History Channel: Legends of War - Patton - Achievements
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There are 20 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 New recruit! (10 points)
Tutorial completed
 First blood! (10 points)
First mission completed (Campaign Mode)
 Specialist Infantry (10 points)
First bazooka recruited (Campaign Mode)
 Retrained! (20 points)
First upgrade made (Campaign Mode)
 Armored support (20 points)
First tank recruited (Campaign Mode)
 Destroyer! (20 points)
50 German units destroyed (Campaign Mode)
 Battle Hardened Recruit (30 points)
First operation completed (Campaign Mode)
 Skilled warrior (40 points)
Second operation completed (Campaign Mode)
 Assassin! (40 points)
15 German soldiers killed with knife (Campaign Mode)
 Heroic (40 points)
5 heroic victories achieved (Campaign Mode)
 Their worst nightmare! (40 points)
100 German units destroyed (Campaign Mode)
 Air Support (40 points)
First aircraft recruited (Campaign Mode)
 Inspirational General (50 points)
Max out any of Patton's Skills (Campaign Mode)
 Full army! (60 points)
Third Army completed (Campaign Mode)
 Combat veteran (70 points)
Third operation completed (Campaign Mode)
 War Hero (80 points)
200 German units destroyed (Campaign Mode)
 Weapons Tech (80 points)
All types of units unlocked (Campaign Mode)
 When the war is over (100 points)
Game completed (Campaign Mode)
 Heroic Leader (120 points)
10 heroic victories achieved (Campaign Mode)
 Supreme commander (120 points)
Fourth operation completed without casualties (Campaign Mode)

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