Mirror's Edge - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 On the clock (5 points)
Earn one star in speed run mode
 Still counting (10 points)
Earn 20 stars in speed run mode
 Superstar (15 points)
Earn all stars in speed run mode
 That's a wrap (15 points)
Complete the game
 Bag lady (5 points)
Collect a bag
 Hoarder (10 points)
Collect 20 bags
 Balancing act (10 points)
Balance 200 meters
 Free falling (10 points)
Fall 1,000 meters
 Tango down (5 points)
Defeat an enemy
 Rampage (15 points)
Defeat 10 enemies in 60 seconds
 I'll take that (5 points)
Disarm an enemy
 Neutralizer (10 points)
Disarm 20 enemies
 Tag, you're it (5 points)
Defeat a Runner
 Thrill of the chase (15 points)
Defeat 10 Runners
 Falling down (5 points)
Make an enemy fall
 Scream for me (10 points)
Make 10 enemies fall
 Economist (10 points)
Defeat 2 enemies with 1 attack
 Death from above (10 points)
Drop from a zipline and kick an enemy
 Scruffy (15 points)
Find the Scruffy graffiti
 I heart 88.7 (15 points)
Find the pirate radio frequency graffiti

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