Discovered - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 13 achievements with a total of 400 points.
 Fight Scene (10 points)
Finished the fight scene.
 Duck! (10 points)
Sent a thug over the railing
 Perfect Fight Scene (20 points)
Turned in a perfect performance for the fight scene.
 Rock the House (10 points)
Guest DJ'd for LMFAO.
 DJ Supreme (50 points)
Earned over 10,000 points in one DJ gig.
 Prime Time (50 points)
Earned 1000 points in 16 seconds as a DJ.
 The Walk (10 points)
Walked the red carpet.
 Strike a Pose (30 points)
Earned 500 points in one pose.
 Icon (30 points)
Earned 3000 points on the red carpet.
 Opening Credits (30 points)
Finished the game.
 Headliner (80 points)
Earned 10,000 points in one game.
 In Pictures (20 points)
Shared an image on Facebook.
 Self Publicist (50 points)
Shared 20 images on Facebook.

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