Special Forces: Team X - Achievement Guide
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There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Blaster (15 points)
Kill four enemies with a single explosive

Best way to do this is to play Hotzone, find one of the special weapon crates on the map and hope to get the Airstrike canister. The weapons in the crates are random so this may take a few tries. One you get the airstrike, run toward the objective and wait for the opposing team to arrive and toss the canister. It has a rather large explosion radius so anyone in the area will get hit.

Also try not to die before throwing the airstrike, you lose special weapons if you're killed.

Alternate method, start up a private match with enough people and kill 4 of them with any explosive. (Grenade, Rockets, Grenade Launcher, Mine, Airstrike)

 Moving on up! (5 points)
Reach Operator Rank 2

Just play the game, you will rank up quickly in the beginning and get this your first or second game.

 Climber (20 points)
Reach Operator Rank 20

Same as "Moving on up!" just play the game normally and you will get it in no time.

 Highest Rank (30 points)
Reach Operator Rank 40

This one will take a little while, but you will get there by just playing the game. Don't quit out of matches before they end, otherwise any exp earned that match is lost.

 Minefield (20 points)
Kill an enemy with his own mine

Mines are unlocked at level 39. Blow up an enemy mine killing the player who placed it for the achievement. There is a perk for showing enemy mines on the map to make this easier. Can be boosted in private match to make it even simpler.

 A Player's Mission (5 points)
Complete one Player Mission

These can be found under Career on the main menu. They are challenges you need to complete. Most of them are simple and you will get this achievement your first or second match by just playing normally.

 All Missions Check (30 points)
Complete all Player Missions

Complete all the challenges listed in the career section. This will take you the longest. All can be boosted in private matches.

 Winner (20 points)
Win a match in all Game Types

There are 5 game types. TDM, CP, CTF, HVT, and HZ.
Win a match in each for the achievement.

 Headcount (10 points)
Kill 20 enemies in a match

Kill 20 enemies in a single match. Easier to do in objective game types as enemies are always heading towards the objective or can be easily boosted in a private match.

 Team Player (5 points)
Achieve a teamplay multiplier of 4x or better

You get these by sticking next to teammates. You will see a counter appear when near your team, just stay next to one of them until the counter reaches 4 for the achievement.

 Get up close (10 points)
Execute 25 enemies

Execute 25 enemies by performing a melee attack from behind.

 K9 Operator (30 points)
Kill 25 enemies with an attack dog

Attack dogs are under equipment, kill 25 enemies with them for the achievement. There are 2 types of attack dogs, either one works toward this achievement.


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