Red Bull Crashed Ice - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 19 achievements with a total of 400 points.
 Goldmember (40 points)
Got all Gold in the World Tour
 The Velvet Cave (25 points)
Got Gold in Valkenburg Event
 Poutine anyone? (25 points)
Got Gold in Quebec Event
 Bigger is Better (25 points)
Got Gold in St. Paul Event
 Down the hatch (25 points)
Got Gold in Munich Event
 ARE you Stoked? (25 points)
Got Gold in Åre Event
 Headache (20 points)
Raced a total of 10 Versus races
 Thunderstruck (10 points)
Got powered up and performed a T-Pose over the Thor Statue
 Powerthirst (5 points)
Got powered up 5 times in 1 race
 Energy Legs (20 points)
Performed a total of 50 Powerlandings
 The Race (20 points)
Performed 30 perfect starts
 Bully (20 points)
Performed a total of 51 Takedowns
 Best of the Best (40 points)
#1 place in Overall leaderboard Event or Qualifier on any track
 Boyscout (35 points)
Collected all badges
 Gonna make ya... (15 points)
Performed 50 jumps in game
 Mr. Blaine (15 points)
Performed 50 air tricks in game
 The Broken Heart (20 points)
Won races against 13 Ghosts
 Gives You Wings (10 points)
Grabbed the Red Bull can on every track
 Respect! (5 points)
Watched the credits

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