The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 50 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Oedipal Complex (5 points)
Complete the First Location
 Sorry, Brother (10 points)
Complete the First Act
 Nobody Can Kill Merle but Merle (15 points)
Complete the Second Act
 Moving to the 'Burbs (20 points)
Complete the Third Act
 Get Out of Dodge (30 points)
Complete the Final Marked Destination on the Map
 Been Everywhere (50 points)
Complete All Marked Destinations on the Map
 On the Road Again (5 points)
Explore an Unmarked Travel Location
 Zig-Zagging All Over the Road (50 points)
Explore 25 Unmarked Travel Locations
 That's a Nice Swing You've Got (15 points)
Kill Walkers Using Every Melee Weapon
 They Know Me at the Range (15 points)
Kill Walkers Using Every Ranged Weapon
 Crash Course in Brain Surgery (25 points)
Kill 100 Walkers while Grappling
 Need More Spots Up Front (35 points)
Dismember 250 Limbs
 Now Don't You Get Bit! (30 points)
Prevent 50 Walkers from Grabbing You
 We Survive by Pulling Together (5 points)
Recruit 1 Optional Survivor
 Every Man, Woman and Child (30 points)
Choose to Travel at Least Once with Every Optional Survivor
 No Down Payments (30 points)
Find Every Useable Vehicle
 No Stone Left Unturned (50 points)
Collect Every Stuffed Squirrel
 Good Samaritan (30 points)
Complete 25 Optional Objectives
 Not a Scratch (30 points)
Complete a Marked Destination on the Map without Taking Any Damage
 They're People, Too! (30 points)
Complete a Marked Destination on the Map without Killing a Walker
 You're Just Not My Type (10 points)
Complete a Marked Destination on the Map without Being Grabbed by a Walker
 I Can Handle This Myself (30 points)
Enter Sherwood Without Any Survivors
 Say Hello to My Little Friend (10 points)
Complete a Marked Map Destination Using Only Firearms
 True Dixon (25 points)
Complete a Marked Destination on the Map Using Only the Crossbow
 Sneak Attack (35 points)
Perform Execution Kills on 50 Walkers
 It's Gotta Be the Brain (45 points)
Dismember All Limbs of 5 Walkers
 Two Heads Are Better Than One (5 points)
Kill Multiple Walkers with One Bullet
 Have a Nice Trip! (20 points)
Kill a Walker That Is Falling Due to Dismemberment
 Mind if I Borrow This? (15 points)
Pull a Bolt From a Walker Then Kill Them With It
 Ooh, Shiny! (15 points)
Distract 50 Walkers with Items
 That Looks Like It Hurt (30 points)
Restore Survivors 25 Times
 Extreme Conditioning (10 points)
Sprint Until You're Exhausted 10 Times in One Level
 It's Not Venison, but It'll Do (10 points)
Consume 50 MREs
 Still Not Buying a Hybrid (10 points)
Consume 250 Fuel
 Duct Tape Can Fix Anything (10 points)
Survive 5 Breakdowns
 Next Step: Bullet Belt (15 points)
Fire 300 Bullets
 Down to My Last (15 points)
Complete the Game with Only 1 Firearm and 1 Bullet Left in Your Inventory
 Porcupine (15 points)
Shoot a Walker with 10 Bolts without Killing It
 Guys Night Out (20 points)
Arrive at Final Destination with Only Male Survivors
 Rosie the Rampager (20 points)
Arrive at Final Destination with Only Female Survivors
 The Missing 8 (50 points)
Find Every Poster
 I Used to Be a Human Like You (5 points)
Shoot a Walker in the Knee with a Bolt
 This Is How Hot Dogs Are Made (10 points)
10 Walkers Killed with Saw Blades in the Logging Camp
 BOOM! Who Needs a Headshot? (15 points)
Kill 5 Walkers with One Explosion
 Group Hug (5 points)
Kill 4 Walkers in a Single Grapple Sequence
 Need a Hand? (5 points)
Prevent a Walker from Damaging You by Severing Its Attacking Limb
 You Go Your Way, I'll Go Mine (5 points)
Dismiss a Survivor
Secret Achievements
Stay Together, Stay Safe (10 points)
5 Survivors Were Killed While Scavenging
The Hunted Becomes the Hunter (10 points)
Killed 5 Walkers in the Cabot Ridge Creek Bed
You're Doing It Wrong (10 points)
Perished 13 Times

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