Top Hand Rodeo Tour - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 48 achievements with a total of 1000 points.
 Lucky Charm (15 points)
Hittin' that Golden Horseshoe was purdy hard, partner! Nicely done.
 Cowboy Up (20 points)
Congrats! You've unocked the County Fair. Good job.
 1st Pace (20 points)
State Fair? Other than bacon, nothing is finer than earning an entry to a rodeo at the State Fair.
 Top Notch (20 points)
Lone Star. A single, stunning star, shimmering superbly. And now you can rodeo here.
 Ain't too bad (20 points)
Never forget to always remember to Remember The Alamo!
 Reach for the Sky (20 points)
If you go too far west, you'll end up wet. So just go Far West enough, and not any farther.
 Now yer gettin' it (20 points)
A longshot is a situation that defies the odds. Just like your rodeo skills! Keep it up.
 Top Hand (20 points)
Wow, you've done it! The ulitmate rodeo arena has been unlocked. You deserve it, and you're welcome!
 Barrel Roll! (10 points)
A barrel roll is a difficult act of skill and timing, and you just did one my friend!
 Barrel of Monkeys (50 points)
Nothing is more fun than a Barrel of Monkeys, except a whole lotta Barrel Racing!
 A Fistful of Barrels (10 points)
It would be hard to hold 100 barrels in a single fist, but I bet you would if you could.
 A Few Barrels More (25 points)
By a few, we meant 150 more than a fistful. But with your overachieving, we knew you'd be here soon.
 Get a rope (10 points)
How many wraps did you do? Most ropers only do two. This is not safe wrapping in my opinion.
 Roped In (50 points)
You got all gold in Tie Down Roping? Only the very best ropers can say that!
 Piggin' it up (25 points)
A Piggin String is used to hog tie a calf, not a pig. Weird.
 High Noon (10 points)
Shoot straight and move fast. Sounds easy, but it ain't.
 Shoot 'Em Up (50 points)
"Bang bang bang bang bang bang... click. Darn." -- an anonymous tombstone in Texas
 Luftballons (10 points)
You didn't let the red balloons go by.
 What do I feel? Recoil. (25 points)
No bullets are used in the real event, instead the blank ammo burns the balloons, popping them.
 Team Up (10 points)
There is no I in TEAM, but there is in WIN. You chose your partner well.
 Cowboy and Woody (50 points)
A lengendary roping team from Montgomery, TX. You aren't this good, but close.
 Sheer Steer (25 points)
You have roped over 48 metric tons of meat, here is your reward.
 Sometimes you get the bull (10 points)
And sometime he gets you. I mean a really deep understanding of your wants and needs.
 No Bull (50 points)
With an average skin thickness of over 1/4", a bull is only tickled by being spurred.
 Rough Stock Rider (25 points)
Well, that was a workout!
 How now brown cow? (25 points)
They keep gettin' in the way, dagnabbit!
 Riding Herd (50 points)
This says you are a quantity over quality kind of player. Still, nice work!
 Gold Miner (10 points)
While hard to rope, an El Dorado calf pays a handsome dividend, your portfolio thanks you.
 Pistol Packin' (25 points)
I'm thinkin' you like plinkin' by the way all those targets were sinkin'.
 Rootin' Tootin' Shootin' (50 points)
Now thats how you shoot!
 Back in the Saddle again (25 points)
Are we there yet? You certainly are. Huge kudos to you!
 Till the Sun Goes Down (25 points)
I bet the stars will be pretty tonight. Make a wish on one. I hope it comes true!
 Till the Sun Comes Up (10 points)
Go. To. Bed. Now.
 Double the fun (10 points)
Playing by yourself is no fun at all. The more, the merrier, right?
 Three is a lovely number (20 points)
A group dynamic consisting of three people can be stabilized with good humor and tact.
 The Magnificent Four (25 points)
Now THIS is a party!
 Top Hand of the Rodeo (100 points)
Thank you for playing!
Secret Achievements
Bunch of Hooey (0 points)
A horse named "Booger"? Now that's just pure fun!
Bull in a China Shop (0 points)
Admit it, you were tempted to knock the barrel over when you first saw it, right? Me too.
The One that got away (0 points)
They do that sometimes. Only seems fair.
Time for Glasses (0 points)
20/10? More like 20/200! Either that, or you just crave achievements!
I thought YOU had him! (0 points)
In any team, good communication is essential. By the way, you don't have it.
Humility is a virtue (0 points)
Pride cometh with the fall. Afterall, you survived, didn't you?
Roped by a dope (0 points)
Them calves ain't gonna catch themselves!
Cheap Shot (0 points)
Even if you don't have any skills, ya gotta a lot of try in ya.
Gettin' all Hollywood (5 points)
Everyone wants to be a cowboy.
BRB, feedin' mah horse (10 points)
If you really did just feed your horse, I gotta admit, that's pretty awesome (and coincidental)!
Thanks! (10 points)
That is a lot of people, huh?

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