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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Player of Games (5 points)
Play all four game types at least once each

Just play all four games, there is no need to win. This can be done in single or multiplayer.

 King Me! (10 points)
Get a king in Checkers

Play checkers and get one of your pieces to the other side of the board to turn it into a King.

 Play 5 (5 points)
Play online for 5 games

Play 5 games online. It can be any games but it is easy to get this one while you are getting "Game Swap" achievement. Just play another game afterwards.

 Game Swap (5 points)
Playing online, play at least one game of all four game types in the same session

Set up a player match with a friend, then play a game. Then start another game and press to swap games. Play that one out then start the next game and press again. Rinse and repeat till you play all four games. If you have not already got it you will get the "Player of Games" achievement while doing this one.

 Mancala Master (20 points)
Win a game of Mancala with 27 pieces or more

The best way to do this is with a friend over Live. It can be done in about 6 or seven turns, but may take some practice. All you have to do is plan your pieces where you do not send any pieces to their side if you can help it. Have them start from the left selecting the dishes in order. This will pile up the pieces on the end dishes. The most of the pieces will be moved to your side. When they have no more moves you will all the pieces on your side by default. Again this may take a few tries.

 Four Corners (30 points)
Capture all four corners in any game of Reversi

This one is best done with a friend. You must plan with your friend moves that will allow you to get a piece of your color in all four corners of the board.

 Five Kings (10 points)
Play Checkers and in any game get five Kings

Just play checkers and get 5 pieces to the other side to turn them into Kings. This is easier to do with a friend over Live in a player match.

 Mancala Warrior (20 points)
Play online with a friend and win 2 Mancala games as white and 2 as black

Just as it says. Win two games as white. On the third game press pause. It will have an option to swap sides. Do so and it will start a new game with you playing black. Then just win two more games.

 Winner Of Games (30 points)
Win a ranked match in all four game types

You have to win a game of each type in ranked matches. If you can get with a friend to do it great. Just remember you have to actually beat your friend for it to count. If you can't get a friend to find your ranked match, then practice and keep trying.

 Chess Champ (25 points)
Play online and win 10 Chess games

Win 10 Chess games online. This can be done in player matches.

 AI? Yeah, Right! (20 points)
Beat the AI at all four games

Just win a game of all four types in single player. There is no shortcut to this. I will give a few pieces of advice though:

Checkers: If a piece is available to take, you have to take it. Keep this in mind as it works the same for the AI. Try to set it up to where you give it a piece, but you take two in return. Also try to have a back up to your pieces in the middle. I let the AI take the first piece and it was down hill for it from there.


Chess: There is a way to checkmate in 4 moves that worked on the AI. Move the pawn in front of the King. Then move the out the Queen and Bishop. You want them both lined up to the pawn in front of the bishop next to the king. On the fourth turn Take the pawn with the Queen. As long as the AI did not move pieces in the way of your pieces before you move or out of the way of the king you will have checkmate.


Mancala: Try to make it where the last piece you move either lands in the capture dish or on an empty dish next to a dish of the AI's with alot of pieces in it. Other than that practice.


Reversi: Practice. Keep in mind that the AI will always take the move that will give it the most number of pieces. Try to use this to your advantage. Also, avoid giving up edges and most certainly avoid giving up corners.


 Overkill (20 points)
Win at Chess while taking every one of your opponent’s pieces except for the King

This is easier to do with a friend over Live. Just take every piece before you checkmate the King.


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