Dark - Achievements
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There are 21 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Tasted Blood (40 points)
You received your first blood point – the first time is always something special …
 Full-Fledged (40 points)
Completed the Tutorial
 Night at the Museum (40 points)
You met Blooming in the museum catacombs.
 No Place to Hide (40 points)
Reached the ruins of Sanctuary
 A Transient Shadow (40 points)
Used Shadow Leap 50 times
 Silent Assassin (40 points)
Killed 50 unaware opponents
 What's Going On Here? (40 points)
Dominated 5 opponents and fed on them
 Must've Been the Wind (60 points)
Completed 10 rooms without raising an alarm.
 The Great Silence (40 points)
Killed 50 opponents
 Know-It-All (40 points)
Vampiric Powers used 50 times
 Experienced Vampire (40 points)
Distributed 10 Power points
 Powerful Vampire (40 points)
Distributed 20 Power points
 Data Collector (40 points)
Found 7 PDAs
 Just a Ghost (80 points)
Completed a level without raising an alarm
 Caine (80 points)
Learned all Vampiric Powers
Secret Achievements
Enjoy Nature (40 points)
Visited the Geoforge Parks
After Dark (40 points)
Made it through the club area at the Atlantis
A Time to Make Friends (40 points)
Talked to Samantha at Headquarters
Revenge! (70 points)
Pursued Samantha.
Kiss From a Rose (70 points)
Rescued Rose.
A Friend in Need (40 points)
Rescued Tom.

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