Toy Soldiers: Cold War - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 20 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Shocking Results (5 points)
Stop the hometown invasion in Basic Training.
 Sunk! (5 points)
Protect the fleet in Trouble at the Canal.
 A Few Loose Screws (15 points)
Bring the Cold War to an end in Capitol Crisis.
 With Distinction (10 points)
Earn 11 Decorations.
 Highly Decorated (20 points)
Earn 22 Decorations.
 Like It Never Happened (5 points)
Use Wavelist Rewind.
 A Job Well Done (5 points)
Earn a Platinum medal.
 Effective Tactician (10 points)
Earn a Platinum medal while playing on General.
 Demolition Man (5 points)
Call in Commando.
 Concentrated Fire (15 points)
Destroy an IFV before it unloads any units.
 I Can't Get A Tone! (10 points)
Use a Fighter's machine guns to destroy a Soviet Fighter.
 Brute Force (10 points)
Destroy a turret with a Heavy Tank.
 Resolute (15 points)
Survive more than 9 rounds in any Survival game.
 Clutch Repairs (10 points)
Earn 5 Rescued! bonuses over any number of games.
 Persistence (5 points)
Play any Minigame 3 times consecutively.
 Perseverance (15 points)
Complete Challenge Level 2 in every Minigame.
 The Might Of The Red Army (10 points)
Destroy the Super Tank.
 Counting Stacks (10 points)
Find 15 Golden Babushka Dolls.
 The End Of An Odyssey (10 points)
Destroy the Homer.
 In Memoriam (10 points)
Find 15 Golden Dog Tags.

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