CastleStorm - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 46 achievements with a total of 600 points.
 It's About to Get Real (15 points)
Unlocked 'Dark Forest' in the Campaign mode.

See Peace... Forever?

 Vikings Gonna Vike (15 points)
Unlocked 'Kingskeep' in the Campaign mode.

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 Jewel Heist (15 points)
Unlocked 'Donkey Island' in the Campaign mode.

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 Saddle Up Your Donkeys (15 points)
Unlocked 'Ore Mine' in the Campaign mode.

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 This Mine Is My Mine (20 points)
Unlocked 'Creek Crossing' in the Campaign mode.

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 Clear Eyes, Full Hearts (20 points)
Unlocked 'Mountain Entrance' in the Campaign mode.

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 Rock Blocked (20 points)
Unlocked 'Mountain Passage' in the Campaign mode.

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 Northern Exposure (20 points)
Unlocked 'Viking Border' in the Campaign mode.

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 A Fistful of Hammers (25 points)
Unlocked 'Norsheim' in the Campaign mode.

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 The Family Business (25 points)
Unlocked 'Troll Village' in the Campaign mode.

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 Friends in Large Places (25 points)
Unlocked 'Bladgard' in the Campaign mode.

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 Peace... Forever? (30 points)
Finished the Campaign mode.

This achievement is pretty easy. Just make your way through the campaign on any difficulty until you complete the final level. If struggling, just buy some upgrades using gold, or try different levels.

 All-Star (20 points)
Reached 100% completion in Campaign mode by obtaining all the stars.

The hardest achievement in the game. For this achievement, you’ll need to play on the hard difficulty on every level, ensure 80% accuracy and also complete all bonus objectives. You must also get all 5 stars within 1 round, meaning that you can't do the bonus objective and hard difficulty on different playthroughs.

As recommended in the roadmap, it'll be easier if you play on a lower difficulty, farm gold and revisit levels with a lot of upgrades. With be projectiles, spells, heroes and rooms, you'll find a lot of the objectives a lot easier.

In castle vs. castle levels, the tactic described in "Against the Machine" will work great, and is extremely efficient. It is often a good tactic to try and capture the flag first, but also damage the castle as a back-up. Remember that you should have Guardian or Ghost Army equipped to quickly help kill a large amount of enemies at once.

Also, if you are struggling on any levels in particular, you can find a short guide for some of the harder levels HERE.

Once you obtain all 300 stars available in the game, you will unlock the achievement. You can use the leaderboard or the campaign selection screen to see your current progress.

 Angry Demolition (5 points)
3 enemy rooms destroyed with one shot.

You should get this through natural progression of the campaign. If you are struggling, make sure that you upgrade some of the stronger projectile ammo, and aim low on the other castle so that multiple rooms come crashing down at once.

 Budding Architect (5 points)
Battle won using a custom castle built in the Castle Editor.

From the main menu, select “Campaign” and then select any level. Before starting the level, you can edit your castle by selecting “My Castle”. From there, press to enter the editor. Once the editor loads, hover over a room a press , now use the dpad to select a different room and place it in the open space. Once you place it, press , then “Save Castle”, pick a save slot, and give it a name. At that point, it will save and you will unlock the achievement. You can then quit the editor to back out.

 Upgrayedded (10 points)
Upgraded a troop, projectile, spell or bonus room to its maximum level.

This achievement just takes a little time and gold. Play through the game a fair bit and don’t worry about this achievement too much. As you progress you will be upgrading things, and eventually you should have enough gold to upgrade something to the maximum level (LV10). Personally, I suggest the Tri-Stone projectile, the Pantry room or the Treasury room, as these will give you the best edge in battle.

 Hard Hat Area (5 points)
Enemy troop killed by collapsing his own castle on him.

This will come with natural progression. Take down a few castles and at one point the castle should collapse in such a way that it kills an enemy within a room that you didn’t kill on your own.

 Eagle Eye (5 points)
Flag carrier killed with a Homing Eagle.

First thing you'll want to do is the campaign until you unlock the "Homing Eagle". Now, make sure to equip it, and select any castle vs. castle level.

From the start, spawn your hero, and attack your own gate as much as you can. After the timer runs out, you can use ballista ammo to damage your own gate more. Once the gate is open, use your ballista to kill all enemies except for one. Once that enemy walks into your base and grabs the flag, arm you homing eagle, fire it and then press A for it to home into the enemy and kill them. Achievement unlocked.

 Return to Sender (5 points)
Enemy troop killed by a deflected projectile of his own side.

This achievement is mostly luck. It can be done using the “Projectile Shield” spell, but it is most likely that you will get it by hitting an enemy projectile with your own projectile. Once they collide, they should both fall onto the battlefield, and hopefully the enemy projectile will kill one of the enemy troops, to unlock the achievement.

 Troll Hunter (5 points)
Killed a troll with a hero.

A troll is a Norse troop, which can be identified as the tall green coloured enemy with a large wooden bat in its hand. This achievement will unlock with natural progression of the campaign, but feel free to try and get it early when you see your first troll. Make sure to attack from behind, and stay defensive when necessary. If you are having trouble, make sure to level up your hero.

 Dragon Slayer (10 points)
Killed a dragon with a hero.

This will unlock with progression through the campaign. During the “Welcome to Vikingland” campaign, you will come to a level called “Homecoming” where you take control of your hero against an onslaught of enemies. At the end of the level, you’ll have to kill a dragon using your hero. Just use the bow, aim up, and take the dragon down to unlock the achievement, and finish the level.

 Crowd Control (5 points)
x5 or higher multikill reached.

See Dropping Like Flies

 Dropping Like Flies (5 points)
x10 or higher killing streak reached.

This will come with time, although there are some methods to help increase your chances. You can level your hero a little bit, and wait for some enemies to pile up on the battlefield. Then spawn your hero, and use your powerful attack (), trying to kill all the enemies as quickly as possible.

Another method would be to equip and upgrade the Tri-Stone projectile. When you get a large amount of enemies on the battlefield, aim low and explode this projectile early, hopefully killing at least 10 total enemy troops. You can finish off any remaining enemies using different projectiles.

Either way, as you kill enemies, you’ll see the killing streak counter show up on the right hand side, once it reaches 10, you will unlock the achievement.

 Fight in the Shade (5 points)
Shot 30 or more javelins within a shooting frenzy.

Before a game, make sure to equip the “Javelin Burst” under equipment. Now, you’ll want to get a shooting frenzy, which will happen when you score a 5x kill streak (in rapid succession). Just wait until you get a large group on enemies and try to kill them all as fast as you can using the grenade apple or tri-stone. When you get a shooting frenzy, your projectiles will begin glowing blue in colour. At this point, switch to the javelin burst and start hitting as fast as you can. If you manage to fire this projectile 10 times within one shooting frenzy you should unlock the achievement.

 Here I Am (5 points)
Finished an Xbox LIVE ranked match.

See Fear No One

 Taste of Victory (10 points)
Won an Xbox LIVE ranked match.

See Fear No One

 Fear No One (15 points)
Won an Xbox LIVE ranked match against a player with higher multiplayer level.

Click HERE to find a partner to boost online.

If boosting, you'll want one of the players to win until they rank up to level 2. Next, have the other player win until they rank up to level 3. Now have the first player win again, and both of you should have all 3 of the online achievements. The easiest way to do this is to send out your hero to destroy the enemy gate, and then have a fast troop pick up the enemy flag.

If you doing this achievement legitimately, you'll want to search ranked matches until you come across someone who is ranked a higher level than you. If they are not, you should be able to back out before the match starts. Once you enter the match, you'll need to win the game to get the achievement, which can be a little difficult as you won't have any upgrades online. Use a good castle, and try to plan a strategy that will work for you.

 Survival Honor (20 points)
Posted result on every Single-Player Survival leaderboard.

This achievement isn’t too hard at all. From the main menu, select “Single Player” then “Survival”. From there, you’ll just want to pick a map, start the battle, and wait until you lose. You can just leave your controller, or spawn your hero and damage your own gate to speed up the process. Do this for all 8 maps and you will unlock the achievement, which should take a total of 15 minutes.

Note: You can use your ballista to try and kill all but 1 enemy. This way you will earn more gold, and will lose just as fast.

 Against the Machine (10 points)
Won a Skirmish battle on the most difficult AI setting.

Map: Donkey Island – Battle Isle
Your Nation: Kingdom (Recommended)
Castle Position: Left (Recommended)
Enemy Nation: Norse

Difficulty: Hard
Castle: Skyhaven (or Custom)

This was my personal set-up, and my recommended upgrades, although higher levels of everything will make it easier:
Projectiles: Javelin, Apple Grenade (LV5), Tri-Stone (LV10), Battering Sheep (LV5), Potion of Conversion
Spells: Sir Gareth (LV5), Heavenly Swords (LV5) – Others are up to your choice
Troops: Griffin (LV5), Stone Golem (LV3) – Others won’t be used
Rooms: Armory (LV5), Pantry (LV8), Training Room (LV3), Kingdom Flag (LV10) – Others are your choice


I recommend destroying the castle, as capturing the flag is much harder. As soon as an enemy spawns, use your javelin to kill any enemies you can. This will help build food as well as give time for your other projectile ammo to charge.

From here, what I did was spawn Stone Golems and Griffins when I got the chance, and protected my personal base as well as I could when there were stray enemies. Keep spawning these two troops whenever possible. Also, make sure to use potion of conversion when you get the chance on big enemies.

Now that you’ve protected your base, and built up the ability to shoot your ballista, it’s time to attack the enemy base. ALWAYS shoot your javelin first to aim before you use any of the better projectiles, so that you don’t waste anything. Once you get the correct aim, you’ll want to put the battering sheep into the bottom or middle of the castle, and use the grenade apple and tri-stone to help take it down.

Here’s a huge helper. Remember that getting a 5 kill streak will allow you a brief period of infinite projectiles. The easiest way to get a 5 kill streak is to let some enemies bunch up near each other on the battlefield and then use your tri-stone to aim low, exploding early and letting the stones travel along the entire battlefield clearing people up. When you get infinite ammo, quickly making sure to aim your tri-stone at the enemy castle and shoot as much as possible. Remember, it’s not a bad idea to also aim some stones on the battlefield to clear out the enemy troops.

Taking down the castle will require some work, so make sure you are using what’s available to you, by spawning the griffin and stone golem when you can, and also using the heavenly sword if things get out of hand. Lastly, it takes a while, but use Guardian Spirit if and when things get really crazy.
With this method, I was able to pretty easily beat the Hard AI in Skirmish. I took down their entire castle, while I was still at 8/14 rooms. If you are struggling, remember to just buy some extra upgrades, and try again.

 Ten Heads (10 points)
Made 10 headshot kills in a row.

This is most easily done in the level "Direwolves" within "Dark Forest" during the campaign. Just make sure that you have a single arrow equipped to your ballista, and select the "Casual" difficulty.

Once the level starts, just position your ballista, and wait for the wolves and time the shots so that you get only headshots. If you kill all 10 enemies in a row with headshots, you will unlock the achievement!

 Superstar (10 points)
Earned all the stars of the Royal Guard campaign
 Royal Revenge (20 points)
Defeated the final boss of the Royal Guard campaign.
 Monster Killer (15 points)
Killed the monster protecting Bladgard.
 LZ Secured (15 points)
Captured the Skyship Harbor of Vikingland.
 Flight to Vikingland (15 points)
Secured the Royal Airport and got a flight to Vikingland.
 Princess Rescued (10 points)
Rescued the Princess from the city of Stonecrest.
 Princesslessness (10 points)
Held back all the attackers in the Shiny Forest.
 Chip Off the Old Block (5 points)
Won the King's Tournament with the mystery knight.
 Prison Breaker (5 points)
Escape from the prison of Vikingland.
 This is My Town! (10 points)
Liberate Norsheim.
 Throwing Like a Girl (10 points)
Prove yourself a worthy leader in the Battle Arena.
 Unwelcome Arrival (15 points)
Capture the Royal Airport.
 No Kingdom for the Old Man (15 points)
Secure King Edgar's safety.
 Fate of Traitors (15 points)
Defeat the traitor's army at Stonecrest.
 For My Father (20 points)
Defeat the final boss of the Viking Elites campaign.
 Megastar (10 points)
Earn all the stars of the Viking Elites campaign

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