Serious Sam Double D XXL - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 30 achievements with a total of 400 points.
 Monkey's Uncle (10 points)
Defeat the boss of Ancient Egypt
 You Bet Jurassic (20 points)
Defeat the boss of Prehistoric Nova Scotia
 Getting Serious (30 points)
Beat the campaign on any difficulty
 Seriously Tough (10 points)
Clear 2 Challenge levels
 Seriously Nuts (15 points)
Clear 8 Challenge levels
 Seriously Unstoppable (20 points)
Clear all Challenge levels
 White Men Can Jump (10 points)
Find the Jump Pad
 Gnaar-body's Fool (10 points)
Kill over 50 Gnaar in a single level
 Unflinching Sam (20 points)
Beat any level without dying
 Untouchable Sam (20 points)
Beat any level without getting hurt
 Dino's Best Friend (10 points)
Convert 3 dinosaurs to your side by destroying their helmets
 Speed runner (10 points)
Complete a level from the start at over 100% gameplay speed in one sitting.
 GUNSTACKAAAAAAaaahhh! (20 points)
Create your first 6 gun stack
 Cat Jumped in My Lap (5 points)
Die in the spikes in the tutorial area of level 1
 Repeat Customer (10 points)
Buy 4 different upgrades for one gun type
 Like Butta (10 points)
Trip a Therizinosaurus with the Hot Butter Spreader
 Tricked Out (20 points)
Buy at least one of every upgrade
 Pawn Shop (5 points)
Revert at least one gun to get some money back
 Get Some (10 points)
Buy 16 different upgrades
 Tickets to the Gun Show (10 points)
Find 16 guns
 Gun Aficionado (15 points)
Find all guns
 Red Light Rendezvous (10 points)
Find the Secret Red Light District
 I Heard You Like Parallax (10 points)
Find the Secret Monument to Parallax
 Exterminator Sam (10 points)
Kill a Giant Flea in Fireball Fury
 Templeton's Buddy (10 points)
Help Templeton unlock his secret room in Amethystine Depths
 Quad Power (10 points)
Find all 4 of any gun type
 Laura Who? (10 points)
Find All Secrets
 Paradox Shmaradox (10 points)
Replay any previous level with new inventory (Choose Level menu)
 My Man Huff (20 points)
Beat a level in coop
 Two Can Play At That (20 points)
Beat a challenge in coop

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