The Game of Life - Achievements - Every Point Counts

There are 11 achievements with a total of 200 points.
 Living the Life (5 points)
Win 1 game of original
 Variety is the Spice of Life (5 points)
Change careers at least once in a single game
 Family Values (10 points)
Win the game while having the most children
 Gold Plated (10 points)
Win a game with over $2,000,000 of wealth
 Don't Blame me! (15 points)
Beat another player who is nominated to be sued in a lawsuit
 Top of the World (15 points)
Be a Doctor and own the Mansion House
 MVP (20 points)
Be an Athlete and own the Mansion House
 Money Money Money (20 points)
Have an investment pay off 5 times in a single game
 In it to win it (25 points)
Win $500,000 on Spin to Win
 On Patrol (25 points)
Be a Police Officer and bust another player for speeding
 Lifetime Achievement (50 points)
Win 10 games of original

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