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There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Eagle Eyes (10 points)
Kill 50 enemies with skill shots.

'Skill shot' is related to how fast you swipe your finger across the screen. There is an optimum speed that you must hit. When you begin a swipe to mark an enemy a counter starts, represented by a red and green bar at the top of the screen. If you successfully swipe across an enemy when the red bar intersects with the green, you will land a skill shot that kills the enemy faster and earns you more experience.

Different weapons have different green bar length. The best primary weapon choice to make a skill shots is FAMAS. Using it you will get the achievement in no time, just don't forget to upgrade it.
You will probably get this achievement during your 20-25th missions.

 Saviour (10 points)
Save 25 scientists.

In this type of missions (green dots on the global map) you need to find the certain amount of scientists and bring them to extraction point alive. These missions often have time limit so on some maps it may be a pain in the ass.

If you have any problems with difficulty at the later levels, you can skip this type of missions ('Sign out' then load to randomize) and get those scientists saved on the new save file. The overall count goes through all of your save files.

 Guardian (10 points)
Escort 25 soldiers to their destination.

To get this achievement simply finish Escort type missions (orange dots on the global map). You will get two soldiers for each mission, so it will be a minimum of 13 missions with 100% completion to get the achievement. The counter goes through all of your save files, so if you have problems with difficulty at later levels, just start a new game and save soldiers there.

The general tactics is to keep soldiers behind, and run straight to the map exit. Leave those intels behind at least on the later levels, as there is a minimum profit from getting all of them, but going through all the corners of a map will significantly increace the chance of your soldiers be killed. Soldiers are pretty tough and have a good firepower but they cannot heal themself.

 Colonel Fix It (10 points)
Repair 25 weapons installations.

This type of mission consists of three steps:
1. Escort your fellow engineer alive to every of 3 weapon installations
2. Defend him while repairs are made
3. Escort him back to extraction point

The only difficult part is 2nd, as there are a hordes of enemies trying to kill your engineer for about half a minute. Simply deploy your sentry guns and droids (1 of each per repair) and make yourself a cup of coffee. Even on hard later missions you can afford that if you have your specials fully upgraded.
Do not forget to use gas and missle drones if you still need those achievements as there are large cluster of enemies here.

If you have any problems with difficulty at the later levels, just start a new game and make repairs there.

 Grenadier (10 points)
Kill 50 enemies with grenades.

To throw a grenade just drag it over the enemy and release, it kills enemies with single explosion.
You get 5 grenades at the start of every mission, so it will be very easy achievement to get.

 Private (10 points)
Kill 150 enemies.

This achievement is one of the first to be obtained, just like the 'Majestic'. You will get it during the 5th-6th mission.

 Captain (10 points)
Kill 500 enemies.

Just keep killing the enemies and eventually you will get this achievement. It will pop up during your 13th-16th missions.

 Commando (10 points)
Kill 2000 enemies.

You will get this achievement eventually while doing regular missions. I've got mine near the 35th mission. Just keep killing the enemies. The kills made by your special weapons are scored up for this achievement.

 Gunishment (10 points)
Kill 100 enemies with Sentry Guns.

Sentry gun is one of handiest special weapons in the game, it may be upgraded so you can use up to three sentry guns per mission.
This weapon is stationary, but you can control the fire sector of the gun. It is the must have for defend-type missions such as 'Repair X weapon installations'
and 'Defend the base and soldiers' especially at the later levels.

Check 'Pimp my arsenal' section for additional info on that technique.

This achievement is the easiest from the 'special weapons' related list, you will obtain it after 5-8 missions with intense usage of sentry guns.

 Armageddon (10 points)
Kill 100 enemies with Missile Drones.

Just summon your missle drone when there are a big cluster of enemies ahead and stay still untill it doing the dirty work for you. When it spends all of it's ammo it flies away. Keep in mind that while they are deployed you cannot use any other special weapons and ought to wait until they fly away. Repeat at least 10 times, and you achievement will pop-up guaranteed.

 Forsaken (10 points)
Hit 100 enemies with Defectant Gas.

As soon as you buy 'Defectant Gas' special weapon keep using it. You just need to hit the big cluster of enemies, which can be found behind the doors on almost every level, or while on defend-type missions. Eventually you will earn the achievement.

 Rolling Thunder (10 points)
Kill 100 enemies with Droids.

Droids are like the sentry guns, but with lesser firepower compensated by the significant mobility.
They will close the gaps in your defence during the defence type missions.

This will probably be your second 'special weapon' achievement. Just don't forget to upgrade your droids and you will get this achievement after 5-8 missions.

 Elite Soldier (10 points)
Level up to Elite Level.

There are totally 21 levels in the game, and you start at level 1. Chain your kills for multipliers, make skill shots, do the grenade blasts and put your sentry guns and droids in front of soldiers in 'Defend the base and soldiers' type missions to make sure most of the kills are made by your weapons which also will give you the EXP.
So just get 20 level-ups and achievement will pop-up.
You will get this after around 50 missions.

 Hero (10 points)
Complete the game.

This achievement is obtained in a second after you kill the final boss - 'Subject 88'.
Capture all the areas of the map (there are 20 of them) by finishing available missions, and eventually you will face the 'Change of plans. It's Subject 88, we must eliminate him' message or so.

You then will be faced with a tough guy with a long-range rifle.
You can try to kill him, but I would recommend to obtain all of the weapons and buy all available upgrades before trying that.
The simpliest tactics is to fastly deploy all of your sentry guns and droids (3 of each if fully upgraded), and then run to the safe spot. The map is small, so it can be any place, where you are not under fire, just keep running and let your droids and turrets make the dirty work for you.

Don't worry, you can keep grinding your 'Pimp My Arsenal' achievement after the final fight, as the game continues after the end credits (which are very funny btw). Moreover, the choice of available missions after killing the Subject 88 is great, and will let you to get only those you really need for the mission achievements.

 Majestic (10 points)
Earn the best Reputation level.

This will most probably be the first achievement you get.
The reputation is given for excellence in finishing missions. It has five reputation levels, which increases with successful missions and decreases with failures and restarts.
Just get 100% (finish all primary objectives, collect all the intels) in your first five missions and Majestic will pop up.

 Pimp My Arsenal (10 points)
Buy every weapon and fully upgrade it.

Just as achievement description says - you need to buy every weapon (5 primary, 5 secondary and 4 specials) and fully upgrade them.
You will need around 1-1.2 million credits for that.
The credits can be easily grinded on the later missions. By the end of game (just before the 'final' fight) you could get a maximum of 50600 credits per 'Defend the base and soldiers' mission (100% completion, maximum reputation).
Just keep finishing those missions and you will get the needed amount of money. Even if you have no 'Defend the base' missions (yellow dots) on your map, tap the 'Sign out' and then load your save again. Keep doing that and the defend mission will randomly appear.

Or you can 'finish' the game (see the 'Hero' description for details) and get the bigger list of available missions with yellow dots guaranteed.

The 'Defend the base' mission has no its own achievement but it is a great help in grinding money and experience. It will always give you at least 30000 credits and 2500-3500 EXP.
The goal is to keep all of your soldiers alive while surviving a certain amount of waves. There are always W+1 soldiers, where the W is the waves count. The higher protagonist level is the more waves are. By the last 21st level you will have 6 waves and 7 soldiers to be kept alive.

The tactics for this type of mission (6 wave type) is pretty simple. There are always three entries from which the enemies are attacking.
1. Deploy the droids near two of the entries in front of the soldiers (so they will get most of the frags) at the wave 1. Move protagonist to the 3rd entry and kill all the attackers only there, leaving the spot to help droids sometimes if necessary. Do that until wave 3.
2. Put the sentry gun on the 3rd entry (where you previously were), run around all of three entries keeping enemies far from your precious soldiers (do not forget - 100% completion, 7/7 soldiers alive).
4. Put the second sentry gun on the needed entry (you should see now which one is weak) at the end of wave 4.
5. Put the last sentry gun at the end of wave 5.
6. Do not forget to use defectant gas and missle drones. But deploy your missle drones wisely as while they are deployed you cannot use any other special weapons and ought to wait until it spend it's ammo and fly away.

Keeping that order will allow turrets fire even if they are out of ammo (that's a glitch, only one needs to be the turned on to keep other two alive).
Just try not to push the turrets as they will infinitely slide out of the map (bug).

 Money Bags (10 points)
Earn 500,000 credits.

You don't need to have all the 500k in your inventory at one time, so don't mind getting it, just buy everything you need for your missions and eventually you will get this achievement. I've got mine after ~30th mission.

 Destroyer (10 points)
Kill 25 enemies with exploding objects.

In some levels you will notice the red explosive barrels (such as those in tutorial and others), lure the enemies to them and then shoot. This achievement can be obtained at any time.

 Master At Arms (10 points)
Deploy all 4 special weapons, 10 times each.

You will get this achievement during the later part of the game.
There are 4 special weapons: Sentry Guns, Missile Drones, Defectant Gas and Droids each of which has its own achievement.
Just keep using all of your special weapons, and you will obtain 'Master At Arms'. It's not necessary to deploy all four at one time, just need to be done 10 times for each.

 Pugilist (10 points)
Kill 50 enemies using the Melee attack.

To execute a melee attack just let the enemy to get closer to you and swipe the finger over it from side to side several times.
This achievement is easy, but should be done while the enemies are weak (1-20th missions) and have no firearms. If you got further in game and the melee kills became difficult for you, don't worry - these can be done with starting new game, the kills counter goes through all of your walktrhoughs.


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