Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Day Labor (15 points)
Destroy all of the piƱatas in the "It's All Greek to Me" level
 Employee of the Month (20 points)
Kill Vernon
 Pervert (10 points)
Hang around the room with Quagmire in a baby costume for 30 seconds
 Wrecking Ball (20 points)
Smash your opponent into something 20 times in the "Chicken Fight!" level
 Bunch of Chumps (15 points)
Survive 15 waves in Multiverse Madness
 Cartoon Apocalypse (30 points)
Survive 30 waves in Multiverse Madness
 Ugly Tastes Terrible (5 points)
Play poorly during the final showdown
 Bird is the Word (10 points)
Taunt 5 times in a row with Peter
 Big Dipper (40 points)
Earn 21 stars in Challenge mode
 Little Dipper (15 points)
Earn 10 stars in Challenge mode
 Teabag a D-Bag (5 points)
Taunt a dead opponent with Quagmire in Multiplayer
 Grease Can't Save You Now (20 points)
Win a Capture the "Greased-Up Deaf Guy" match
 Justified (40 points)
Kill 500 enemies using Brian
 Stewie-nator (40 points)
Kill 500 enemies using Stewie
 Bestest Infiltrator (20 points)
Win an Infiltration map
 Mort Will Now Lend You Credit (30 points)
Buy everything available in the Store
 There is no Cake (100 points)
Unlock all other Achievements
 Head Shot (5 points)
You got your first head shot
 One Shot Kills (5 points)
You've killed an enemy with one shot
 Multi-Kill (15 points)
You successfully performed a multi-kill with a melee weapon
 Multi-kill with a grenade (15 points)
You successfully performed a multi-kill with a grenade
 First Kill (10 points)
You completed your first kill of a member of the opposing team in Multiplayer
 Roadhouse (15 points)
You've meleed 3 members of the opposing team in Multiplayer
 It's All Greek To Me (20 points)
You completed the "It's All Greek To Me" level
 Something's Amish (20 points)
You completed the "Something's Amish" level
 Handicapable (20 points)
You completed the "Handicapable" level
 Pussy Whipped (20 points)
You completed the "Pussy Whipped" level
 No Cheese, Please (20 points)
You completed the "No Cheese, Please" level
 Long John Peter (20 points)
You completed the "Long John Peter" level
 Santa's Sweatshop (20 points)
You completed the "Santa's Sweatshop" level
 Chickens In Space (20 points)
You completed the "Chickens In Space" level
 Chicken Fight! (20 points)
You completed the "Chicken Fight!" level
 No Place Like Home (50 points)
You completed the "No Place Like Home" level
 Obsessed (50 points)
You've completed all secondary objectives
 We Be Clubbing (15 points)
You defeated 10 enemies with a melee weapon
 Lockdown (20 points)
You've shut out the other team from scoring in Capture the Greased-Up Deaf Guy
 Penny Pincher (40 points)
You've successfully collected $50,000
 Mr. Unpopular (5 points)
You selected Meg as a character for a Multiplayer Match
 The Cleaner (30 points)
You got a 10 kill streak in Deathmatch
 Teabaggin' (15 points)
You've successfully completed a taunt 25 times
 IEDead (15 points)
You've killed 60 enemies with grenades/explosives
 Help From My Friends (15 points)
You used the collectible special inventory items 25 times in Story Mode
 Boom Headshot (15 points)
You've killed 75 enemies with headshots
 Bipolar (10 points)
You've switched between Brian and Stewie 10 times
 Shut Up Meg (5 points)
You killed Meg during a Multiplayer Match
 Scorched Earth (10 points)
You burned the Amish pot fields
 How Do I Jump? (5 points)
You killed yourself with a grenade or satchel charge
 Kings of Quahog (20 points)
You have won a Deathmatch mode (free-for-all or as a team)

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