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There are 20 achievements with a total of 400 points.
 Win (10 points)
Win First Star in Tour

This can be done by selecting either of the two tours from the main menu (9 Ball or 8 Ball) and beating the first opponent.

 Side Tracked (10 points)
Win First Bonus Match in Tour

Bonus matches are unlocked as you progress through each Cup and are shown as a branch on the match path through each Cup. Each Bonus Match is a bit different from regular matches in one way or another. The earliest one you will unlock can be found in the Exchange Cup upon beating the first opponent and getting at least two stars (some bonus matches require all 3 stars). In this game, you gain 1 point for each ball you pot, and the first to 30 points/pots wins. You must get the correct ball into the marked pot for the point to count.

 8 Ball Champion (15 points)
Won 8 Ball Tour

Play through all of the standard matches in all three rounds of each 8 Ball Tournament.

 All Star (40 points)
Obtained all 298 stars

Each match in Tournament mode has three stars that require you to usually win while accomplishing other certain tasks. 

See the Challenge section of the Tips guide for any help you may need.

 Super Skill (20 points)
Reach 1500000 Points

This is (thankfully) cumulative overall ALL gametypes, including the tournaments, Versus, and online (although score is only added if you win). To get this rather quickly, always add max swerve to a shot in whichever direction is easier for you ( or ), try bank shots and kick shots whenever they seem feasible and overall try and always try and keep up your skill shot streak even if it means making a shot that won't give you much points. The 2x max swerve bonus will make any score automatically better, which is why it is good to do this before each and every shot. You will most certainly get this during the duration of the Tournaments.

 Jack Of All Trades (15 points)
Win One Game In All Rule Sets

You can either do this by playing and winning one game of each rule set in Versus mode, or do all of the bonus matches in the tournaments to unlock the achievement.

 9 Ball Champion (15 points)
Won 9 Ball Tour

Win all of the regular matches, in each round and tournament of 9 Ball Mode.

 Zen 4 (15 points)
Reach 4 minutes in Endurance

See "Super Zen."

 Super Streak (20 points)
30 Ball Streak in Endurance

See "Mega Streak."

 Champion (20 points)
Win Online Tournament

From the main menu, enter the Xbox Live section and join or start an Online Tournament, and come out victorious. The online population is rather thin, so this may take a while if you can't even find a group. You may need to ask in the achievement trading thread for help.

 Epic Win (10 points)
Win Online Match

Join/start an online game (player or ranked) against another player, and then defeat them. Due to the limited online population, it's easier to do this by itself, instead of waiting for people to play the Tournament with for both this and Champion. Check the achievement trading thread for a partner.

 Does Not Compute (10 points)
First Win Against AI in Versus

From the main menu of the game, go into the Versus menu and create a 1 on 1 game against the computer using whatever rule set, and other custom settings you want. Once you've done that, simply win the game.

 Zen 8 (10 points)
Reach 8 minutes in Endurance

See "Super Zen."

 Zen 12 (35 points)
Reach 12 minutes in Endurance

See "Super Zen."

 Super Zen (40 points)
Reach 20 minutes in Endurance

Endurance mode is a timed event where you must efficiently clear the balls off the table while more and more appear at an ever increasing rate. As you pot balls you will fill the bar at the bottom left of the screen, which once filled can be used by pressing  to stop time for several seconds, allowing you to freely make shots without being rushed. One key thing to note is: as your streak increases, the multiplier for the score increases substantially, reaching a point where you can almost constantly have the game paused, as long as you stay focused on potting balls the simplest, and safest way possible.

 Nirvana (20 points)
Clear the table in Endurance

Since you need to maintain a good streak to reach the 20 minute mark for "Super Zen" and the 50 ball streak for "Mega Streak", you should be able to pause time quite often, allowing you to clear balls without the hindrance of new balls getting in the way. This will allow you to more easily clear the table, which overall is easiest to do in the first few minutes of gameplay as you can sometimes clear the table rather quickly after a good break.

 Mega Streak (35 points)
50 ball streak in Endurance

While in Endurance mode, focus on slow and steady shots that you are at least mostly certain you will make. This is very important because the key to not only getting this achievement, but also hitting the 20 minute mark, is keeping up a good streak to multiply the points each ball you pot adds to your pause bar, allowing you to fill it quicker and pause more often. Thus, if you focus on making guaranteed shots instead of quick shots, you should be able to get this while steaming through Endurance mode.

 Super Shot (15 points)
Earn 5000 points in one skill shot

See "Mega Shot."

 Mega Shot (35 points)
Earn 10000 points in one skill shot

To change a regular shot to a skill shot, bounce a ball of wall prior to hitting the target ball, use one ball to knock another into a pot, add swerve (using /) and jump using , make consecutive shots, and make long shots. Do a mixture of any of these to get the 5000 points, which overall isn't too difficult to get even early on, and if you continue the skill shot streak you should get the 10000 points shortly after.

Potting a combo shot while at max swerve is almost a guaranteed 10k, and I have gotten over 30k on a single shot doing this.

 Back to the Future (10 points)
Use a Flashback

While in a game, note the Lightning Bolts next to your gamer picture on the screen. If you screw up on a shot you have until the time your opponent hits the ball to hit  and then  and redo your most recent shot. You only get a limited number of uses per match, but this is a very easy achievement to get otherwise.


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