Carcassonne - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Apprentice (15 points)
Win your first game of Carcassonne.
 Graduate (15 points)
Complete the Basic and the River II tutorial.
 Abbot (15 points)
Score two adjacent lying cloisters.
 Burgomaster (15 points)
Score a City with at least 9 tiles.
 Emperor of Carcassonne (10 points)
Score a total of 15,000+ points from all your Carcassonne games combined.
 Road Warden (15 points)
Score a road with at least five tiles.
 Lone Wolf (5 points)
Win a game of Carcassonne with at least 50 points more than the second best player.
 Shepherd (15 points)
Score at least 30 points with farms in a single game.
 Count of Carcassonne (10 points)
Win a game with at least 150 points.
 Missionary (10 points)
Win a game without having any followers left in your pool.
 Scrooge (10 points)
Win a game with at least four followers left in your pool.
 Duke of Carcassonne (10 points)
Finish 200 games of Carcassonne.
 Builder (5 points)
Score with your first completed building.
 Duelist (5 points)
Outnumber an opponent in an embattled completed building.
 Hello Hefaistos (5 points)
Create a volcano.
 The First Crusade (15 points)
Win your first Xbox LIVE game of Carcassonne.
 Best of the Best (5 points)
Win a Xbox LIVE game, where all seats have been taken.
 Knight of Carcassonne (5 points)
Finish 20 games of Carcassonne.
 Secular Power (10 points)
Win a game without scoring any cloister points.
 Ring Ring! (5 points)
Download the Carcassonne ringtone to your device.

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