Little Acorns - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Year One (10 points)
Year 1, Basic Clear
 Year Two (10 points)
Year 2, Basic Clear
 Year Three (10 points)
Year 3, Basic Clear
 Year Four (10 points)
Year 4, Basic Clear
 Year One - Done Properly (10 points)
Year 1, Full Clear
 Year Two - Done Properly (10 points)
Year 2, Full Clear
 Year Three - Done Properly (10 points)
Year 3, Full Clear
 Year Four - Done Properly (10 points)
Year 4, Full Clear
 Perfectionist (10 points)
Full clear of the entire game
 Stay a while… (10 points)
…Stay forever!
 Jolly Jumper (10 points)
Jump around!
 Grapple Combo (10 points)
Who needs platforms?
 Grapple Master (10 points)
It's fun to swing!
 Fruit Frenzy (10 points)
It's good for you
 Combo Kill (10 points)
 Multi Kill! (10 points)
Invincibility is fun
 Pinball Wizard (10 points)
 Elevator Action (10 points)
Master the moving platforms
 Sparkle Motion (10 points)
Swinging and sparkling
 Nice Catch! (10 points)
Save the babies!

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