as it seems. There are literally 2 spots where you can mess up as the rest is simply standing on wooden planks.

Upon purifying the tablet head out of the church back toward the excavation site. You will go from the wooden planks to the mound of dirt in the middle. Jump from the mound of dirt (spot 1) to the wooden planks and continue down (Spot 2) jumping from the wooden planks of the church area to the wooden planks of the excavation area. Hang a right and head up to the top of excavation and back down the other side running into the workshop, through generator 2, and back into the tank station holding to place your purified tablet on the desk.

Step 8: Airstrikes Require Groundwork
Punch zombies inside the bunker near the tablet until the airstrike grenades appear.

Now all you need to do is kill zombies with the thunder fists by the table. It is completely random as to how many, but pay attention to when souls no longer leave the zombies and or you see the airstrike grenades at the table. Once you retrieve them you are done with this step.

I advise you save a zombie to complete the following steps.

Step 9: You Can Destroy That?
Destroy the seal.

From the point of obtaining the airstrike grenades until you complete the following steps, the three robots will spawn all at once with only ONE of their feet in ONE of the robots enabling entrance. Have the person who got the airstrike grenades also grab the Maxis Drone, and head over to the generator 5 area. Depending on the number of people you have in your group you can either have 2 people waiting for the robot to come with one holding the zombie and one prepping, one person waiting for the robot and one holding the zombie, or if you are doing this as a duo, the person with the zombie looking for the foot and getting into it quickly.
*If you are doing this solo, you MUST wait until Odin's left foot (the right foot to you looking at him) has the entrance hatch. You must also wait until the very last second to engage the button AND must throw the airstrike grenade before getting to the fence.

Seal Location:


Thanks to MrDalekJD for allowing me to use his picture.


This requires coordination. Once inside the robot with the opening in the foot there will be a big red button. It will inform you that the Firing sequence linked/activated. As soon as it tells you this you must inform your partner waiting by the seal that it just armed, after which the person with the airstrike grenades will throw one onto the seal. You know you have destroyed the seal when the once gray tile becomes open.

I advise you save a zombie to complete the following steps.

Step 10: Panzer Onslaught
After throwing Maxis in, kill the 2 per person Panzers.

Now is the time to assemble the team to kill the 2 per person (Group of 2=4 Group of 3=6 Group of 4=8) Panzers that will spawn from the seal once Maxis goes in. You should now assemble your extra players in the area directly to the left of the lightning tunnel in the mud area. If you have 4 players, there should be 2 standing in the mud, one with the Maxis drone, and preferably your weakest player holding the zombie. If you have 3, there should be one waiting, one with Maxis, and one holding and if only 2, the other person should be holding the zombie far away from generator 5.

Fire staff and lightning work best for killing the Panzers so make sure those people with those staves are present for the slaughter. When you are ready have Maxis go into the seal by throwing him up near it and retreat to the mud area and wait the assault. When they are all dead we can move onto the next step.

I advise you save a zombie to complete the following steps.

Step 11: Shooting Down a Spirit
In zombie blood, shoot down the spirit plane.

If you have been following this guide thus far you should have saved the zombie blood from powering up generator 1. Go back to it now and pick it up. While in zombie blood you will see a plane in the air with a faint glow to it. This is the plane you want to shoot, and will only take a few shots to take it down. Once it's down move onto the next step.

I advise you save a zombie to complete the following step.

Step 12: How Did He Survive?
In zombie blood kill the pilot.

You must now kill the Red Baron. He runs clockwise around the excavation site and can only be seen in zombie blood. Chances are your zombie blood from the spawn has run out so we need to get another. The person with the ice staff should now put out the three wagon fires in the center area as you will be able to get a free zombie blood every round by putting out the fires on three carts around the excavation area. They are located in the following locations:


  • Coming out of spawn/workshop, directly to your left.
  • Going from juggernog to church the church will be to the left.
  • In front of generator 5.

After you put all three out your zombie blood will appear on top of excavation near the stairs to go down into the site.

Other people can shoot and kill the zombie, but only the person in zombie blood can see the Red Baron. The important step is to run counter-clockwise (from the exit near church hooking a left like going toward jugg but staying close to the excavation site and doing the circle that way) and when you run into him inform your teammates and blast him.

He will drop a Maxis drone that you will need to pick up and will lead us into our next step.

Step 13: Elemental Fists Sound Good
Mele zombies in front of the staves in excavation.

Now depending on the number of people in your group, you will need to either get an upgraded fists or up to 4 if you have a full group. The best way to do this is in groups of two. Have the people outside simply train zombies while the 2 people inside work on their melee kills. You will be killing zombies with white smoke under their arms, and will know you are finished when the power-up drops and your fists become elemental. Once all members of your group have their upgraded fists it's time to go back to Agartha one last time.

I advise you save a zombie after everyone has gotten their fists.

Step 14: Finale Means a Showdown
Return the staves to their holders in Agartha and power them up.

We must return to Agartha and power up the staves one last time. With each staff in its holder you must punch the zombies until they are all powered up and create the vortex in the middle. Just note that you will only be able to charge the staves a final time if all 4 are in place, even if you do not have 4 people in your group. You receive the achievement when the vortex appears, although you will not get all of the perks, and will not get any cut scene.... what gives?!

Step 000: Finishing is Mind Numbing
How to trigger the final cut scene.

Triggering this last cut scene WILL END THE GAME! There are two ways to do this.
1. Release Maxis into the vortex when it appears.
2. Have everyone stand on the blue vortex on the ground and hold only with all the generators powered up.

And with that I walk away leaving you to ponder the finale, the work, and the achievement.

Thanks to MrDalekJD for allowing me to use his video.

 Not a Gold Digger (5 points)
In Origins, share a weapon you dug up.

This achievement is a rather easy one to get as digging is an integral part of the map. In order to dig you must get a shovel, two of which are located in spawn, one next to the tank in church, one usually in the wind tunnel (generator 4), and one in the lightning tunnel (generator 5) to name a few locations.

After you get your hands on a shovel dig the dig-sites until a weapon pops up, and then allow a teammate to take it by holding . Easy as that.

 All Your Base (15 points)
In Origins, activate all generators without allowing one to stop.

Best done at the end of a round while having one person hold the last zombie to avoid allowing the Templar zombies to shut down any generators. All it would cost you is 200 points (+200 for each additional player you have to 800 points for 4 players) points to power up all six generators as you receive your points back after successfully powering up a generator. In order to get credit for this achievement you do need to be a part of the process of powering up the generators.

If the Templars come and shut down one of the generators you must restart.

Generator 1- Inside of the spawn building.
Generator 2- Outside of the bunker that houses a mystery box and the blue CD for the ice staff. The door to get to this generator is near generator 1, or when looking toward the rest of the map, is the right door.
Generator 3- Located through the left door out of spawn, generator three also houses a mystery box, and in the area where the robot can step is a Speed Cola perk machine.
Generator 4- Found in the large middle area of the map, generator four would be to the left when coming out of the workshop/spawn area and houses a mystery box as well as Juggernog.
Generator 5- Is on the opposite side of the middle area when comparing it to generator 4. Generator 4 contains Stamin Up as well as a mystery box.
Generator 6- The final generator is located on the far side of the map behind the church. This final generator contains another challenge box as well as a mystery box.

 Kung Fu Grip (15 points)
In Origins, free yourself and another from the Panzer Soldat’s claw in one game.

Panzer Soldat is a new boss (much like George in BLOPS I Call of the Dead map) who will spawn periodically throughout your experience in Origins. One of his three attacks is the claw in which he fires a claw that can grab you and will pull you back to him. The achievement requires you to free both yourself as well as someone else from his claw attack in one game. This is easiest when done in a big group where you can have someone hold the last zombie and have the people working toward the achievement. When he gets someone with his claw attack there will be a red dot area where his claw used to be on his body. In order to free yourself from his grip simply shoot that area and he will drop you/your teammate. The following are the confirmed waves of Panzer Soldats.

Wave 8- 1 Panzer.
Wave 11- 1 Panzer.
Wave 14- 2 Panzers.
Wave 18- 2 Panzers.
Wave 22- 3 Panzers.
After throwing Maxis into the hole you threw the airstrike grenade on during the Easter Egg 2 per person Panzers spawn.

 Playing with Power (30 points)
In Origins, build all elemental staffs in one game.

There are four elemental staffs in Origins. The four staffs are Ice, Fire, Wind, Lightning and can be found at the bottom of the excavation site. In order to unlock this achievement, you simply need to build all four staffs in one game and do not have to wield them. You can do this on easy difficulty.

Record Locations:
-On the pew upstairs in the church (the pews that are on fire).
-On a crate in the generator 6 area.
-By the front left of tank on a box (You will need to move the tank in order to get to it here).
-In the ice tunnel next to generator 6.

First Part:
Found after you kill your first Panzer Soldat that spawns in round 8.

Second Part:
Shoot down the plane in the sky that has the orange glow to it. You can shoot this down with any weapon although it usually appears toward the end of the round. The piece lands by the chest that's at the bottom of excavation or to the left of the workshop.

Third Part:
You are given this as a reward for powering up generator 6. It appears in the reward chest.

Record Locations: *Always in the bunker by generator 2.
-On the desk right as you walk in.
-On the shelving by the mystery box.

First+Second+Third Parts:
-All parts are found while digging up the piles of bones WHILE IT IS SNOWING ONLY. The weather generally changes every round so make sure you dig only when it is snowing. On that note though, the dig spots come back during a round with rain so remember to check back after a good rain.

Record Locations:
-Inside the lightning tunnel by generator 5 (usually on the desk).
-Around the lightning tunnel by generator 5 on the ground level.
-On the wall that surrounds generator 5.

First Part:
Found in Thor (the robot that goes through stepping by generator 2 and generator 3).
Second Part:
Found in Odin (the robot that comes down the center of the map).
Third Part:
Found in Freya (the robot that goes through by church).

Record Locations:
-On the wagon in no man's land in front of generator 4/Jugg.
-On the table next to the Wunderfizz machine in the generator 4.
-At the bottom of the wind tunnel, which is located next to generator 4.
-On the wall pieces surrounding Jugg/generator 4.

First Part:
After activating the tank from the church, about half way through your trip you will come along a wooden walkway on the right hand side of the tank. You need to jump off of the tank and onto the walkway, and then the short distance to the part.

Second Part:
After leaving the cool down station, the first of two parts will be on the left hand side about half way through your ride back to the church. You will see the catwalk as you are passing by the excavation site. Jump off to your left to snag it.

Third Part:
The final part is also on the route from tank station to church, and will be right before you get back to the church. You will see a path going up on the right hand side into the top of the church. Jump off and run up the path into the church to grab the final piece.

So now that we have all the parts for the four staves we must put together the record machine to be able to create our staves. In order to create the record machine we will need two parts: the gramophone and the black record.

Gramophone Location:
-Located inside the excavation site by the desk where you need to place the gramophone to power up the stairs to enter the cavern. It will be on the ground.

Black Record Location:
-On top of the excavation site, to the left of the pack-a-punch machine in the wheelbarrow.
-On the excavation wall on the left hand side of the path by the church stairs. In other words, if you were to walk from the church steps make a left and it will be on your right hand side sitting on the ledge on the wall right before you get to the big mud pit area.
-Coming from spawn instead of taking the staircase up toward excavation it will be sitting on the box that has the engine on it right at the base of the stairs.

Once you grab the two pieces to the record machine you will then need to head to each element's tunnel, go through it, and grab the orb piece from Agartha. The tunnel locations are as follows:

Fire Tunnel is located through the left door coming out of spawn, and immedately to the left upon exiting spawn.
Ice Tunnel is located in between church and generator six in the back left corner of the mud pit.
Wind Tunnel is located to the left of generator 4/Jugg in the center of that stomp area for Odin robot.
Lightning Tunnel is located near generator 5/Stamin Up on the opposite side where the chest is located.

Only one orb piece can be done at a time per person. You will go into a tunnel and place the gramophone on the desk which will in turn create a teleporter to Agartha. Once inside you will go to the respected colored podium (for example if you go through the fire teleporter go to the fire podium) and hold to retrieve the orb piece. When you exit make sure to pick up the gramophone so someone else can go through another tunnel.

When you get the orb you have one step left to go until the staff is completed. Head back to excavation and down through the spiral staircase into the lower chamber. At the very bottom are four colored staff holders. Head over to your respected orb color and hold again to create the staff. Once all four are created the achievement will unlock.

 I’m on a Tank! (10 points)
In Origins, ride the tank around the map without getting off.

Riding the tank without getting off can easily be done at the end of a round. Simply have one person hold the last zombie, make sure you have 1,000 points, and get on the tank making sure not to get off until it arrives back at church. The tank will stop behind the station at generator 2, and will cool down for approximately 3 minutes. If you are doing this mid-round be sure you have plenty of ammunition before attempting this.

Note: An awesome tip for the Panzer boss units is that they cannot climb, shoot, nor kill you while on the tank. This is great for getting them down while remaining untouchable.

You could of course call the tank from behind the station at 2 and then ride it all the way back around until it returns to 2 if you desire as well.

 Saving the Day...All Day (20 points)
In Origins, revive another player four different ways in one game.

There are four specific ways you need to revive someone in order to obtain this achievement. Before I list the options you need, please note that zombie blood revival does not count toward this achievement.

Regular Revival: Rather self-explanatory, all you need to do is revive someone as you would normally.

Quick Revive: Another rather self-explanatory method, be sure to buy quick revive after you already revived someone regularly.

Ultimate Staff Revival: Once you have an ultimate staff built ([i]See "[/b]Master Wizard[/b]" for building one), wield it and then hit to pull out the healing portion of the staff. Aim your crosshairs at your downed teammate and then shoot like you normally would. This is instant and has great range.

Maxis Drone: For a "how-to" on how to create the Maxis drone please see "Little Lost Girl." Once the drone is built retrieve him from the workbench you built him on and then hit to throw him up into combat. When one of your teammates is down, Maxis drone will go over and revive them--that simple.

 Master of Disguise (15 points)
In Origins, use Zombie Blood to revive three players and activate a generator in one game.

To make this easier set the difficulty to Easy.

  • Zombie blood can be found either by digging up.
  • As a reward for powering up generator 1.
  • Using the ultimate ice staff to put out three flaming carts and then retrieving the blood from on top of excavation.
  • From killing a zombie as a drop.

Easiest way to get the three revives is to just have your partner(s) go down near you during your 30 second zombie blood episode.
Easiest way to get the generator power up is after you power up generator 1, to open up all the doors to get to generator 2 and then have your team start powering up the generator, grab the zombie blood off of the chest by generator 1 and then get to the influence circle to grab credit for it.

 Overachiever (25 points)
In Origins, complete all 4 Challenges in one game.

This may feel as though it could be a daunting task, but with a little careful planning this is a manageable achievement. First things first, make sure to play this on Easy difficulty to avoid any unnecessary headaches that stem from Original difficulty. Now onto the challenges.

You will be able to find the four challenges listed in two locations on the map:

  1. Located at the chest near generation 1 in spawn
  2. Located at the chest near generation 6 behind the church.

But what are these challenges? When you point your crosshairs over the five different runes on the wall above the chests you will see the challenges listed as follows:

  • 115 Normal Zombie Headshots
  • Capture 6 Generators (Note: While it does not say it, this does not have to be at once, or with them all on at once. If you don't plan on keeping them all up, note which ones you have already captured.
  • Spend 30,000 Points
  • Fill 4 chests to capacity.

So with our list in mind let's tap into a few tips before we begin dissecting each individual challenge:

  • Play the match with the challenges in mind. You may get this achievement while you are going for the Easter Egg, but if you are doing it separately, make sure not to waste time and do unnecessary things that may risk your game.
  • Avoid nukes at all costs. Nukes not only greatly curb the amount of points you can get off of zombies, but they remove possible headshots, and possible souls for the chests. If you need it take it, although be weary of when and how often you do.
  • *Solo-Tip*Avoid picking up Quick Revive until you have made a good mark on the map you are playing. The idea behind this is that the longer you wait to grab quick revive the more times, and the more important the revivals it provides will be. A general rule of thumb I go with is if I am confident in how the map is turning out around round 5, I will go back (after having bought Jugg) and grabbing my first Quick Revive.
  • Deadshot Daiquiri is a good pick up, but it can only be obtained from the Der Wunderfizz machine at one of the generators. Spending the 1,500 a pop may help you on your spend 30,000 challenge, but make sure you are set up with guns and perks before spending here.
  • *Challenge Specific Tip* To start only power up the generators you absolutely need. I suggest only powering up the generator at box (which is random), and the generator at Jugg (Generator 4). This way you are not wasting time and killing zombies away from the chests whilst also making sure to maximize your points. You can easily finish a round leaving one zombie and go around powering up every generator without a problem at the end of any round.
  • *Challenge Specific Tip* The final tip I have is to be mindful of the giant robots. Now I know this may seem obvious, but think of the robots and the chests this way. You can dance around with a train for hours on end, but when the robots come they close your chests and make you start filling souls from the start again. In order to best avoid this, watch for the robots and fill a chest that the robots has just passed. For example, I like to fill the chest by Jugg first, but be mindful of when the middle robot (Odin) has passed through as to not make too much work for yourself.

Now for the challenges themselves:
115 Headshots-
This one will definitely test the "skill factor" of playing zombies. Headshots are sometimes hard to come by, but when placed on Easy this should be more of a waiting game rather than a difficulty game. When you get to the main area (around excavation) make sure to not waste too many zombie kills outside of the chest areas while also not simply spraying and praying (unless in a pinch). Remember you can try your luck on the Der Wunderfizz machine in the attempt to buy Deadshot Daiquiri, but make sure you have decent weapons and Jugg first.

As a reward when you get the 115 headshots you will get a random pack-a-punched weapon. In order to claim it, return to either the spawn challenge box or the challenge box behind church, move your crosshairs over the rune and then hold for the weapon.

Capture 6 Generators-
Now the generator challenge is counted individually if you are playing in a group. This means in order to get credit for powering up a generator you need to be within the circle of influence when it goes live. This is ultimately not a hard task, but one that can be made much easier by keeping a zombie at the end of the round (and if someone is nice having them hold it away from where the rest of the team is working). By doing this you eliminate the chance of killing the zombie accidentally in the process of powering up the generators and ensuring the ease of the task. Note: that each generator costs 200 points + 200 per additional person in the game points to power up, and returns you slightly more than that when the generator turns on.

Generator 1- Inside of the spawn building.
Generator 2- Outside of the bunker that houses a mystery box and the blue CD for the ice staff. The door to get to this generator is near generator 1, or when looking toward the rest of the map, is the right door.
Generator 3- Located through the left door out of spawn, generator three also houses a mystery box, and in the area where the robot can step is a Speed Cola perk machine.
Generator 4- Found in the large middle area of the map, generator four would be to the left when coming out of the workshop/spawn area and houses a mystery box as well as Juggernog.
Generator 5- Is on the opposite side of the middle area when comparing it to generator 4. Generator 4 contains Stamin Up as well as a mystery box.
Generator 6- The final generator is located on the far side of the map behind the church. This final generator contains another challenge box.

Each generator costs 200 points + 200 per additional person in the game to power up, and dishes out 100 additional points to each person in the activation zone
As a reward when you power up all six generators you will receive a max ammo from the box. In order to claim it, return to either the spawn challenge box or the challenge box behind church, move your crosshairs over the rune and then hold for the weapon.

Spend 30,000 Points-
This may be the "easiest" challenge, but it will probably be one of the last you unlock. The main thing to remember for the 30,000 points is that it will take some time, so do not go out on a limb spending points on weapons, perks, or even opening areas, without being able to defend yourself there. Everything does add up, so take your time and build your character carefully, and when in doubt, open the area to pack-a-punch and spend to your heart's content.

As a reward when you spend 30,000 points you will get a perk bottle (always Double-Tap). In order to claim it, return to either the spawn challenge box or the challenge box behind church, move your crosshairs over the rune and then hold for the weapon.

Fill 4 chests to capacity-
You should begin this one immediately upon gaining access to the large center area of the map. In order to actually fill a chest you need to kill zombies around the chests that are in the mud. When you begin to fill it with souls it will open up and a blue glow will emanate from it, and will fly into the air and then go into the ground upon completion. The four chests are located in the following areas:

  1. Upon leaving the workshop heading toward to large area to your left below excavation is the first box.
  2. Next to generator four, on the other side of juggernog.
  3. On your way to church the first mud area you pass contains a chest.
  4. Next to generator five which is on the opposite side of the map to generator four (Juggernog perk machine).

The two best tips I can give are to:
1. Watch for the robots and make sure to attack a specific chest only after you know the robot has passed and
2. The mud of the areas where the chests are at will bog you down. Counteract this by jumping often and using the land in the middle to help you train your zombies if you get overwhelmed.

 Master Wizard (40 points)
In Origins, wield all of the ultimate staffs in one game.

This particular achievement will take quite a bit of time, although it can be simplified by switching to easy difficulty, or by having multiple people work on the staffs at once. If you want to know how to create the staffs in the first place, please refer to "Playing with Power." So let's get into it.

The first step in the fire ultimate staff construction takes us to the crazy place, and actually is a slight foreshadowing of another step to come.

Step 1. Fill the Cauldrons
We begin by having to fill souls at the grate area next to the fire teleporter in Agartha. In order to get to Agartha you need to go through any of the portals, but I advise going through the fire portal as it places you directly where you need to be. The fire portal is located through the left door out of spawn as if you were going to generator 3, just outside to your left as soon as you go through the door. Now you will need to fill the four cauldrons so they go from empty to having a flame coming out of them. In order for these kills to count you will need to kill zombies with the fire staff, and will know you are finished when all four cauldrons are on fire and Samantha speaks to you.

Step 2. Light the Torches
We now need to head back to the church and go upstairs near the pews on fire. On the wall starting above the pew and wrapping around to above the mystery box will be symbols that are lit up. From left to right each group of symbols corresponds to a specific number. Starting on the left the numbers correspond to pillars 11, 5, 9, 7, 6, 3, 4(blood pillar). Here's a picture of what I am talking about.

Thanks to coreymawf for allowing me to use the picture.

So depending on which buttons are lit up (and it is random every time), that will be the sequence of torches you need to light. Again starting from left to right, for me was 11, 9, 6, 3, and the blood pillar (4). Once you get this step down they will all light up and you will move onto step 3.

Step 3. Fire the Fire Ball Up.
We need to head back to the excavation site and down to the bottom where the large discs are with the four sides and the different colors. Our objective now is to rotate the four discs so they all match up red for fire. There are 2 levers on the ground floor (if looking at where the staffs go there is on up the stairs to the left and one to the right--opposite of each other) and 2 levers on the wooden walkways above you. Each time you rotate a specific lever the disc changes colors. Once you hit the red color for a disc move onto the next one. When all four are red a little red ball will appear just above the blue symbol on the ground of excavation, and will now require you to shoot the red ball with the fire staff to make it glow and fly up through the discs. Time to punch it.

Step 4. Killing em' Souls to Ultimate
Fill the staff with souls.
Time to go back to Agartha and fill the staff with zombie souls. You can use any gun, the thunder fists (which are a one-hit-kill until wave 19) or Maxis to help fill the staff. Their souls will fill the staff like the fill chests, culminating with Samantha telling you the power of fire is ready. Again we are looking at about 30 or so zombies to fill the staff, and once it's done you will be able to take your ultimate staff of fire.

Ice is a fairly easy staff to build, but can be tricky if you are not careful with the matching up of buttons.

Step 1. Match and Freeze.
We need to head to Agartha and go to the ice area. This can be done easiest by going through the ice portal that is located between church and generator six. Once in Agartha if you look above the teleporter there will be six blocks you need to shoot with the ice staff. In order to get the code you will see a box off to the side that looks like it is flowing with some symbol in white on it. Here's a great image showing the correlation between picture and ice block symbol.

Thanks to MrDalekJD for allowing me to use his picture.

After this is finish you will need to head back up to the main area and find three tombstones to freeze and destroy them.

Step 2. Tombstone Destroyer
Once the puzzle is finished it's time to hunt the three tombstones down. You must shoot the tombstones once with the ice staff to freeze it and then with a regular weapon to destroy it.

  • Tombstone one is located next to the MP-40 in the area where you fill up a chest by Jugg.
  • Tombstone two is located on the excavation hillside facing Jugg.
  • Tombstone three is located near the downed robot's hand by tank station where generator two is at, or the area where the tank stops for a cool down.

Once you destroy the last tombstone we move onto step 3.

Step 3. Frozen Ice Orb Heading Up
Head back to excavation and repeat the process you did for the fire staff, but this time we are trying to get the colors to be blue. Once you match them up shoot the blue orb with the ice staff and move onto the final step.

Step 4. Killing em' Souls to Ultimate
Fill the staff with souls.
Time to go back to Agartha and fill the staff with zombie souls. You can use any gun, the thunder fists (which are a one-hit-kill until wave 19) or Maxis to help fill the staff. Once it's done take your ultimate staff and drop the blizzards.

Lightning is fairly easy, but there is quite a bit of running around the map so be prepared for a long haul.

Step 1. Lightning on the Piano
Complete the first puzzle for the lightning staff.
Like the other staffs we will need to Agartha and head to the lightning area (purple) and play a little piano. At the very bottom of this guide is a video that goes into depth about what you need to do and why you are doing it. I will stick to telling you what you need to do without all of the background.

In a nutshell you need to play three cords, but if you are musically challenged like myself, just follow this little picture to success. The combo is A>C>E then E>G>B and finally F>A>D.

Thanks to MrDalekJD for allowing me to use his picture.

Step 2. Flip the Switch, Crank the Power
Complete the second lightning staff puzzle.
We need to run a little lap around the map making sure any switches that are sparking are turned off. You may have noticed some of them through your travels, but now they will become a part of powering up this staff. You must follow this order as once one switch is taken care of move onto the next. You hold until it stops sparking. Here is the order:

  1. Near generator 5 (Stamin Up machine), next to the Wunderfizz machine.
  2. Underneath the church, behind the tank spawn off to the left.
  3. Upstairs in the church to the left of where the mystery box is.
  4. Next to the area of generator 4/Jugg next to the entrance to the wind tunnel.
  5. Inside of spawn at the stairs before you enter the second room.
  6. Inside the workshop between generator 2 and the main area.
  7. Right as you are about to pass through the workshop into the main area on your right.
  8. In front of the stairs before going to the church area on the wall.

Once they are all done back to excavation site.

Step 3. That Orb is Lighting Hot. Up She Goes!
Power up the orb and move it to Agartha.
Head back to excavation and repeat the process you did for the the other staves, but this time we are trying to get the colors to be purple. Once you match them up shoot the purple orb with the lightning staff and move onto the final step.

Step 4. Killing em' Souls to Ultimate
Fill the staff with souls.
Time to go back to Agartha and fill the staff with zombie souls. You can use any gun, the thunder fists (which are a one-hit-kill until wave 19) or Maxis to help fill the staff. Once it's done take your ultimate staff and unleash the lightning bolt.

Wind isn't too bad, but you will need to be careful with step 3 in order to not waste a ton of time.

Step 1. Fix the Rings, Empower the Winds
Complete the first puzzle for the wind staff.
Head back to Agartha and to the yellow area to be able to start this first staff. The puzzle we need to do now is located above the teleporter. The following picture will be the solution you need to answer the puzzle, minus the rationale of why. In order to take advantage of this picture you need to have your back to the center of Agartha.


Thanks to MrDalekJD for allowing me to use his picture.

Step 2. Smoking Is Bad.. Put Them Out in the Middle
Complete the second wind staff puzzle.
There are 3 smoking balls spread across the map that you will need to put out using the wind staff. The caveat is that you need to put them out facing the center of the map. The three locations are as follows:

Near juggernog:

In the cemetery reached by traveling through the mud path from the backside of tank:

Finally on the path up to generator 5/stamin up to your right:

Once all three are done the smoke will go out and you will be prompted to align the disks.

Step 3. May the Wind Guide You Up
Power up the orb and move it to Agartha.
Head back to excavation and repeat the process you did for the the other staves, but this time we are trying to get the colors to be yellow. Once you match them up shoot the yellow orb with the wind staff and move onto the final step.

Step 4. Killing em' Souls to Ultimate
Fill the staff with souls.
Time to go back to Agartha and fill the staff with zombie souls. You can use any gun, the thunder fists (which are a one-hit-kill until wave 19) or Maxis to help fill the staff. Once it's done take your ultimate staff and unleash the hurricane.

With the final staff built you need to wield all four in order to get the achievement. You have a few options for getting this.
-You can leave all the staves in holders in Agartha and have one person pick them all up.
-You can put three of the staves into their holders in the respected robots as well as the fire staff in excavation (See "Little Lost Girl" for details on that) and then pick up from the bottom of excavation site. Now here you can pick up the staves one at a time. If you allow only one person to do it then you won't have to worry about counting who wielded what.

If you are not a fan of my ramblings, here is an awesome video by MrDalekJD who also gave me permission for using videos and pictures.

Thanks to MrDalekJD for allowing me to use his video.



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