Rocket Riot 3D - Achievement Guide - Every Point Counts

There are 24 achievements with a total of 500 points.
 Deathless Destruction (15 points)
Finish a destroy the object level without killing an enemy

A destroy the object level is one in which you have to destroy different types of objects to complete the level. Just use your rockets to demolish all the objects without hitting an enemy. Enemy friendly fire that results in other enemies dying is okay. This is ridiculously easy to do on Level 3 of the main campaign. NOTE: Level 3 has a few specific enemies that you will miss if you complete it without killing any enemies, which are required for the "The Things I've Seen" achievement. Make sure to replay it an kill some of the enemy types to unlock them.

 Nice Beating You (10 points)
Finish the first set of levels by beating the first Pirate boss

This achievement is awarded for beating Blockbeard in Level 6 of the normal campaign. This fight is very simple. Just keep moving and attack him from a distance.

 One Meeeeeelion Blocks! (10 points)
Destroy a total of 1.000.000 blocks. All blocks you destroyed from all levels are counted.

This is another achievement you will likely need to grind after completing the required campaigns. This one should come naturally without trying too much along the way to grinding 5000 kills. It really helps your total to go crazy destroying the level with the Gigantic Rocket power-up any time your get one. These have huge explosive power and can obliterate the entire level's blocks in a few shots. 

You can check your progress towards 1.000.000 blocks upon completion of any level in the statistics screen.

 I'll Show You Fits Of Rage (15 points)
Shoot 20 enemies in 60 seconds. All game modes are counted.

This will definitely come with natural progression through the campaign. The latter levels have 40+ enemies and you will have no trouble disposing of them in under 2 minutes.

 You're Like Some Kind Of Robot (15 points)
Shoot 50 enemies with a longshot.

This will definitely unlock while progressing through the campaign. To get a longshot, just shoot an enemy that is farther away. A notification pops up in the bottom middle of the screen when you get one. You will likely have more than 500 by the time you finish all other achievements.

 Been There, Shot That (15 points)
Use every power-up at least once.

You need to collect and use each power-up at least once. You will most likely get this early in the game if you are constantly collecting power-ups, which you should be doing because it makes the game easier and quicker. Green power-ups are the best to pick up to boost your rockets. Blue and yellow power-ups are hit or miss, some offer defensive boosts or slight advantages, while others add nothing but cosmetic changes or annoying changes. Red power-ups are bad and should be avoided like the plague, after getting this achievement, of course! Every power-up needs to be used, even the bad ones!

 Two Thumb Master (30 points)
Defeat BlockBeard to finish the single player campaign.

BlockBeard is the final boss in the single player campaign and is found in Level 48. This is by far the hardest level in the game, but it really is not too bad. He is much easier in this version than the XBLA version. Some tips:

  • Constantly keep in motion and look around feverishly for green power-ups, as they make it significantly easier.
  • Try not to get too close to BlockBeard as his lightning attack can be nasty.
  • Make sure to shoot the red homing blocks he fires that constantly track you down.
  • Be patient. Longshots are your friend in this battle.
 On A Gamer's Diet (20 points)
Shoot 50 zombies, 50 robots, 50 pirates and 50 soldiers, all levels are counted.

Kill 50 of each of these enemy types to unlock this achievement. Pirates are found in Levels 1-6, robots in Levels 13-18, zombies in Levels 19-24, and soldiers in Levels 37-42. All enemy types can be found in Level 48. Each of these enemy types can also be found throughout the Lost Levels campaign as well.

 Natural Born Gamer (20 points)
Shoot 5000 enemies in total, all levels are counted.

This is the most time consuming achievement in the game. After completing the required campaigns, you will most likely still need to grind around 2500 kills. The fastest method I found for grinding is to keep replaying Level 16 of the Lost Levels. While this level only has 30 enemies they spawn very fast and can all be wiped out in about 30-40 seconds. As soon as the level begins, migrate to the top left corner (by the moon) and shoot all the enemies as they mob you. With this method, you can accumulate roughly 2000 to 2500 kills per hour. 

You can check your progress towards 5000 kills upon completion of any level in the statistics screen.

 The Things I've Seen (20 points)
Shoot every type of enemy at least once, all levels are counted

You need to kill all 197 unique enemies in the game to unlock this achievement. When you kill an enemy for the first time, "Unlocked" will pop up in red, meaning you can now use him as your own character. You can check which characters you are missing from the Main Menu under "Pick Character." You are missing any characters that appear as silhouettes. Use the video below to get an idea what your missing characters look like. The in-forum video gets cut-off on the sides a bit. Proceed to YouTube to see all the characters.

You need to play entirely through the normal campaign and the Samuriot campaign to encounter all the enemies to unlock them. Some of the characters are the developers and those can only be killed in the credits. You also may want to play through some of the Lost Levels campaign to find enemies that just don't want to spawn in the regular campaign. If you are having trouble finding a particular character, see/post-inTHIS thread for help. Some tips:

  • Make sure to kill ample amount of enemies in levels that are not deathmatch. If you focus too much on completing the objectives, you will likely miss unlocking some of the enemies.
  • Many characters are only available on specific levels. Level 44 in particular has many characters that are only available on that level. Make sure to replay it a few times if you are missing characters
  • You can figure out what levels you need to replay by looking at the types of characters next to the silhouetted character you are missing.
  • At the beginning of deathmatch levels, a picture of each unique character that spawns in that level is shown.
  • From my experience and a few others folks, one particular robot only spawns in Level 12 of the Lost Levels.

Rocket Riot 3D (Windows 8) - All Characters for "The Things I've Seen" Achievement - YouTube


 A Wilhelm Scream (5 points)
Die while fighting BlockBeard on the final level.

The description is self-explanatory. You will most likely die a few times before successfully defeating him anyways. If you didn't, just load up level 48 and die.

 One Shot, Thrice The Score (25 points)
Using the Triple Rocket power up, kill 3 enemies with one shot

You need to first get a green Triple Rocket power-up, that looks like, you guessed it, three rockets side-by-side. You may or may not unlock this while completing the campaign. Whenever you get one such power-up, try and fly around and gather a bunch of enemies, then shoot into them, one shot at a time. This is not overly difficult, but if you are spamming it may never unlock for you. 

A sure-fire method to earn this achievement is to load up Level 30. Shoot blocks around the outside of the level until you get a Triple Rocket power-up, making sure not to disturb the pink tanks in the middle that contain all the enemies. This may take several minutes as this power-up is rare to spawn. Once you get one, unload to break open a bunch of the pink tanks. Then, when there is a large cluster of enemies, shoot the triple rockets into them one shot at a time. Make sure you are quick enough to break the tanks so that the power-up doesn't expire before you get the achievement. You need to kill one enemy with each of the three rockets.

 He Just Wants A Hug! (25 points)
Make a giant Strongman miniboss follow you around for 20 seconds.

You will see this guy on the first level of the DLC. He will appear right at the end, and you need to make him follow you around for 20 seconds whilst still leaving at least one other enemy alive. Be careful as the other enemies will still take health off of him, so try to take some of their shots to keep him alive.

 Stake-Out! (25 points)
Defeat a 1,000 donuts in the Dream World pack

Once you get past level 13 you will have access to at least one of the donuts as a playable character. Change you character to a donut then replay level 30 of the main campaign. This level you will fight over 30 clones of yourself (also donuts, then!). Keep on playing this level until you have 1000 kills. This can also go towards your 5000 kills if you don't have them yet.

 Hold The Ketchup! (25 points)
Don't destroy ANY ketchup!

On level 16 you will have a level with a ketchup bottle dripping from the top. There is also a layer of ketchup in the burger at the bottom. You cannot personally destroy any of it. The AI will take chunks out, don't worry about that. The best tactic is to fly around without shooting anything, and the big enemy will take them out. Once you are down to 3 enemies, get they will spawn one at a time. Try to get them up against a wall. The second guy is the trickiest as he has homing missiles. This will take a few tries as you need them to spawn between you and the wall to avoid taking out any ketchup.

 Demon Hunter (25 points)
Defeat the final boss in the Dream World pack

Defeat the boss on the 24th level to unlock this. He is not too tough. but will have a shield. He spawns a smaller version of himself, and his shield will drop only once this as been killed. Attack him and then he will regenerate his shield and spawn another clone. Rinse and repeat until he is dead.

 Art Critic (25 points)
Have every pixel in a level from the Arts & Crafts pack destroyed at the same time.

You need to make sure there is absolutely nothing left. This is easiest on the third level. When you get a decent offensive powerup, the giant bullet being preferable, go crazy and destroy everything in site. There is a thin line of pixels at the bottom of the map, so don't forget them. Remember the game finishes once all enemies are dead, so try and keep at least one alive.

 Oh Derpfish, you so awesome! (25 points)
Finish every level in the Arts & Crafts pack playing as Derpfish.

You will fight against Derpfish from level 7, and once you have him unlocked, change your character to him and play through all levels with him. This will unlock at once you have defeated the final boss.

 NO, I AM SPARTACUS! (25 points)
Defeat Spartacus while playing as Spartacus.

On level 10, one of your opponents will be Spartacus. Finish the level and return to the main menu to change your character to Spartacus. Replay level 10 and kill him for this one to unlock.

 Who's guarded now? (25 points)
Shoot 12 bouncy rockets into the Roman encampment.

On level 10, there will be a Roman encampment in the centre. You will see little holes that are wide enough to shoot through. Fly around destroying blocks until you get the bouncing rocket powerup (yellow powerup with a zigzag line on it). Shoot 12 rockets through the gaps for this to unlock.

 The horse screamer (25 points)
Punch the horse to make it explode.

Level 18 will see you start off this boss battle against a horse. Simply fly straight up to him and start firing away. He won't move or fire back so this is really simple. Once his health goes down to just over half left, he will explode and another boss will arrive. Upon his explosion, this achievement will unlock.

 It's called a dirigible (25 points)
Defeat all the enemies in the level from inside the zeppelin.

This is awarded when you complete level 12, Zeppelin Fight. Despite the achievement description, you just need to kill all enemies on this level, as the zeppelin itself is a solid object. Will unlock at the end of the level.

 Say cheese! (25 points)
Share a screenshot at the end of a Rugby Riot level.

Once you have finished the rugby level (level 2) and it takes you to the results screen, you should see a "share" tile at the bottom. Click this button, and the achievement will pop, you don't have to actually send anything.

 Bananabros! (25 points)
Finish a deathmatch level by letting your banana bros defeat all the enemies.

On level 16 you will have other Banana's helping you during the deathmatch. Simply fly around making sure you don't fire your weapon, and survive to unlock this one.


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