Double Dragon - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Good Score (5 points)
Get 20,000 points.

For this achievement, it is best to use the + back elbow button combo. Can easily be done on Single player. Just make sure that once you elbow someone you move away, especially around the big Mr. T looking guys as they tend to pick you up and throw you right when they get up if you are too close.

 Demolition Man (15 points)
Kill two enemies with a single stick of dynamite in a single player game.

By far the one achievement that will come from strictly luck. When you begin the 2nd mission, just walk over and climb the fence. Don't wait for anyone to move, just get up there as soon as you get to it. Then, climb back down. Back elbow one of the goons, both of them have dynamite, so it doesn't matter which one. As soon as it drops run over to it and just stand there. BOTH goons will come and stand by you. DON'T interact with either one, just stand there. If one starts to punch you or anything, just take it, as they both will die in a matter of 2 seconds. Even if you get kicked into the hole, both goons will die. This works 4/5 times, as I got my achievement, and tested it to make sure that it worked.

 All Tools (5 points)
Pick up a whip, a bat, a knife, a drum, a carton, a stick of dynamite, and a rock.

For this achievement all you have to do is pick the weapons up. You can pick up the Whip, Bat, Knife and Barrel in the first level. Then at the beginning of the second is the Box and Dynamite.

 Third Base (20 points)
Finish mission 3 holding a baseball bat.

Somewhat tricky achievement, the Bat for level 3 is at the very beginning of the level when you get off the elevator. You must have the bat all the way til the end. Clearing the bridge with it is going to be the most difficult part. I will cover that later, but once you reach the end with the 2 big enemies, get to the top of the map near the edge. Let them hit you and the bat will fall to the ground. Hopefully it lands where you can still pick it up. Beat the big enemies, and when that’s complete the screen will pan to the right. Pick up the bat and finish the level.

 No Swimming (10 points)
Pass the bridge in mission 3 without falling in the water.

The hardest part about jumping over the bridge is the enemy on the other side. If you are fast enough you will be able to move past him before he hits you. Jumping over the bridge itself is easy, and if you just keep walking towards it and hit the button as soon as you get to the edge, you will clear it no problem. If you stop though, you will land in the water every time.

 Untouchable (20 points)
Complete mission 1 in a single player game without being hit.

Somewhat difficult to do but if you pace yourself and only allow a few enemies to come on screen at a time, you will have a much easier experience. Don’t pick up any weapons, and use the + elbow combination. When you reach the first Big enemy and the guy holding the bat, run around the making them follow you. If you can hit them both at the same time that is good. Continue to run around the screen until both enemies are dead. The next area is where it gets a tad more difficult. Move forward slowly bringing out the guy with the knife. Take him out, and move forward a little more. If you did it right, only the one enemy will come out. Take him out and move forward more to face the final boss. Continue to use the + back elbow while moving around the screen and you should get this achievement.

 Invade the Base (15 points)
Reach mission 4 in a co-op game without continues.

Very easy achievement to get so long as you find someone who is familiar with Double Dragon. The easiest way to do this is to use the + elbow combination. The only spot you will have trouble with is at the end of mission two with the mass of enemies coming out of the elevators and clearing the bridge.

 No Mercy (15 points)
Take out all the enemies before the final boss in a single player game.

To get this, you must take out the guys wearing green and all other enemies before you kill the main boss. Do not let any of them walk thru the door. Easiest when you utilize the + elbow combo. You can die and continue as many times as necessary for this achievement to unlock.

 Sneaky (20 points)
Avoid the wall traps in mission 4.

This one is a little tricky, and glitchy. The first time I went thru I got this and I was hit by the “walls” that come out. Your best bet to avoid them is to move slowly until one comes out, then quickly move beyond it. Waiting to see when the next one comes out, and then repeat. You can also try and just run straight across without being touched, as this will also work. But you may have to attempt this one over and over again.

 Bare Hands (20 points)
Complete a single player game without using any object.

The description says it all. Don’t pick any object up. Your best to stay completely away from them if at all possible, and if you are forced to fight near them, use the kick instead of the elbow until you are able to move away as any combination involving the button will pick up the weapon if you are near it. This will not unlock even if all you do Is pick a weapon up and drop it.

 Get the Girl (20 points)
Beat the other player at the end of a co-op game.

Can be done in one of two ways. 1) Get yourself to the final boss and hit start with a second controller and then once the battle is over, beat the “2nd” player. Or 2) Play a Co-Op game and beat up the other player. This could prove more difficult, but is the way the achievement was intended to be gotten.

 Hero (35 points)
Complete a single player game without continues.

Relatively simple if you use the + combination and moving around the screen. When you reach the final boss it is best to focus on him only. Stay close to him and use the elbow. If you get hit by the other enemies don’t worry about them, just focus on the boss. It is best to have most if not all of your lives in hand when you get to this part just to be safe because one shot from the boss’s gun will kill you.


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