Crimson Dragon: Side Story - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 First Flight (5 points)
Defeat the Glyrin!
 Skylord (5 points)
Eliminate the Dark Phantom from the Crimson Dragon world.
 Boss Killer (10 points)
Complete "Planet Draco's Masters".
 The True Crux (15 points)
Complete "The Ultimate Test".
 Hero of Draco (30 points)
Complete "Battle after battle after battle!" without taking any damage.
 Shredding The Skies (5 points)
Defeat 50 enemies.
 Death From Above (5 points)
Defeat 100 enemies using only subskills.
 Cleansing Fire (5 points)
Finish off Glyrin and Hestrine using action skills.
 Buzz Kill (5 points)
Defeat 1000 enemies.
 Swarm Exterminator (10 points)
Defeat 4000 enemies.
 Taking the First Step (5 points)
Unlock a skill.
 Defy Death (10 points)
Unlock 10 skills
 Aerial Acrobatics (10 points)
Unlock 40 skills.
 I AM LEGEND! (30 points)
Unlock all skills.
 Take Up Arms (5 points)
Equip yourself with a new skill.
 GPS Specialist (5 points)
Use the in-game GPS to gather draco jewels.
 Dragon Master (5 points)
Defeat Dark Phantom 200 times.
 Might and Magic (10 points)
Power-up the White Reaver by awakening 5 skills.
 White Reaver Unleashed! (20 points)
Release the White Reaver's latent power by awakening all skills.
 Illumination (5 points)
Customize the dragon's color.

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