Connect 4 - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 15 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 The Journey Begins (5 points)
Win your first match.
 Amateur Connector (5 points)
Win 10 matches.
 Journeyman Connector (10 points)
Win 25 matches.
 Advanced Connector (20 points)
Win 50 matches.
 Epic Connector (10 points)
Play 500 matches.
 Legendary Connector (15 points)
Play 1000 matches.
 Everything in Moderation (15 points)
Defeat 10 NORMAL difficulty AI opponents.
 Learn from the Best (20 points)
Defeat 10 EXPERT difficulty AI opponents.
 Economist (5 points)
Beat the AI within ten moves in a quick game.
 Genius (5 points)
Win a quick game in under 45 seconds.
 Crossroads (15 points)
Form two 'Connect 4' winning lines in a single drop.
 Spice of Life (10 points)
Win each game mode at least once.
 Shake, Rattle and Roll (10 points)
Shake the device to cause an earthquake in the game.
 On a Roll (25 points)
Win 5 matches in a row against NORMAL or EXPERT AI.
 Meta-Player (30 points)
Complete the Challenge Mode.

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